• ANC

    Was there last weekend – it was as good as I remember the Arlington location’s. They need more staff, as the service was a little slow, but the people who were working were hustling and the food was great!

  • DistrictJules

    Was disappointed to see they don’t have the mac and cheese on their menu. They cooked up the best m&c ever at the old Arlington location. Hopefully it makes a comeback here soon.

  • cam

    I don’t know about the status of the lawsuit, but there seems to be something very odd about this Ray’s. I was surprised by the addition of the sign. My working theory has been that the minimal effort put into this location is simply to avoid being accused of not mitigating damages or something related to the suit. I don’t expect the restaurant here to last. There have been only a few patrons in there, if any, when I’ve passed by, to match the extremely sparse staff. It’s like they’re barely trying to be successful.

    • Shawz

      I was there this weekend and the place was full. Not overcrowded, but I did get the 2nd-to-last table. Food was fine, although this sort of thing is generally not my cup of tea. It’s location is sort of off to the edge near 4th street, which is still building out and away from the main center of activity on 5th.

  • Sydney P

    Kind of sparse furnishings, but burgers over-the=top delicious, and staff were super friendly and hard working. Thanks, Popville, for the announcement!


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