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  1. There was a lot of blood on the ground…

  2. wow I was in Giant when this happened.

  3. Here is another revealing video of the scene. Wow!

  4. Ya gotta have some balls to stab someone there at 7pm on a Saturday. There must have been a ton of people around!

  5. probably less balls… and more stupidity…

  6. From reddit:
    “I was getting food from there at the time. They were arguing at first, then they started throwing punches in the restaurant. Apparently, it had something to do with a spot in line, even though both of them had their food already (what is this world about!). After a few minutes and a few knocked over chairs, a security guard and a customer managed to separate the two and push one outside the door, while the other went to pick up his food (odd priorities?). The guy who was kicked out just waited for the other guy to come out of the store. They started fighting again outside of the store. I turned around to finish my order, and one of the guys was gone. Then everyone noticed a huge gash in his left forearm and blood dripping everywhere. Before I left, it looked like he was also bleeding under his right armpit. The guy kept walking around in circles complaining about the other guy after getting stabbed, which is why the blood was all over the place.
    Needless to say, I got to the metro as fast as I could. I just wanted a fucking burrito. I guess I’ll be going to go to the Verizon Center Chipotle from now on. They’re really generous with the meat, and to this day, I have yet to witness a stabbing there.”

  7. ‘Apparently, it had something to do with a spot in line, even though both of them had their food already (what is this world about!). ”

    I mean not to make light of a stabbing, but of course he’s going to pick up his food – getting the food more quickly was clearly at the foundation of this dispute!


  8. Lol. To be fair, don’t people who cut in line deserve to get stabbed? Line cutting should be a felony. If everyone cut in line, there would be chaos…

  9. I was walking by right after the stabbing occurred… the victim was more interested in who was going to pay for his Chipotle that had fallen on the ground than the copious amount of blood he was dripping on the sidewalk.

  10. Heh, “I just wanted a fucking burrito.” Sometimes I feel like this summarizes a day in the life of D.C.

  11. +1

  12. What subreddit? I didn’t see it on my usual reddit ventures…

  13. I believe it was /r/washingtondc/

    It’s pretty good, I read it most days.

  14. Gracias, reader! Will check it out!

  15. Yeah, because the Verizon Center NEVER has a bunch of shit bag loitering teens in it/leaning against it, generally making the situation not customer friendly.

    Try Cleveland Park, or Conn Ave by the Adams Morgan bridge. Less riff raff, just burritos and hipsters and shit.

    And can I suggest we change this title to; “Stabbing BECAUSE of Chipotle”? I mean, quit making that burrito so delicious and accessible and people might not get stabbed trying to line jump?

  16. Over it on Kenyon

    What is wrong with people? Maybe I’ve been an ICU nurse at the hospital down the street for too long, but we admit patients like this EVERY. SINGLE. WEEKEND. Members of the “knife and gun club,” as we affectionately call them, are usually young males with crazy a** friends and an oblivious grandma. More often than not, they’re intoxicated. They’re brought in all weekend by DC EMS and are sometimes so combative that we intubate them, heavily sedate them, and let them sleep it off. While these patients seem like they are (or have the capacity to be) decent people, being young and stupid and caring too much about what their like-minded peers think seem to be significant risk factors for ending up in my ICU any given weekend.

    I live on the 1300 block of Kenyon and am sorry to say I wasn’t surprised when I emerged from the Metro at 8pm to find this. Among my thoughts….”This is why we can’t have nice things.”…”…and so begins DC’s warm season”….”I predict there will be 200 comments about this on PoP.”

    Those things said, I hope the victim recovers without complications and that both parties don’t use this as an excuse to terrorize us with fallout violence in the coming weeks.

  17. Thank you for the work that you do. I imagine it must be demoralizing sometimes, but it is really important. I had a knife pulled on me on the metro for yelling at a guy who was choking his girlfriend/wife, so bystanders can get pulled into this insanity, too.

    There is a lot of really successful peacemaking/impulse control/deescalation curriculum that can be used by educators. It would be great if this stuff was universal. It goes without saying that one only has to look past the white-hot-rage for a brief moment to realize that attempted murder in front of dozens of witnesses over a burrito is not worth it.

    Cynics might sell the script that there is no hope, but I don’t buy it. Overall, we’re living in the most peaceful time per capita in human existence. In most conflicts, there are often two parties that can walk away, so these skills only need a 50% acceptance rate to make a real impact on street violence.

  18. Well I’m glad no one was killed. That was a LOT of blood.

  19. Dinner AND a show!

  20. The perfect summary.

    I happened to walk past around 9:00 and through the window, Chipotle seemed busy with a diverse group of people putting away their burritos.

    The pearl clutching about “nice things”–this is the city. Things happen. Actually they happen in the ‘burbs, too, perhaps less often, but they don’t “make the papers”. We can’t upset those folks who want to live in ignorance.

  21. What a dumb comment Rich.

  22. What a brave comment, “anonymous”.

  23. Rich, you are just as anonymous as the rest of us. Insinuating that “things happen” and that we should find them to be acceptable is just plain dumb and an often tired argument made on this forum. ‘We can’t upset those folks who want to live in ignorance”….What exactly is the point of making a comment like that?

  24. Well put, Anonymous 6:59.

    “Accept everything about D.C. exactly the way it is” vs. “move to [insert Virginia suburb here]” is a false binary.

