“She witnessed three teenagers with a small barreled gun shoot into my kitchen towards the crowd”

“Dear PoPville,

I had some friends over this past Saturday night and we were congregating in the kitchen around midnight, which is a pretty small space and gets warm when many people are packed in. I decided to open the door to let some air in. As I was standing just inside my kitchen from the open door talking with a friend, I felt a sharp sting and what sounded like fire crackers. I was unsure what happened and immediately shut the door, and was then told I was bleeding from my neck. Another friend standing nearby also said he felt a sharp pain on his neck. We deduced we were likely shot with a beebie gun, and ran out of the house to (stupidly) chase after the suspects.

A neighbor indicated she had just walked outside at the same time to let her dog out and saw the whole thing unfold. She witnessed three teenagers with a small barreled gun shoot into my kitchen towards the crowd. We ran out towards 5th Street NW and were asking people nearby if they saw anyone with no luck. When I returned to my house other friends had found the beebies. They were rather large, and if I were struck in the eye who knows what would have happened. I have filed a police report, but wanted to pass this along so others are aware. I live at 5th and Florida Avenue NW.

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