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Stabbing in Shaw, Shooting in West End near the Ritz-Carlton

by Prince Of Petworth February 2, 2014 at 9:14 am 7 Comments


From @DCPoliceDept around 6pm:

“Stabbing_1757 hours_1300 b/o 5th Street, NW_No Lookout”


From @DCPoliceDept just after 3am:

“2D-Shooting, 0308 hours, 22nd & M Street NW, LOF a Chevy Camaro Siver in color.”

Ed. Note: Luxury Hotel, The Ritz Carlton is located at 1150 22nd Street, NW between L and M streets.

  • Anonymous

    5th St between N and O is a complete shitshow. I always walk a few blocks out of my way to avoid this area. I feel sorry for whoever buys the 1 million dollar condos on the corner!

    • mvs

      Huh? I live two blocks away and walk by here frequently…I’ve never seen any problems at all. What are you talking about? (Not trying to argue with you…just genuinely curious.)

      • Shawdog

        I surmise that Anonymous is referring to the public housing between N and O. I walk/ride through that area all the time, too. No problems. It’s not McClean Gardens but calling a shit show is bit much.

        • Anonymous

          According to MPD, the stabbing was a domestic dispute. That block of 5th hasn’t always been the best, but I walk it all the time alone and with my kids and it is far from a shitshow.

      • Anonymous

        people who live in an area always get defensive about stuff like this, but lets face it, our city still could become better.

    • Judith Claire

      I am sorry for you, Mr. Anon. You would feel better in Georgetown with a garage attached to your house or why not try Spring Valley? (stay with your own kind?)

      • Anonymous



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