Washington, DC

From the famous 2010 fight

Washington DC Snowball Fight Association is calling for a big TITANic battle today:

“Winter storm TITAN is set to bring some serious snow to the DC area on Monday, March 3rd – an extraordinary event for this late in the season. So let’s celebrate with a Titan-ic snowball fight! (at 2:00pm)

A few things that we’d like to remind everyone who shows up for our traditional rumble in front of the Smithsonian Castle:

• Invite your friends!
• Please follow any instructions given by the Metropolitan Police Department or the U.S. National Park Police
• Please respect the media when they’re working, especially please don’t target camera operators
• It’s probably best to keep pets and small children out of the battle zone
• This is meant to be fun! So play fair, DON’T THROW ICE, and wear any protective gear you think you need!
• Pelting moving vehicles could cause accidents, SO DON’T DO IT!
• Anyone who behaves recklessly is responsible for the consequences. Safety is important to us!

See you in the Circle! LOCATION CHANGE: Due to ice buildup in Dupont Circle, we will meet on the National Mall, right north of the Smithsonian Castle, with easy access to the Smithsonian and Archives Metro stations.”


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