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Here’s where the &pizza is coming to in Columbia Heights

by Prince Of Petworth February 16, 2016 at 10:22 pm 30 Comments

1375 Kenyon Street, NW courtesy Lauren

Here’s where the &pizza is coming to in Columbia Heights – it’s the former 826 DC space, which moved to the Tivoli in November. The liquor license placard for &pizza says:

“New Restaurant to prepare and sell pizza and pizza products. Total Occupancy Load is 46. Sidewalk Café with 32 seats.”

Hours are listed as Sunday through Thursday 7 am – 2 am, Friday and Saturday 7 am – 4 am. Stay tuned for an opening date.

Also standby for Pizza D’Oro‘s opening date further up 14th Street.


  • On Capital Heels

    That’s a good location for it! Seems like this one will seat more customers than most others.

  • anon

    I so prefer the food at Pete’s to &pizza, but I hate Pete’s location. It’s so gross and claustrophobic back in the comer behind the metro. I guess I’ll still go to Pete’s when I want a beer but otherwise I’m probably going to &pizza because of location, for a lesser product to my tastes.

    • Rich

      Because cardboard with tomato sauce is always better than something that actually has flavor. I guess this is why DC has such lousy pizza.

      • DCMau5

        Rich, shut up

        • Kingman Park


      • Six or one-half dozen, they’re both mediocre.

      • AG

        I’ve never had Pete’s but I found &Pizza to be fairly cardboard like the one time I had it. It was more sloppily made flatbread than pizza.

      • Leeran

        Good lord, have you had bad pizza before? &pizza isn’t the best thing ever but it’s totally fine for a quick bite.

    • Philippe Lecheval

      The Friendship Heights location is a hundred times nicer.

  • Open at 7am? Sweeeeet, pizza for breakfast!

    • NorthbyNE

      Now i have the bagel bites jingle stuck in my head! “…when pizza’s on a bagel, you can pizza anytime!”

  • What is the intended purpose of the raised beds on the plaza? For seating or to grow crabgrass?

    • stacksp

      litter lol

  • stacksp

    &Pizza is cool for the variety of toppings that they offer but Armands is by far my favorite spot in DC

    • dcd

      Oh dear.

    • Armand’s should be prohibited from calling itself 1) Chicago anything, and 2) pizza. It’s barely either.

      • MtP

        +500. District of Pi, while from St. Louis, is 100 times better and 100 times more like Chicago style than Armands.

        • stacksp

          I just yelped it and it does look awesome. I may walk down at lunch time and denounce my Armands post afterwards. Ive always seen this place. Never thought to try it out.

      • stacksp

        I do not know if its genuine chicago style pizza but it is good to me. The deep dish sicilian is awesome. Wiseguy Pizza on Mass Ave by the job is good as well.

        • dcd

          Jon Stewart summed up my views on Chicago style “pizza” perfectly – I highly recommend watching the short clip.

        • MtP

          I love Wiseguy’s, particularly their sicilian.

  • AJSE

    This makes a lot of sense for both &pizza and Columbia Heights!

    • elbeech

      Except that we already have Pete’s and Red Rocks. But I’m glad to see the space filled. It looked awfully desolate last night.

      • Leeran

        I don’t think either of those do late-night, do they? CH could really use something for the going-out crowd.

      • rob

        agreed on a lot of space being wasted there

      • apes

        Never been to Pete’s, but Red Rocks is more of a sit down place in my experience. You can’t walk in and walk out with a pizza 5 minutes later.
        &Pizza serves pretty much the same purpose as jumbo slice to me, which Columbia Heights does not have.
        Plus, this will be RIGHT next to the metro, which Red Rocks is not.

  • Anonymou

    I always wonder why there isn’t an &Pizza (or Chipotle, 5 Guys, Cava etc) in Parkway Place above the Petworth metro. Seems like a perfect location and tons of foot traffic. It would do so well!

    • Anonymous

      Because they were asking for an astronomical amount of rent… hopefully that has recently changed with the new company promoting the spaces

  • domrep

    If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend re-heating the pizza from &pizza when you get home. It’s good as is, but for whatever reason it tastes tons better when you put it in the oven for another 10-15 minutes.

  • Cohi

    Thanks to frozenyo’s cups, I can’t wait to see the square littered with more garbage every morning. Has anyone thought to add a few more public trash cans on the square?


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