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You, Sir, Are My Hero Vol. 6

by Prince Of Petworth December 18, 2015 at 11:10 am 13 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Eric P.

A reader witnessed:

“This morning, I was heading out for a run going west down Rhode Island. As I was approaching 7th, a tow truck turned right from 7th onto Rhode Island with a blue pick-up truck being towed in back. Shortly after it turned, a big bearded guy with a flannel shirt on turned the corner at full sprint, right in the road. I mean, he was HAULING. He actually caught up to the tow truck and managed to hop into the driver’s seat of the blue truck being towed, coffee cup still in hand. It couldn’t tell if it was from Compass Coffee, but given the location, I like to think it was.

Of course, once the tow truck hitches up your car, there’s no talking them out of a tow. But at least he found the most efficient way to get to the lot, and still had his morning coffee.”

You can see previous nominees here. Should you spot a quiet act of heroism along these lines please do send an email with a brief description and the neighborhood where it was witnessed to [email protected] or tweet @PoPville.

  • Anonamom

    Hero? Dude is lucky he didn’t get hit!

    • Anon Spock

      Hero in the colloquial sense….like the guy who hauled a keg on his bike.

      • Anonamom

        I think perhaps it shows I’m becoming an old fuddy duddy, but I tend to see it as taking a stupid risk and putting yourself and others at risk. FWIW, I do think the guy hauling the keg was a hero though.
        Now, get off my lawn and turn that “music” down!

        • Anon Spock

          I’m going to blame the mom senses. I’d never do something so crazy either, but I can envy the ballsy from afar. :)

          • Anonamom

            ha! Yes, there is this too. Actually, you are right, it is probably more that!
            So I guess I should say, Now get home so I can make you some cookies. Did you at least have clean underwear on?

  • #lifegoals

    • phl2dc

      My life goal is to not get towed…

  • Dballer

    How did he open the car door and hop in while holding a coffee cup? The logistics of this maneuver are mind-boggling.

    • thor

      you only need one hand to open a car door, no?

      • Dballer

        Well, sure, but then you also have to pull yourself in a moving car without the door rebounding and shutting. I’m just saying, it must have been a pretty amazing sight. I wonder if he spilled…

    • west_egg

      LIKE A BOSS, I assume.

  • navyard

    “Of course, once the tow truck hitches up your car, there’s no talking them out of a tow”

    Not true! My sister’s car was getting towed and I spotted it from my second story window. The truck with her car hitched up was rounding the corner and speeding away and another tow truck was right behind it. I ran out the door and onto the street in time to stop the second truck, and asked him if he could radio to the first truck to get him to stop. I told him we’d pay the fee, just didn’t want to have to go fetch the car from wherever.

    While I was explaining this to the driver, my sister hauls a$$ out the door, and bolts around the corner. Next thing I know, my driver is telling me that driver #1 is stopped on the next block and “I got you”. I walk around the corner and driver #1 is out of his truck, taking the car off the lift. NO PROBLEM. They couldn’t do anything about the ticket from Parking Enforcement, but they didn’t charge the tow fee and they let us take possession of the car right there. SUPER NICE.

    So nice in fact, that we attempted to tip the driver $50. They wouldn’t accept! These guys were unbelievably great and they were out doing their job and they made a human and thoughtful decision. There was no funny business, just a government worker that still has the ability to make a decision on his own, and he made a good one.

    You know, telling this story just made me realize — I’m going to send those drivers some treats for xmas. Since neither of those two drivers would accept a tip, the whole office is going to get a small token of appreciation from a happy citizen.

    • dc_mike

      This story makes me happy.


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