Washington, DC

1240 9th Street, NW

Big news for 1240 9th St, NW located right next to the newly expanded Long View Gallery by the Convention Center. This is the building with the wild front window:


Blagden Alley Naylor Court Association shares all the details from owners Geoff Dawson and Brian Leonard:

“District Lost and Found (DL&F), locating at 1240 9th St., NW, will be a neighborhood gathering spot very much in the same style as Nanny O’Brien’s in Cleveland Park. We hope to build a core business that primarily serves our nearby residents. While we will not have a full service kitchen our aim will be to provide a robust selection of snacks and appetizers. We also intend to use our food capabilities from sister businesses such as Ripple and Nanny O’s to provide unique menu items. We will focus on offering a hardy beer and wine menu, with particular focus on the craft beer market.”


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