Scuttlebutt: Capriotti’s Coming to old Cheesesteak Factory space on M Street

by Prince Of Petworth June 10, 2014 at 11:55 am 14 Comments

3347 M Street, NW

Still scuttlebutt at this point but a reliable source hears a Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop is coming to the former Philadelphia Cheesesteak Factory space in Georgetown. Capriotti’s opened their first DC location at 1800 M Street, NW in Nov. 2013:

Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop, founded in Wilmington, DE and long a favorite of Delaware beach-goers, expands its presence on the East Coast as it opens its first location Thursday, November 21 in the Nation’s Capital at 18th and M Streets NW.”

Anyone check out the 18th and M Street spot yet? If so, any good sandwich recs? How do they compare to a Taylor Gourmet or Potbelly?

  • domrep

    I’m a fan of Capriotti’s…I think it’s better than Potbelly if only b/c it has more options.

  • anonymous

    Yum. Grew up eating at this place in Delaware. I’d put it on par with Taylor, although it definitely has a more old-school, less-hip feel (no reclaimed wood interiors!). Miles ahead of Potbelly. Try the Bobbie! They also have some good vegetarian sub options.

  • hmm

    De native here. Capriotti’s is in another league than Taylor’s, sorry.

  • Anonymous

    I really like them. They’ve got some different sandwiches than the ones you get at potbelly, etc. For example, they’ve got the Bobbie, pulled roast turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce & stuffing. It’s thanksgiving on a sub roll! Nice meatball sub too.

  • Capriotti’s is okay. The biggest difference, literally, is the size of the sandwich. The “small” at Capriotti’s is 9″, which is way more food most people should eat at once. Regardless, I occasionally get a craving for a Capistrami. And eat it all.

  • chasscott

    Yay! Knowing Capriotti’s from Delaware, it ranks way higher than Potbelly. And, as someone already noted, has more of a homemade feel (and taste!) than Taylor Gourmet.
    And, the Bobbie sandwich is like a big taste of a good family Thanksgiving, all on a roll! GREAT sandwich!

  • Rich

    A step up from Potbelly, but overrated. In its own way on par with Taylor, but different. The signature turkey sandwich would be much better without the mayo.

    Bub and Pops across the street is many orders of magnitude better.

    • Anonymous

      But Bub and Pop’s is a looooong way from this location — 15+ blocks! So not really a viable alternative for lunchers in this end of Georgetown.

  • Anonymous

    Very delicious–and I work in Georgetown. We could use another “cheap” lunch option.

  • djs

    Best cheesesteak in DC

  • Anonymous

    I was born & raised in Delaware and, subsequently, born and raised on Capriotti’s. Nothing beats their roasted, shredded turkey, which is why all of their turkey-based subs (Bobbie, Cole Turkey, etc.) are so delicious.

    I used to be a die-hard purist, opting for shredded turkey with normal sub fixings (note: Wawa is hoagies, not Capriotti’s), but have since become a Cole Turkey enthusiast. Don’t judge until you try it!

  • Tim

    The Bobby is really good. Agree with the poster, tho, about Bub’s and Pops being miles better.

  • overonhst

    I say rest in hell Philadelphia Cheesesteak Factory. The handful of times I went there soon after I moved here, the workers were super rude.

  • levick tom

    Capriottis sucks, be realistic if I wanted a bread sandwichi would eat a baguette. The sandwiches have little filing, the vegetables are not fresh, and the customer service sucks, took 15 min to get an Italian on a Sunday when they were dead, bub and pops is in another league, wish they were moving to Georgetown


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