Dear PoPville – Police Checkpoints around the District on Saturday?

by Prince Of Petworth February 18, 2014 at 1:30 pm 21 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user number7cloud

“Dear PoPville,

My husband and I were driving around the city on Saturday and went from Trinidad to H street to U street from about 2-4 in the afternoon. In all of these locations there was a police presence blocking at least one street, looking into car windows and pulling certain cars over. I was curious if this was random or if you had heard of a crackdown or checkpoint?”

I believe sometimes they do this when MPD has an “all hands on deck weekend” but I didn’t hear anything about that this weekend. Did anyone else happen to notice any checkpoints or random cars getting pulled over?

Update from MPD:

“There was a traffic initiative in the 1000 block of H Street NE.”

  • andrew

    I got pulled over pretty much randomly this weekend. I drove by a cop without a seatbelt on and a minute later a different cop began to follow me. Soon enough, a police van joined him, and they both pulled me over. Cop came over and asked for my license and registration–and where I was going and why. I thought about telling him that I decline to answer those questions, but decided to anyway. I asked why I was pulled over and he said because you weren’t wearing a seatbelt. Then he let me go without so much as a formal warning. Weird.

    • andrew

      he also asked the last time i was pulled over and what it was for

    • Anonymous

      ” I drove by a cop without a seatbelt ”

      –that ain’t random homey

      • shantey

        I drive by a cop, guns blazin’, and got pulled over randomly.

  • Anonymous

    Cops were out on Barrack’s Row late afternoon on Saturday doing the same thing–enforcing seatbelt and cell phone laws.

  • Anonymous

    I’d love to see better enforcement of cell phone laws. It seems like at one out of five red lights, I have to honk to get the person in front of me to look up from their phone when it turns green. And pretty much every bit of assholic behavior is perpetrated by someone with a phone in their hand. (So glad I only have to drive a couple miles, a couple days a week. I don’t know how the regular car commuters do it.)

    • Anonymous

      I agree. I still see a lot of people talking on their phones in the car and behaving like jerks or even downright recklessly while doing so.

      • Anonymous

        People who drive while talking on the phone are more dangerous than people who drive drunk.

        • Anon

          And your basis for that statement is….?

          • Anonymous

            An episode of MythBusters.

    • Wobble

      Don’t honk your horn at people in this city. It could get you killed.

      • Anonymous

        Sure. And don’t signal to a car with its headlights off at night, either. It’s a gang initiation thing. They’ll follow you and murder you.

        • high quality snark awarder

          Low key snark of the day award goes to… ^

        • Wobble

          Totally different situation. I know what you said is an old urban myth. However, some people in this city (and others) think that having a horn blown at them is disrespectful. Don’t show annoyance if you want to be safe.

          • Anonymous

            Right. Not at all alarmist of you.

          • anon

            But the DC response to being honked at is… honking back. It drives me crazy and I see it all the time. Some idiot’s doing something wrong, he gets honked at for it, and then honks back at the person. I’ve never seen this anywhere else.

          • Anonymous

            Except for 90% of the drivers who when approaching the end of an alley honk repeatedly without slowing…

          • dunning-kruger

            Honking is rude and should be reserved for emergency type situations (car drifting into your lane, no brakes, accelerator stuck, etc) a beep is all good. I got honked at today and rightfully so, there was a mislabeled sign or something so I ended up cutting someone off.

            If you lay into your horn because someone doesn’t gun it on the green light because they are on a phone, talking to their passenger, baby in the backseat, etc, you are rude. More-so than the person who wasted 1-5 secs of your day.

          • anon

            Agreed with Dunning-Kruger. Honking as a means of expressing displeasure is pretty useless.
            The other day someone was tailing me on Rhode Island Avenue, in the right lane, and honking. (I was driving at (or perhaps above) the speed limit and there was a fair amount of traffic ahead.)
            Eventually the person (illegally) passed me on the right… and then began doing the exact same thing to the car he/she was now behind. It was so weird and aggressive that I wondered afterward if perhaps the driver was on PCP and I should’ve called 911.

      • sjkp

        honking is not rude. its a notice that you’re not driving well, or to speed of traffic, or are obstructing someone else. Be a more cognizant driver, have better SA and you won’t get honked. If your constantly getting honked and you think its other people being rude, its more likely that really, you’re an obnoxious driver and haven’t noticed it yet. I’ve lived here 10 years, but it still drives me nuts how lethargic people are at the wheel as if we don’t have the worst traffic in the country (literally) its because people are not paying attention and are just cruisin’ around. People are so sensitive about car horns, as if it represents some symbolic middle finger, when really is a means of communication, call it constructive criticism.

        Also, no, honking won’t get you killed or beat up, how is this even an thing?

  • Marymay

    Twice a year, the Fed. govt will sponsor the awareness (tv, radio, internet) campaigns for seatbelt and drunk driving and combine with enforcement checkpoints. Other times, they will just do enforcement without the awareness campaigns. Sounds like a standard traffic safety enforcement checkpoint.


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