Pizza D’oro Opening 2nd Location in Columbia Heights

by Prince Of Petworth January 20, 2016 at 11:30 am 17 Comments

pizza doro dc
14th and Spring Street, NW

This is the former Chinese take out spot (the name is escaping me – little help please?). Pizza D’oro opened their first location in Shaw near All Souls Bar back in 2011. You can see their menu here. I’ll update with a planned opening date if I can find their phone number.


  • siz

    awesome! pizza d’oro rules

  • C.R.

    tough competition with La Villa Pizza down the street.. but ever since moving from Petworth to Shaw, Pizza D’Oro has replaced my La Villa fix.. not equal but close.

  • JEDisco

    If you pick your toppings right, Pizza D’Oro is a very solid late night pizza option. Lifeprotip: if you’re leaving the bar with some hungry friends, place your order on the way home to reduce the pain and agony of waiting for late night pies.

  • Shaw Resident

    Owners are super nice! The calzones they make are a hidden gem of DC!! (make sure to add banana peppers)

    Can never go wrong with the buffalo chicken pizza as well!

  • Truxton Thomas

    Do they offer a Bacon Chicken Ranch pizza, though?

    • FridayGirl

      +1. that was the best thread ever.

    • Anaanansadas

      bahahahaha good one.

  • Ra

    I liked the Chinese place. Bummer

  • JohnH

    The staff at Pizza D’Oro are very nice, I’m glad they’re doing well! Their pizza is not amazing, but their calzones (as mentioned above) are really good and very large.

  • General Tso

    ANOTHER place to get pizza in Columbia Heights. Are we up to 20 yet?

  • Rich

    The Yelp reviews make it seem like typical underwhelming DC pizza.

  • JM

    Pizza Of Gold! This is my favorite drunk pizza place. Glad they’re expanding. Look out &pizza!

  • dp

    Love their calzones.

  • vz

    They were up there with Italian Kitchen as far as solid late night slices go, but at least at their Shaw location they changed their recipe for the worse a while back. Hoping they bring back the original recipe for their new location.

  • Wasn’t the place there called Spring Garden? Took me years to realize that name was because it was on spring road.


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