Get a Fresh Start in Autumn with Blue Apron


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Stuck in a summer cooking rut? You’re not alone. Summer socializing can make it hard to get your culinary act together. (We’ve barely been home since Memorial Day).

At the moment it may feel too hot to turn on the stove, but autumn is only a few weeks away. Once cooler temperatures arrive, your kitchen will no longer feel like a sauna. Which means you can finally reacquaint your hot dog-addicted kids to vegetables. Or if you’re still a student, back-to-school season is the ideal time for a Seamless intervention.

September is a great time to take stock of what’s on your plate. If your cooking skills are a little rusty, Blue Apron is an easy way to get back in the game. And if you sign up now, you’ll get two meals free on your first order.

Blue Apron’s popular cook-it-yourself meal service delivers fresh ingredients and recipes to your home every week. Their basic plan gets you three dinners for two people for $60 per week. When you factor in all of the ingredients you have to buy for a new recipe, that’s actually pretty reasonable (you can finally stop shelling out $15 on spices you’ll never use again). You’ll also be getting gourmet goodies from specialty vendors and family-run farms across the country. Think kumquats from the San Joaquin Valley, organic ghee from San Francisco, and traditional tortillas from NYC.

Blue Apron also lets you bypass the grocery store. Their adorably packaged ingredients include everything you need except for olive oil and salt. And all of the packaging can be recycled which means less waste than using traditional grocery bags. You won’t even need to be home for the delivery–all of their boxes are refrigerated. Once you unpack your box, follow the well-thought-out instructions and you’ll have a restaurant-worthy meal in 35-40 minutes. Worried about dietary restrictions? Blue Apron has a vegetarian option, but will also ask you if you want to opt-out of meals with beef, lamb, poultry, pork, fish, or shellfish.

Sign up for Blue Apron and receive two free meals on your first order.

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