• Blithe

    THIS is the funniest bit of Washingtoniana that I have EVER seen. Thank you for totally making my day! ROTFLOL

  • Anonymous

    The metro people make me pee myself sometimes they so funny, as long as they don’t start coming my way. : )

  • Anonymous

    This is fantastic.

  • The Jimmy

    I hope that guy was on his way to work. I want to work with that guy.

    • Anonymous

      Wouldn’t be surprised if that guy no longer works. A performance like that, on the nat’l internets, would lead to the retiring of the rumpled suit in many, many DC workplaces.

  • Anonymous

    Around the 3:28 mark, he says what bar he was at drinking but I cant tell what he said

  • brightwood

    I had no idea Rob Ford was in town this weekend.

  • Well dressed might be a stretch.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think anybody was insinuating that he was dressed up to your standards. His bow tie and goofy old man hat were both at the cleaners that day.

      • Well that will teach him to only own one of each!

    • Anonymous

      True, but you’ve got to enjoy the contrast between the rumpled lawyer look — and belting out a Lil Jon song with such passion and conviction.

  • TG

    I guess we are all on notice that acting like drunken buffoons in public is fair game for internet infamy.

  • yigalelohev

    I’ve seen this guy do karaoke before at Recessions. He sang Juvenile’s “Back That Azz Up” on Friday night (1/31).


    I want to party with him SO BADLY. I will do anything to make this happen.

  • anonny

    It’s quite clear that he’s only familiar with the radio edit version.

  • Anonymous

    This should be a viral add for Uber.


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