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&pizza coming to Columbia Heights

by Prince Of Petworth December 15, 2015 at 10:10 am 30 Comments

Park Triangle Apartments at 14th and Kenyon St, NW

Big news for fast casual pizza fans in Columbia Heights. The Washington Business Journal‘s Patron de permits reports:

1375 Kenyon St. NW: Interior tenant build out within the Park Triangle Apartments for a new restaurant, the latest &pizza, with 84 seats — 52 inside and 32 outside.”

Also it happened…


  • Matt

    Ugh… “CoHi.” So stupid.

    • Welshie

      Ugh… okay, “Matt.”

      I’m so excited for &pizza! Hopefully this helps shrink the incessant line at Chipotle & brings more business opportunities to the neighborhood!

      • The “CoHi Initiative” part of this post seems unrelated to the &pizza announcement, other than being in the same area.

        • AE

          Re Cohi, posting says “Also it happened…”
          CoHi is silly
          Is it THAT hard to say Columbia Heights?

          • textdoc


      • shadesofpale

        agreed Welshie on hoping for some more business opportunities in the hood!

      • Big Sherm

        The “incessant line” at Chipotle has basically been gone since Chic Fil A opened and may also be due to the E. Coli issue they seem to have but I think fried chicken across the street may have more to do with it.

        and this neighborhood needs more Mom and Pop style places, &pizza may not be a national chain but it’s nothing special. I do like the custom made pizza idea but would choose Pete’s (even though it’s pricey) over &pizza any day.

    • jdre


      • jdre


        • ctk


      • Gumball


  • Ally

    Highly recommend the Gnarlic. I’m drooling (more so than usual) just thinking about it.

  • jdre

    “Slightly asymmetrical, which I find indicates quality.”

  • Llama

    Guess they can battle Pete’s for pizza supremacy in the immediate area.

    • goaldigger

      I want to like &pizza because they are vegan friendly but the crusts are so disappointing (like elementary school level pizza).

      • Anon

        The downside of really cheap yet profitable all-the-toppings pizza is extremely cheap ingredients. As such, taste.

      • Rich

        It’s dreadful pizza and they strong arm against negative reviews on Yelp. But DC has few good pizza places and so heavily hyped stuff,imethissurvives and thrives.

        • Where ?? I have not found good pizza in DC. Petes is ok if you want to pay 25 dollars for a pie.

          • Anon

            Radius in Mt Pleasant is pretty good, but still not cheap. The Pear and Gorgonzola is pretty great.

          • saf

            Have you tried Vace?

    • west_egg

      There’s no contest there.

  • above7-11

    Yeah another fast food chain in CoHi (And yes I like the name CoHi)
    let the food court continue. When do we get an Ethiopian or Indian restaurant?

  • Philippe Lecheval

    Remember… This is the DC some of you asked for.

  • jd

    This is millennial Totino’s pizza. If you buy all your groceries at the Trader Joe’s frozen aisle, this is your place.

  • Anon

    We need an &Pizza, Chipotle or 5 Guys in Park Place above the Petworth metro. That place is STILL vacant.


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