You, Sir, Are My Hero Vol. 6

by Prince Of Petworth December 18, 2015 at 11:10 am 13 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Eric P.

A reader witnessed:

“This morning, I was heading out for a run going west down Rhode Island. As I was approaching 7th, a tow truck turned right from 7th onto Rhode Island with a blue pick-up truck being towed in back. Shortly after it turned, a big bearded guy with a flannel shirt on turned the corner at full sprint, right in the road. I mean, he was HAULING. He actually caught up to the tow truck and managed to hop into the driver’s seat of the blue truck being towed, coffee cup still in hand. It couldn’t tell if it was from Compass Coffee, but given the location, I like to think it was.

Of course, once the tow truck hitches up your car, there’s no talking them out of a tow. But at least he found the most efficient way to get to the lot, and still had his morning coffee.”

You can see previous nominees here. Should you spot a quiet act of heroism along these lines please do send an email with a brief description and the neighborhood where it was witnessed to [email protected] or tweet @PoPville.


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