Washington, DC


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The holiday season in Washington D.C. can be a great time for residents and visitors alike. Among the bevy of activities you can enjoy in the nation’s capital is a vibrant arts scene which includes some captivating theater productions. For those theater lovers looking to get great tickets at prices that won’t totally deflate their wallet, TodayTix is a valuable tool.

TodayTix is a free mobile app that lets users search for the most affordable prices on theater tickets in Washington D.C., New York City, London, San Francisco, and Los Angeles in a few clicks. By using TodayTix, visitors can find tickets for up to 50% off their original price.

Let’s say you want to take someone to see a show as a surprise. Users can grab prime theater seats to all current theatrical productions on a same-day basis. They can also find and purchase tickets for shows up to a week in advance.

TodayTix even lets you pore through reviews of every theater production that’s running, in addition to watching streams of trailers for each show. And for those who feel a bit lucky, TodayTix gives users the chance to win tickets to those plays in demand through exclusive lotteries, such as the current lottery for the nearly sold out production of West Side Story at Signature Theatre every Thursday.

In addition to Signature, TodayTix has access to all productions at many acclaimed DC Theaters such as Shakespeare Theatre Company, Arena Stage, Woolly Mammoth, The Washington Ballet and more. There’s really something for everyone.

TodayTix is available for free on Google PlayAmazon, and the App Store.


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