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  • lovessoldier

    Love this place. Outstanding idea to expand. Go Bacio!!!


    Are they serving booze?

  • bb

    I’m a fan of Bacio – definitely my go-to pizza in the neighborhood. Is the seating upstairs a place where you bring your already-paid-for pizza and eat it? Or is there a waitstaff?

    • Anonymous

      Sure, right? In the picture it looks like there’s a cash register and on the website it says take out/dine in

      • Anonymous

        there is a wait staff

  • B

    Can we please get a decent pizza place in Petworth PLEASE

    • pvjdp

      hey there’s many and olga’s…………..sarcasm

  • How does their pizza compare to Rustik? I was surprised they would open up so close to an established pizza restaurant.

    • sarah

      i think both bacio and rustik are good, although i know some people are down on rustik. they do a much thinner, crispier crust with some interesting toppings – lamb, zataar, preserved lemon, etc. their thing is woodfired oven feel. bacio does a softer, more pillowy crust and more traditional toppings. i really enjoy both, and they strive for different things.

    • Truxton Thomas

      I prefer Rustik. I was disappointed that Bacio used corn meal instead of flour.

    • Anonymous

      I personally really like awesome, thin Neapolitan-style crusts, so I think Rustik knocks the socks off Bacio’s (which is just fine in my opinion). Rustik has a wood-burning pizza oven that gets super hot that enables them to create the thin tasty crusts.

      • Anonymous

        * The word “awesome” should have been edited out above – sorry. I meant to say that I think Rustik’s crusts are awesome.

    • Reality

      I like Rustik a lot – I got there often. I’ve been to Bacio once and liked it, but just never thought to go since they didn’t have seating. I will try again!

  • KellyKapowski

    So, is the patio no longer BYOB? Are there any good BYOB places left on earth?!
    (Don’t all rush to reply Thai Xing, that place is too expensive/difficult to get into to be a good standby).

    • Truxton Thomas

      What is this, Pennsylvania?

      • KellyKapowski

        As far as byob goes, I wish! Last summer I loved grabbing a cheap bottle of wine to bring to the bacio patio on a warm night. Short lived joy.

        • Anonymous

          can you drink wine in crispus attucks?

      • ash

        Or Baltimore?

  • kook47797

    I found Bacio to be a little bland, but OK in a pinch.

  • JK

    Our go-to place in Bloomingdale! Was just there last night – the reno is adorable & surprisingly kid-friendly. Delicious pizza, decent wine, really nice wait staff. Love it!

    • etcetera

      I’ve lived in the neighborhood more than 2 years and still haven’t gotten a table at Rustik. I guess my timing is always awful. I have waited for an hour but always end of giving up. So I’ve never tried Rustik pizza, but I think Bacio’s is FANTASTIC. really delicious pizza.

      • Anonymous

        This can’t be serious. We go every couple of weeks and have never waited more than 10 minutes. When are you going?

        • Anonymous

          I agree with anonymous here

          • weldyar

            Ditto. I’ve never waited more than a few minutes, even during peak hours when Red Hen has a 2 hour wait.

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pizza. The owner takes a lot if pride in his product. My first time eating in the pizza was aesttically beautiful. Should be on the list of best pizza in DC.

  • Bloomgirl

    My favorite pizzeria! It really is so beautiful upstairs – I’ve been several times now and never had a bad pie or bad service. Love it.


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