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Sona Creamery and Wine Bar Coming to former Motofoto and Sprint spaces by Eastern Market

by Prince Of Petworth — September 11, 2013 at 10:22 pm 20 Comments

660 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE

Last month we learned Motofoto was moving across the street from 660 Pennsylvania Ave, SE. According to Sona’s website:

Sona has secured a location! 660 Pennsylvania Ave. Washingtion DC 20003. Opening fall 2013!

Founded in 2013, by Conan & Genevieve O’Sullivan, Sona Creamery and Wine Bar will be the District’s only onsite creamery. Owners Conan and Gen want to share their passion for great cheese and wine with you, as they offer opportunities for you to taste and learn about them in the cafe, at classes and through exclusive events. Sona will also be shipping cheeses nationwide!

Conan and Gen have been working on making this dream a reality for more than five years. They have made partners in the community that include the Small Business Development Center and EagleBank. Both Conan and Gen have been making cheese for seven years. Conan’s experience includes completing the dairy program at Cal Poly University in San Luis Obispo. His professional experience includes serving as Deputy and then Executive Director in the recycling and waste industry in Washington State. Gen has been a “master” baker and cook since age 11. Her professional career has centered around marketing and communications and she is excited to be working with her best friend on their dream business. Recently, They have redefined starting a business in D.C. by establishing a cheese and wine advisory board, which they are using to acquire knowledge from all the leading experts to establish D.C.’s best wine and cheese establishment.”

This sounds amazing! Updates as they get closer to opening.


  • Anonymous

    I don’t even like cheese that much but it will be a good addition to the neighborhood. The olive oil shop next door will complement it well!

  • Love, love, love this news.

  • Caroline

    This is a great fit for the neighborhood.

  • Anonymous

    totally amazing. random question… is there anything in the building just near here that looks like an old theater? I’ve walked by a million times but have no idea if the space is open (maybe its just offices inside?).

    • Anonymous

      There’s the old theater on 8th Street that houses the National Community Church. But you mean something on this block? I live around the corner and can’t think of anything theater-like around here.

      • Anonymous

        this place… says “Penn Medical” on the side… but not sure that its actually a medical facility anymore… http://goo.gl/RykPwo

        • XO

          There are medical offices inside… I went to a dentist there once. The building is way past overdue for an interior renovation. I get the impression that the practices inside serve a primarily low-income population.

          • MiCoBa

            There is a very diverse patient base in this building. Community connections does have offices in there and they do worth with marginalized persons. On the other extreme is a doctor in there who does lipo-sculpting.

          • Anonymous

            I think that’s where my girlfriend tried to get her neuropsychological testing done (it’s one of the few neuropsychologists that takes insurance in the area). She said the office was very rundown and the doctor was strange and very unprofessional. After two visits she decided it was worth spending the couple grand on someone better.

      • Anonymous

        Wait, I know what you’re talking about. The place with the dark glass that has the florist and dry cleaners? It’s open but underutilized in my opinion!

    • dave b

      doctors and other offices in there

    • ET

      The Penn Medical (650 Penn) does have tenants. Don’t know them all but when I closed on my house there was a title place there. Don’t know if it still there though. I did see a listing for empty space that is available and they do say it is good for a medial office.

      The PNC, the cleaners, and the medical/social service (Capitol Breat Care I think) place are technically in that building but the entrance is at the street not the lobby. There may even be a pharmacy, a flower shop, and a chiropractor.

    • MiCoBa

      It’s the Penn Medical building and was a theater a few decades ago. It’s filled with mostly health professionals in a variety of specialties, a pharmacy and a flowers shop. It’s far from underutilized.

      • Anonymous

        I live a block away and never see anyone going in or out of these buildings. Same with other businesses on the street like the Edible Arrangements (and also the Sprint/Motophoto that is moving). It makes this block rather dead and uninviting. Fortunately now we have Sapore and District Taco bringing in some pedestrian traffic.

        • MiCoBa

          How much activity would you like to see outside a doctor’s office and at what times of day do you think a medical office building should be busy? If you have spare time feel free to stand outside the building with a counter for an 8 hour shift and count the people coming in. That might give you a little more accurate information about the utilization of the building. Or you could compare the usage there to a few other medical-office buildings so you don’t have to rely solely on your home address and schedule to determine the utilization of a building.

          • Anonymous

            I’m not concerned with utilization of the building but more about what those businesses, and others on this block, contribute to the neighborhood. 7th Street is always swarming with activity, but once you turn the corner you feel like you’re standing in front of an abandoned strip mall. As others have noted– it’s hard to tell whether these buildings are being used at all. I’m confident this block will be redeveloped over time, but at the moment it’s a prime chunk of real estate that doesn’t have much to attract people. Sapore has taken to posting a sign with an arrow at the corner of 7th and Pennsylvania because they’re not getting enough business from people just passing by.

          • Anonymous

            No one’s saying the medical offices should go away. Just that the pedestrian-level spaces should be better utilized. You’re talking about an area that’s across the street from a metro and several bus stops, around the corner from a popular tourist/visitor site, two blocks down from where a massive mixed-use building is being erected.

        • MiCoBa

          There could be a whole history and sociology less about the history of this one block, especially the penn medical building. How long have you lived in the neighborhood? You reference new stores as if there were nothing there before as if Yes Organic or Quiznos never existed on the block. Or as if Penn Medical building is a new structure or hasn’t been used as a medical-office building for at least 15 years. Who do you think eats at these places like District Taco, Sizzlin Express, the countless coffee shops and so forth during the day if the building or the building that holds the post office is not being utilized? Have you not seen the double parking in the morning of relatives or metro access dropping off patients? Did you see the flood of people leaving the building after the earthquake a few years ago? Do you expect a medical-office building to be jumping at 8 o’clock at night? Supposedly the tinted windows are there keep the lobby from heating up.

          • Anonymous

            I’ve been here since 2006. I care about my neighborhood and want to see smart growth, so it’s natural to identify areas where it could be improved. I don’t understand why this bothers you so much.

  • Anonymous

    I have a feeling MiCoBa is among the minority opposed to the Hine development too.


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