• CVR

    1300 block of Corcoran NW

    • peachy

      +1! My neighbor!

  • V

    The person who lives here TOTALLY loves you right now

  • Josh

    Random nerd comment – the 1879 Congressional Directory says Colby Chester lived at this address. According to Wikipedia*, he was the “only naval officer to have actively served in the Civil War, the Spanish–American War, and World War I.”

    *100% accurate

    • Josh

      blah – was supposed to say *100% accurate (citation needed)

  • uglybetty

    This is right next to the condo for $1.5 million that has a beautiful full bathroom right next to the Dining Room. ICK!

  • Emmaleigh504

    nice paint job

  • I know the owner… :) proud of them (Y)

  • CC1

    I wonder if Rear Admiral Colby Chester is the reason the owner painted the house in this beautiful nautical color scheme? It looks like old fashioned sailing ship colors.

    By the way, Admiral Chester went to Constantinople and worked hard to form a US alliance with Turkey after WWI. He wrote extensively against Islamophobia, debunking demonizing myths about Muslims, and used humor to make his points.

    For example, he wrote “The harem has vanished out of Turkey, and there are fewer men with plural wives than there are married men with mistresses in the United States.”

    We need more men like Admiral Chester in an age when racists Trumpet their bigotry.


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