Petworth Food Truck Supper Club this Thursday

by Prince Of Petworth June 10, 2014 at 12:25 pm 9 Comments

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From an email:

“On Thursday nigh three of our members — the Dolci Gelati Truck, KaftaMania and Neat Meat are serving from 6 to 7:30 pm at 9th and Upshur Streets NW as part of DMV Food Truck Week activities.

Thursday, June 12

Petworth Food Truck Supper Club with Dolci Gelati, KaftaMania, and Neat Meat

6 to 7:30 pm
9th and Upshur Streets NW at Georgia Avenue

Food trucks can serve more than just lunch! Enjoy a community dinner with your neighbors on this Thursday evening in Petworth.”

  • Jack5! Yeah!

    This is a great idea, it would be nice if 5 trucks lined up in residential areas every evening and rotated around neighborhoods once a week! They would get more biz and It would be a good break from cooking and forraging for me, provided they don’t take my parking space in front of my house!

  • Anonymous

    What a phenomenal idea. I not only like the community aspect, but also finally having some dinner options in the neighborhood. Great way to promote the Petworth market which is starving for more places to eat. Plus, one of the trucks ice cream! I’ll finally be able to walk my kids as a family to grab a cone!

  • Anonymous

    Cool! Petworth is definitely in need of more options for dinner. And ice cream!!!! I hope all my neighbors turn out and the weather is nice. Thank you to the food truck owners for setting this up!

  • djdc

    Great food truck idea, agreed.
    For other days, Cuzzin’s on Upshur sells ice cream steps from here.

    • Anonymous

      Not a fan of Cuzzins. At all.

  • Dolci Gelati makes fantastic product. I haven’t had the other 2 trucks, but I can definitely vouch for that one.

  • Anonymous

    What a great idea. Hope to see all my neighbors there! I think the other Anonymous is right, if we can show a great crowd, maybe we can continue to expand this offering. Perhaps it WILL lead to a new restaurant or two!

  • Nancy M

    I just got back from the Supper Club. KaftaMania was delicious and had great service. Neatmeat ran out of many of their menu items and left less than an hour into the event. Doci Gelati didn’t even show up. While it was a nice way to see neighbors and the food I had was great, I really really wanted some gelato. I hope this event improves!

  • Anonymous

    agreed this was a disappointing showing. We got there and it was only the KaftaMania truck. Hope it improves.


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