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Jinya Ramen Bar coming to former Ghana Cafe space on 14th Street

by Prince Of Petworth December 27, 2015 at 10:22 pm 13 Comments

1336 14th Street, NW

Massive Ramen news for Logan Circle/14th Street – get ready for Jinya Ramen Bar. The liquor license placard says:

“A high-quality Japanese restaurant that serves authentic ”Tonkotsu Ramen”. No entertainment. Seating for 99 patrons. Total Occupancy Load of 120.”

Jinya’s website says:

“JINYA Ramen Bar serves “Tonkotsu Ramen”, rich and strong smelling noodle. Tonkotsu uses pork broth which is pumped up with industrial quantities of dashi and dried fish, a broth that seemed to be trying to establish the record for the most umami per milligram.

Simply put, tasting is believing. Only a handful Californian residents and lucky tourists could enjoy the fantastic taste of JINYA Ramen. Not anymore. With as low as $350K initial investment, you can own and run “JINYA, Ramen Bar” in your location.”

Check out some of their menus here.

Ghana Cafe closed here back in June 2014. For a hot second Crow Bar had plans to reopen here but that fell through. Updates on the new Rames spat as construction progresses and they get closer to opening.

14th Street looking north towards Rhode Island Ave, NW

  • DM

    Chain ramen bar :/

    • Philippe Lecheval

      I can think of a lot of far worse chains that could be going into that space.

    • MtP

      My reaction is the same. I will not be going here when there are multiple local and really really delicious ramen spots across the city.

  • Near Northeast

    “Tonkotsu uses pork broth which is pumped up with industrial quantities of dashi and dried fish”

    Is “industrial” really the adjective most people want to come to mind when they’re thinking about what’s inside their food?

    • FridayGirl

      Nope. Especially not when referring to dried fish.

  • Ramen

    Not that we have great ramen in DC, but adding the McDonald’s of ramen will not improve the general quality of slurpable noodles in the District.

    • MtP

      No great ramen? Have you had Toki and Daiykya?

      • Ramen

        Solidly average on a good day. Not even remotely great.

        • Anon

          Cool story, bro. Complaining that out ramen doesn’t stack up to Japan or NYC is rather rich, don’t you think?

        • Philippe Lecheval

          Said nobody, ever.

  • Tello

    Did Ghana Cafe reopen elsewhere? Loved it for a West Africa food fix.

  • jaybird

    If its good I’ll go. If its not I won’t.

  • Hell I’ll go.. I’ll try anything..especially industrial dashi and dried fish.


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