Washington, DC

2016 Funk Parade Poster

From a press release:

“The D.C. Department of Funk unveiled details of this year’s Funk Parade, including the poster art, theme, and for the first time, major art activations.

Funk Parade — DC’s one-of-a-kind day fair, parade and music festival — takes place on Saturday, May 7. This year’s theme is “ROLL YOUR FUNK,” highlighting the city’s roller-skating heyday, its current cycling culture, skateboarding and more.

Funk Department officials said this year’s Funk Parade is expected to draw over 70,000 residents to the U Street neighborhood to enjoy over 150 hours of music and dance programming, along with interactive art activations like:

A roller-skating salute to DC of the 1970s
Phone booths that connect participants to the city’s past and future
A song for DC made from sounds submitted online by Washingtonians

“Engaging attendees in the day’s experiences has always been central to the event,” said Justin Rood, Funk Parade co-founder. “This isn’t a spectacle to watch, it’s a celebration to join.” But as Funk Parade’s popularity has grown — doubling from 25,000 attendees in 2014 to 50,000 last year — the need to invite participation from attendees became even more important. “Bring your spirit, bring your funk. Join the parade!” Said Chris Naoum, event co-founder.

The parade is participatory, and all are encouraged to join in, Department officials stressed. “Bring your funk and put it all out on the street. It’s what Funk Parade is all about.”

All events are free and open to the public. More details — including band lineups, locations, and the parade route — will be released in the coming days.”


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