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“Hit and Run: 9th and P St NW”

by Prince Of Petworth March 11, 2016 at 11:44 am 4 Comments


A reader reports:

“I wanted to highlight there was a hit and run on P St. NW in Shaw at some point during the night. Technically, it’s the intersection of P and Columbia NW, but 9th is the closest major cross street.

Hit was hard enough to completely small the left rear quarter-panel and straw glass down P st. I would imagine the car is inoperable in this state due to the damage on the left rear. Hit was also hard enough to push the vehicle into the Jeep parked in front of it.”

  • DC1

    That sucks… A few weeks ago I noticed the same thing happened to a Volvo parked on Walbridge Pl NW in Mount Pleasant, the impact was so hard that it left half of the car sitting up on the sidewalk. The odd part was that the car sat there like that for at least 2 weeks (piling up parking tickets) until the owner (I suppose) decided to remove the license plates, I’m guessing to avoid more tickets? The car was gone yesterday afternoon when I went by.

  • b’dale Res

    witnessed a hit and run 2 weeks ago along Georgia Ave right by the HU Hospital. The guy slammed right into the back of someones SUV. I reached for my phone to try and get a picture so I could report it to the police, but by the time I got my phone out of my pocket, unlocked and on camera mode, the guy drove off. His car looked more totaled then the SUV. Hoping maybe the police flagged him down as he sped up GA ave…

  • AnonV2

    – Stolen car/Car previously used in commission of a crime
    – Fleeing from the cops
    – DUI (drunk or high)
    – Speed in excess of double the limit
    – MD plates

    The Venn diagram describing the offending vehicle and driver is composed of at *least* 3 of those attributes. 4 could be likely. 5 is not out of the question.

  • G

    How did you deduce that a hit and run occurred?


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