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  • Blommingdude

    I am seriously concerned. I have no desire to ever go to another bar again after seeing the new space last night. It’s perfect. And the occasional bluegrass band? How great can it get. Boundary Stone is officially the best neighborhood bar in DC and it’s not even close.

    • zartan

      Definitely the best bar in DC. Only issue is they got rid of the best fish and chips in DC with the new menu.

  • Traveler

    Looks amazing! I need to go over soon and visit the new space. Congrats to the Boundary Stone family!

  • Aglets


    • Hahaha! Thanks! Mom?

      • Aglets

        You’re welcome Richfood

  • Truxton K

    I’ve loved this bar from the day it opened. I am now even happier to learn that they’ll be channeling another old favorite, Tiffany Tavern, with some good bluegrass in a low-key setting.

  • T Street

    I think this place looks amazing. Ever since it first opened I thought the owners nailed the look of a great neighborhood bar. Unfortunately they never got the feel, service and food part down. It would be great if the owners sell this place to some folks that care about DC and Bloomingdale.

    • BloomingBuddy

      What are you talking about?? I have not gotten anything but stellar service at Boundary Stone. The owners have lived in Bloomingdale for over 10 years, they certainly care for the neighborhood and DC.

    • Common Sense

      After I read your comment T Street I threw up in my mouth. The owners of this establishment have lived in the neighborhood for the better part of 12 or 13 years. What they do for local business and local charities are far beyond what any other establishment in this city has every done. If something ever tragic ever happens to their friends, staff or customers they take immediate action to do whatever they can to help financially and emotionally. Since we are expressing our opinions T Street, I believe if this city had more owners like the dudes at the Stone, we would all be better off.

    • Bloomingdale Buddy

      Not to mention they had a Toy Drive last night that brought in over 400 gifts for less fortunate children in the city.

      Hey T Street, you sure are an A Hole!

    • zartan

      This is obviously trolling. Boundary Stone has the most consistently friendly and on-point service of any bar in this city (perhaps anywhere). I was there on opening night, have been at least weekly ever since, and was back in for re-opening night yesterday and literally every single time I’ve gotten great service, whether from the bar or the service staff. I hope you all read this and know that you are delivering world class service and ignore the fool who wrote the post I’m replying to.

    • ryan2499

      To each his own, I suppose. Eh, one more barstool available for me!

  • Bdale

    Well, the place looks awesome and service is awesome. The food has had a steep, steady downturn in quality and flavor over the past 2 years, however. The only way this new, expanded place will be successful is if they get a new chef. The original chef cared about the taste and quality of the food that was served. Since he left, the food has gotten worse and worse and as of last week, truly horrible. But great whiskey….

    • BDALE 2

      You must be the same delusional ass that posted about “Chef Vinnie” the last time B-Stone was mentioned on popville. Chef Vin hated to be called “Vinnie”.

  • tippytaco

    Looks like Restoration hardware opened a bar? lol Anyways great for them…

  • T Street

    I apologize if I upset anybody. I am mistaken and the people who own the bar sound like good people who care about the community. Thank you for providing solid evidence that clearly shows the opinion I expressed earlier was incorrect.

    I do not run a business that employs people and I did not donate any toys to needy families this year. I am sorry for being out of line and if I was disrespectful to anyone.


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