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  • JB


    • crin

      You took the vomit right out of my mouth.

  • textdoc

    Ugh. So much siding.
    At least it isn’t quite as terrible from the front as it could have been… though the upward-pointing things at each side make me think of one of those really elaborate nun wimples like in “The Flying Nun,” except upside down.

    • FJ

      Agree on siding. The character of petworth was irretrievably ruined 40 years ago when the sun porches were covered in vinyl siding by greedy residents looking to do a cheap pop back and expand their living space. The neighborhood will never recover.

      • textdoc

        Siding-covered sleeping porches porches are often ugly, but this is WAY more siding than that.
        The siding on the enclosed porches on the house next door actually looks nice. It helps that that addition is mostly windows, which is not the case with the new pop-up/pop-back.

      • Anomalous

        To be fair, many of these houses would have been ridiculously small before the extensions were put in. I don’t think it was greed, but they owners got taken anyway. The quality of work on those ’50s-era extensions was terrible, and many of them are completely dilapidated. Many were set so close together that it’s hard to get between them to do any siding repair, and it isn’t unusual to see some poorly joined to the roof. Our roof replacement corrected this at least, but I see more work ahead.

      • Guillermo Brown

        I’m pretty sure the sleeping porches in Petworth homes are original to the house for a few reasons: 1) basically every home (or at least massive blocks of homes) ALL have them. Seems a little too coincidental that everyone would do the same thing to their house; 2) I bought an old Petworth row home and renovated it, and the construction of the porch seemed original to the house; 3) This ad specifically lists “sleeping porches” as a feature. http://ghostsofdc.org/2013/10/12/petworth-homes-sunday-price-location-unequaled/
        Your comment will never recover

        • saf

          This block, the builder enclosed all the back porches, both floors.

        • Anomalous

          But what was a sleeping porch? Remember, there was no air conditioning back then, these could have been screened porches.

          Also, note that the original ad for this neighborhood called it PETWORTH, not “Brightwood Park.” Case closed on that subject, as far as I am concerned.

  • Dan

    I walk past this every day with my dog. Its actually pretty decent from the front – but the back is pretty monolithic. It could’ve been much – much worse.

  • iHawkeye

    Apparently they’ve been working on this place seven days a week. I was walking my dog past and their neighbor next door was out complaining to one of the workers that they were working on a Sunday afternoon.

    • saf

      They have. And EARLY. and LOUD LOUD LOUD. And parking horribly. And leaving messes everywhere.

      Plus, it’s ugly.

    • Anonymous

      I had this happen recently on a house being renovated behind me. Not only were they building 7 days a week, they were doing it without permits. If you call DCRA illegal building on Sunday, they aren’t open. If you call DCRA to report the illegal building during the week, they they will send someone out but it takes weeks. They finished the renovation before DCRA even got the time to come out an inspect. DCRA thought it was all existing work.

      Called the police too on Sunday while they had a huge cement truck out at 6am and 10pm. The police operator told me that people are allowed to work on their houses and it’s not illegal. Finally got the police out there, and the cement truck circled for 5 minutes, waited for the police to leave, and came right back.

      • west_egg

        It’d be nice if Mary Cheh would focus on issues like building inspections instead of noisy leaf blowers.

        • Anonymous

          Mary Cheh also passed a meaningless and short sighted bill that bans the development of any gas station into anything other than a gas station. How is that helpful? We need housing in this city and hpgas station owners can’t sell. I heard she has a beef with one guy who owned a ton of stations. Way to be a responsible elected official.

    • Neighbor

      They have not been working on Sundays in general. They did request and receive permission from both of the adjoining neighbors to work one Sunday so that they could finish the siding.

  • Nice

    Do people not like sunshine and windows anymore? So much space on the sides for windows. More sunshine is in the top 3 reasons for me to want to expand a townhouse.

  • JS

    This is actually going to provide a really interesting case study for the endless debate about the relative pricing of pop-up condos vs. full renovated rowhouses. There’s a renovated rowhouse down the block on Quincy that just went under contract at 899K – I’m interested to see what the final sales price of that is vs. what I assume will be the two units in this place.

    • west_egg

      I think the debate is mostly about pop-up condos vs. *un*renovated rowhomes.

  • Formerly ParkViewRes

    A swing and a missssss!

  • The OP Anon

    A pox on their pop-up.
    You can buy more square footage, but you can’t buy taste. Blech.

  • anonymous

    One thing that is for sure, is the loss of sunlight on the houses on the other side of the popup. Not only did it affect the house directly next door but the one after that as well.

    • Eric

      I live in a Petworth row house with pop-backed houses on either side, and I actually like the private area in between it creates. Yes, it is somewhat shaded from the sun, but it is good during the summer, and is a great private porch area.

    • saf

      And we just lost a ton of light to the new Safeway building too.

      • yeah but

        Yeah – but you can’t tell me that in the end the new store isn’t better than the sketchy car-b-que parking lot at stinky safeway.

  • petworther

    Sweet, nice job. Glad to see we’re getting some more housing density in the neighborhood!

  • Anonomnom

    I mean, I feel it could have been a lot worse…

  • LMatt_in_NE

    Eh, not the worst pop up we’ve seen on here

  • ET

    I suppose it could have been worse but that is “damning with faint praise” isn’t it?


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