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Heads Up If You’re Driving or Taking the Bus – Steer Clear of Park Road in Mount Pleasant

by Prince Of Petworth January 27, 2016 at 9:01 am 8 Comments

Euclid Street on Tuesday also with serious problems according to a reader

“Dear PoPville,

I wanted to email about Park Road to alert people as to its condition after finding myself on it this morning. Coming from Mount Pleasant it looked like Park Road had been partially cleared but once you hit the bridge it becomes clear that it is just a single rough lane that has been carved out by heavier/all wheel drive cars over the last few days. The single lane wouldn’t be a problem except it isn’t marked and I found myself in a deadlock of cars coming up Park Road into Mount Pleasant and those like myself coming down Park Road and out of Mount Pleasant. There are no turn offs so both sides are left with the only option being to either reverse to entirety of their side or hope the other side does so. I spent 30 minutes in this deadlock until enough cars behind me (there were about 10-15 cars on either side) reversed that I could follow suit back up the hill. I wanted to send this in as Park Road is a major thoroughfare and its state is dangerous both because it is unplowed and because it is unmarked as such.”

  • Johnh

    In general, I would avoid 2 way, 2 lane roads like this. They all basically only have 1 lane all across DC.

    • Marty

      Easier said than done. (but I agree, and do try to get onto the major roads sooner than if i were driving around in good weather.)

  • sproc

    I try to avoid driving Park Rd in the best of conditions. S St is another two-way in similar shape most of the way from at least Dupont to Shaw. Getting crosstown is tough right now.

  • The OP Anon

    I know the 42 and 43 buses are completely skipping Mt. Pleasant. If you want to catch either bus, you need to walk to Columbia Road/16th Street area near the small park.

  • Dogg

    Mt P and Irving were a mess this morning with trucks. Park Road AT 17th/Mt. P street are in good condition and you can travel all the way down to the park going west

  • TJ

    The description doesn’t make it entirely clear where the problem is on Park Road. The stretch between Mount Pleasant and Peirce Mill remained unplowed as of last night (last time I saw it) and there is just one scratchy lane through Rock Creek Park best for AWD and high-clearance vehicles. Sounds like it remained unplowed this morning. Crazy.

    • Tilden was ok this morning, but westbound Porter was backed up almost all the way to the bridge and barely moving. We bailed, so I couldn’t see what the issue was, but my guess is people turning at Connecticut and not enough plowed street to get past them.

  • JVLaB

    Closed at bridge over Creek by 11 am today. FYI


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