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A few readers pass on the following email:

“My son, Joe Madden, has been missing since Monday. Joe is 23, about 6’1″ and 170lbs. Hazel eyes. Last seen in NE Washington, DC on Monday morning Sept 29 around 10:30 am. We have filed a police report but there’s nothing else the police can do. None of his friends have heard from him since Sunday. He doesn’t have his phone with him.

If you have seen him or have any information that might help us find him, please let me know. And share widely. Help.


From MPD:

“Missing Person Critical

The below listed person is a critical missing person by the Metropolitan Police Department. If you have seen this person, please call the CIC at 202-727-9099 and provide the below CCN number.

CCN: 14-150-689
Joseph Madden

Last seen in the 1000 block of Kearney Street, Northeast on September 29, 2014.”


Comments (14)

  1. Gwynne and friends, hoping you find Joe soon.

  2. Damn, hope he’s ok. That’s the homey!

  3. Thanks. Folks who know Joe’s haunts around H St, U St please ask around. I saw him as he was on his way to work on Monday morning (one block away) but never showed. It doesn’t make sense. Please keep your eyes out and ask around if anyone has seen him. We love him and want him safe.

  4. This is terrible…we were just talking with him when we went for dinner there Sunday evening. I really hope he is found safe and sound!

    Will definitely keep an eye out in the neighborhood.

  5. Damn…I just had the opportunity to meet Joe a couple weeks ago at Brookland’s Finest. I hope he is found safe and sound, and will keep my eyes and ears peeled around the neighborhood.

  6. Everyone who knows Joe is desperately hoping he comes home soon. One of the most personable guys you could ever hope to meet.

  7. Hope you find Joe, my wishes for the best

  8. Praying he is found soon. He’s been my bartender more then a few times and I can’t imagine the what his friends and family are going through.

  9. Reposted and have sent to all of my friends as well. So sorry this is happening and I hope he’s found soon. Seems like such a neat guy.

  10. I am hoping and praying you find him soon.

  11. horrible. i hope is is found in good health soon.

  12. I met him once while having dinner at the bar. It was his genuine kindness that made me remember him. I hope he is home safely soon.

  13. Met Joe a couple weeks ago while having a beer at Steel Plate and had a very pleasant conversation. I hope he is found safe.


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