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Found Dog – Found Cat

by Prince Of Petworth November 23, 2015 at 9:20 am 11 Comments


“I found a dog today on the corner of Ninth and Emerson NW who ended up following me home. He doesn’t have any owner information but did have a rabies vaccination tag. I called the Washington Area Rescue League but they can’t find his tag number in their system. Just wanted to see if anyone was missing their dog? He seems really sweet and is just sitting by the door at my house quietly.

Owner can contact me at 917-204-7762 or [email protected]


“This adorable cat was hanging around my kids’s school this morning and following folks around. The school is at 1800 Perry Street NE, but he was first seen on further east on the other side of South Dakota Avenue. The cat doesn’t have a collar but is clearly a well cared for cat. The school’s crossing guard said she would try to bring the cat to the shelter when she finishes her shift.”

  • Anonomnom

    The cat looks similar to one that was on here reported as missing last week!

    • Anonomnom

      Never mind :/ the one last week had less white on his/her face.

  • RDT

    It looks like a rabies tag on the dog? If so, you might call the appropriate city agency that issues those to veterinarians/shelters and they might be able to match that w/the dog owner’s info? At the very least, they might be able to tell you which veterinarian the tag was issued to and you might be able to contact them.

    • SK

      Hi there, yup it is a Rabies tag and its for the Washington Animal League, issued in 2015. I called them and gave them the tag number but they can’t find anything in the system with that number, which is really strange. They said there is nothing else they can do aside from that :(

      • samanda_bynes

        :( how sad! sitting by the door? oh that breaks my heart. looks like a sweet fella

      • Pixie

        That is strange. I would take the dog to a local vet or the Washington Humane Society to see if it’s microchipped.

        • SK

          Good call! Thats the next step.

  • Gumball

    awww these are the cutest little found ling-a-dings ever!

    Poor doggie, I had a dog that I got from a close friend of mine and the first couple of days he was with me he just sat by the door waiting for her and her husband to come back. :-( He ending up falling totally in love with me though. He would be happy to see her when she visited, but he SO moved on. :-)

  • anonymouse and stuff

    My female dog looks alot like this dog. From where he was found he might be my dog’s doppelganger that we usually run into at the Shaw Dog Park. Maybe try there for another owner that might know the owner?

    • SK

      Good tip! We are going to see if the dog is microchipped. Maybe this will lead to something. Such a sweet dog. I really hope we find the family – otherwise we may want to adopt him ourselves.

  • irene antonucci

    IF micro chip does not find his owner call DC animal shelter to report you found this dog and are keeping him till you find his owner Also post found dog on Craigslist and look at lost dog on CL and facebook of lost dogs in DC
    Please assure anyone who steps up can present you with vet records and can identify info on this dog There are cruel people out there
    thank you for saving this dog


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