“if any figure of authority tells you to put your pants back on, do as they say” – No Pants Metro Ride this Sunday

by Prince Of Petworth January 9, 2014 at 5:00 pm 22 Comments


No Pants Metro Ride 2014 [Washington DC] Hosted by Capitol Improv:

“Sunday at 2:00pm

Meet at Hancock park by L’Enfant Plaza Metro – We will have a brief pre-ride meeting starting at 2PM and release people into the metro thereafter for the ride.

If you want to continue the party, there will also be an afterparty at Level One / 30 Degrees near the DuPont Circle Metro starting at 5 for drinks, food and no-pants fun. Google Maps link here: http://tinyurl.com/nya3uxh

Remember – the goal is to appear as if you had no idea that you were missing pants or that you knew but didn’t think it was a big deal.

Make sure you have a place to keep your pants on your person and hidden like a bag or backpack.

Also – if any figure of authority tells you to put your pants back on, do as they say. Unfortunately indecency laws are entirely subjective and while we haven’t had any major problems in the past, we’d like to keep on DC Metro’s good side so the event can continue for years to come.

See you at the park!”

  • anon

    “Remember – the goal is to appear as if you had no idea that you were missing pants or that you knew but didn’t think it was a big deal.”
    Are these people 12 years old? Did mommy not give you enough attention when you were little?

    • Anonymous

      Someone’s having a bad day. Cheer up it’s almost Friday.

    • Stephen

      I find it amusing how strong people’s feelings about this are. It’s just people having fun. If there’s any town that needs something like this, DC is it.

      • anon

        I’m all for having fun, but just don’t put desperate cries for attention in that category. This is all about trying to get everyone to pay attention to you. It’s not that different than the mass bike rides people were bitching about the other day. Some day you have to grow up and realize you live in a society where you’re not the most important person who gets to disrupt everyone else just for your own amusement. Go have fun, just don’t force your activity on everyone else who’s minding their own business. I don’t have kids, but I assume there might be a few parents with their five year olds on the metro who don’t want to suddenly be surrounded by a mob of adults in their underwear. A little consideration for your fellow citizens goes a long way.

        • Stephen

          Exactly, it’s not that different from mass bike rides. So who cares? And even then, it’s much less disruptive.

          I’m going to stick my neck out here and say that pantsless metro rides and mass bike rides have never caused any damage to the fabric of society. People getting attention for being silly? Who cares? Kids seeing people’s underpants? Who cares? As you said, you live in a society where you’re not the most important person. So ditch the sense of entitlement and let people have a good time.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t want to deal with my kids seeing a bunch of adults in their undies. This isn’t ‘Nam, Dude, there are rules.

            So we won’t take metro on Sunday afternoon. Easy fix, but kinda sucks that my choices are limited by this gimmick.

          • Speedos

            don’t take your kids to the beach

          • Stephen

            Oh right, ‘Nam. Where people walked around in their underwear all the time. I’ve heard horror stories from Vietnam vets about all the underwear they had to see. That’s the big takeaway from ‘Nam: the horror of seeing underwear. The horror. The horror.

        • gotryit

          Welcome to DC, where everyone IS The Most Important Person in the World. Even when they “grow up”.

        • Anonymous


      • Fz


    • Anonymous

      I have to agree. I’ve participated in group events like Tweed Ride and Santarchy, which I’m sure plenty of people find extremely annoying and inconvenient. However, this one I just don’t get. Pantsless in January? Why not pantsless in May? Better yet, why pantsless at all? It’s such a strange thing to make an “event” around.

      • Anonymous

        “ZOMG! No Pants Subway Ride is my totes fave event in the DMV! LOL!” – Millennial Q. Newcomer

  • ledroittiger

    What should you do if a figure of authority tells you to take your pants off?

    • me.please.


    • Linc Park SE

      Exactly… Now where can I rent a cop uniform …

  • Anonymous

    “a BRIEF pre-ride meeting” ???? Pun intended?

    • anon (a different one)

      Hancock Park! HAHAHA!

  • preston

    I don’t hate this event, although I think it’s childish.

    I do hate the fact that they are promoting blind obedience to authority, by requesting that participants bring pants and put them on if asked.

    Why? What is the point? Is anyone out there claiming that wearing nothing but briefs in public is against the law? If so, who? If not, why would you tell people to bring pants?

    This could be an interesting assertion of individual rights, but instead the organizers put in place this massive cop-out. Sad.

    • Doc

      Who cares? No one wears racy stuff. This is not thongs, g-strings and silk banana hammocks. You’ll see much more inappropriate attire on a Saturday night when people on their way to the club.

      Just relax people.

  • Kevin

    Lighten up. No one gets hurt.

    (and I don’t — and wouldn’t — participate in this)

  • Anonymous

    Any kind of follow up to the pantless metro ride on Sunday? Pics? Stories? Anything?


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