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  • stacksp

    I have two kids, 3 & 6, and I find this really nasty to be honest and lacking decorum. This along with the parents that see fit to allow their kids to use a personal porta potty in the rear of their SUV/Minivan with the rear door up in the parking lot of a retail store. Who wants to see a kid taking a number 2 in the back of SUV at Target? Doesn’t Target have bathrooms?

    I have seen that on several occasions and the parents seem to think nothing of it like its normal or something.

    • Anonamom

      I was guessing that this was trash left behind, versus an intentional “please, go potty on the sidewalk thing.”
      Perhaps I am too generous towards my fellow parents.

      • stacksp

        I assume so as well but this post just reminded my of the parents that do let their kids potty any and everywhere for some odd reason.

        • Truxton Thomas

          Yes, it does seem like a good opportunity to anonymously attack other parents. We don’t see enough of that already from people without kids.

      • K

        This may even be a freecycle ‘curb alert.’ I have put 2 different training potties on my curb and they are picked up with in hours. And I see notices for training potties left on curbs or on porches for free pick-up on listservs all the time. Baby crap is expensive, get all you can for free.

        • K

          I suspect this is just another 1pm comment generator post. Page views = $. And I say that not snarkey. Click bait pays the bills.

    • OP Anon

      Haha, you’d really love China. Google “split pants”
      Having your kid crap in public is practically a national past time.

    • anon

      The first 6 months of potty training, my kid wouldn’t use a public bathroom. I was one of those people with a little potty in the trunk of her SUV. Of all the things I see parents doing with/to their kids (cussing, screaming, spoiling, ignoring while on their phones), i’m genuinely surprised this really gets someone. Is it really that serious?

    • Anonadad

      Seriously? “Lacking decorum”? Stacksp needs to take down the judging levels by one or two. If it bothers you so much, you need to either stop looking, or move to a secluded place.

    • Anonymous

      So what did you do when you were out with your kids — driving, e.g., maybe even late getting to somewhere — and you heard that little voice from the back seat, “Mommy, I need to go potty!”?
      You should know how hard it is. Shame on you for being so judgmental.

    • anonymous

      Uh, yeah, totally normal. Little kids can’t always make it to the bathroom. I realize training for many now happens between 3.5 and 4, rather than 2- 2.5 years as previously, but keeping kids in diapers longer because using the potty offends people seems nuts to me, if your child can be trained earlier, and you have a car so as to deal with this situation easily.

  • anon

    it’s next to impossible to donate some baby/toddler items even to charities representing the neediest families. I passed along expensive strollers to coworkers who could afford their own because none of the charitable agencies would take them (one was a lightly used Uppababy that costs >$500 retail). It’s impossible to donate a high chair, car seat, crib or stroller to any organization no matter what shape it’s in — you have to find someone willing to take it for free or toss it.

    At least this item can be safely recycled. A lot of other stuff is targeted for landfills even when perfectly sanitary and reuseable. .

    I’m sure this potty is sanitized but only the most hardcore freegan is likely to randomly pick one up.

    • lucie

      Charities generally don’t accept car seats for liability reasons – if they’ve been in an accident, they could be compromised.

      However, the DC diaper bank accepts toilet training potties: http://www.dcdiaperbank.org/2015/09/01/you-take-that-but-youre-a-diaper-bank/

      A Wider Circle takes high chairs, strollers, cribs (though not drop-sided cribs), and even car seats: http://awidercircle.org/get-involved/

      So I wouldn’t say “next to impossible,” just not everyone takes them.

      • anon

        they really shouldn’t take car seats. impossible to know the provenance or if they’ve been in an accident. they all have an expiry date as the plastics degrade. I’m surprised Wider Circle takes such a range. Not a lot of organizations will and sometimes with good reason

        Martha’s table prefers clothes, books, toys, diapers, food donations.

    • wdc

      Has a lot changed in the last 5-6 years? Because I didn’t have any trouble at all donating strollers and high chairs to Martha’s Table. And I didn’t have any trouble selling a crib and a changing table on craigslist for 80% of what I paid for them new.
      Car seats are the ONE thing that’s hard to unload, IME. Oh, and stuffed animals. No one wants those.

      • dcd

        Stuffed animals is so frustrating. My daughter wants to donate a metric cone of her old ones to Children’s hospital, where she spent some time. I even offered to have them professionally cleaned – no dice.

        • Just give them away on Craigslist?

          • or whatever that DC moms site is

  • anon

    Of all the rough things one can witness as a DC resident… a parent trying to be out in the world with their children and still meet the bathroom needs of that child to the best of their ability is not so upsetting. If it does offend your sensibilities…. do people walking their dogs and allowing them to take a dumps in public also offend you? Its all mammal poop. simmer down.
    As long as everybody cleans up!

    • Anonamom

      lol… you remind me of a story. While waiting for a particularly late bus one night (yes, I was one of *those parents* who had her children out after dark on the Metro – shock horror – it’s called having a douche bag ex who thinks meeting you at Branch Ave Metro station at 8pm on a Saturday night so that you can ride the green line with three tired, hungry kids is perfectly acceptable), we saw a dude peeing by Petworth Metro Station. Cue a very confused Littlest Anonachild who, being 3 at the time, had been admonished for peeing outside at daycare the week previous.

  • annonny

    Hahahaha, this made me laugh. I love potty humor! :)

  • bruno

    Pee Street?


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