  25. Flagging this for racist comment. And stupidity.

  26. That comment was indeed racist. But not stupid. Break down the statistics on race in stabbings in DC and one could make a racist conclusion. I happen to think it’s more class than race, but then racism is one cause of many in how folks end up in one class or another, so . . . .

  27. Mike on Kenyon

    It’s not just class. While poverty is certainly a contributing factor, there is a very specific thug culture in that segment of the local population which operates independently of class. As a control, take the relatively affluent parts of PG County and note that the crime rate is much higher than in areas of similar income with a different ethnic profile.

    DC’s pathology goes well beyond poverty. As evidence, note that the big, bad Bronx (majority Hispanic) has a much lower murder/violent crime rate than DC. (Indeed, a lower murder rate these days than Boston!)

  28. “Specific thug culture”? There’s nothing specific about what happened here; honor culture is old and ubiquitous, and violent retribution for perceived insults is at least Anglican, if not generally European or universal. It’s a wonder that we’ve generally gotten rid of it? Can you point out what’s unique – what’s specifically “black” about this incident that distinguishes it from the incident that killed the founding father on our $10 bills?

  29. Over it on Kenyon

    Civility and being able to leave my house without fear of being violated or witnessing someone else be violated are nice things to me.

  30. Hey, just because you throw down half a billion dollars in new stores and apartments in the middle of a raging ghetto with more than a thousand units of public housing within 3 square blocks of this chipotle, doesn’t make it downtown mclean VA.

    Expect more of the same now that the weather is on a warmer trend.

  31. Sooooo true! I can’t wait to see all the action this summer I’m sure it’ll keep us entertained.

  32. Stabbings “entertain” you? Nothing psychotic there.

  33. what’s downtown McLean?

  34. i called 911 after witnessing the actual stabbing… it was kind of disappointing, considering everyone seemed to be taking pictures instead of actually calling an ambulance. the chipotle employees seemed to be pretty on top of it, though – after he had calmed down, they were able to tie a towel on his arm to stop the bleeding.

  35. Gordon Shumway

    Chipotle seems to have a “custom” of encouraging people who just want chips and guac to go right to the front of the line. And quite frankly, when I’m waiting in a long-ass line for my dinner, I don’t really care that you “just want chips” and think it’s OK to cut in line. We’re all waiting for service, you’re not special, so get your ass to the back of the line. Chipotle needs to put a stop to this.

  36. So while some is taking 1-3 minutes customizing there burrito bowl, etc. with no one at the cash register, another person should have to wait when they could quickly take 30 seconds to get chips and guac? Makes sense.

  37. So you ARE that special little snowflake. Lot’s of “participation trophies” in your bedroom at Mommy and Daddy’s, I’ll bet. Please, feel free to go to the front of the line at any venue you see fit. Don’t bother to notice the other people waiting FOR EXACTLY THE SAME SERVICE YOU ARE. It definitely takes a rushed staff more than 30 seconds to prepare chips and dip, and in the meantime two people who politely and civilly waited their turn, and who you cut in line in front of, are ready to pay.

  38. Wow, you’re a world class asshole.

    They have chips in a bag and guac in prepackaged containers. So… yeah, it doesnt take long.

  39. The fact that you are advocating for equal treatment of all, regardless of the contents of one’s food order and the reletive cost it takes to serve it, leads me to believe you are the one with lots of participation trophies in your room. Jackass.

  40. You know what might settle this argument?… Knife fight!

  41. If you’re that offended by the chips/guac line slide, why don’t you complain to Chipolte corporate?

    Sharing your bizarre vitriol about child rearing on a random website is perhaps the most passive-aggressive way to address this issue I can think of.

  42. Men – ok, people – but really, mostly men – of all races, tribes etc. – get stupid, pissy, challenging and alpha busting all the time. As long as it’s just knives on each other – I’m fine with that – no bullets hitting innocent bystanders. It’s not cynical, just realistic. Stupid, but realistic.

    You’re watching “Vikings” and “Breaking Bad” now aren’t you, not “The home gardening hour,” or “Quilting Corner.”

  43. The sexist is flagging racist comments – awesome. Because fact-supported generalizations regarding gender is different than fact-supported generalizations regarding race. In hypocrite world, that is.

  44. There are exceptions, but the vast majority of violent crimes are done by men. You can’t argue that.

  45. And there are exceptions, but the vast majority of violent crime in this city is perpetrated by black people, you cant argue that.

  46. Sure, but I think it has more to do with poverty and class than race. However, the women who grow up in the same circumstances usually do not resort to violence.

  47. I agree with Anon 9:37 that class/income is more of a factor than race (in the aggregate–obviously, there are plenty of individual low-income people, some of my family being among them, who are perfectly law-abiding) in these types of criminal incidents. I also think (and keep meaning to look up Census data to back this up, when I have the time), that in DC it’s easy to get the illusion that crime is mostly a “black” thing because DC seems to lack a visible white population that’s in generational poverty–at least, compared to some other cities I’m familiar with, like Baltimore, Philadelphia, or Pittsburgh. I’d speculate that this might be because DC never really had much of an industrial base that drew rural and blue collar white migrants for jobs in the post-WWII period, who were then left adrift when the bottom dropped out of manufacturing (but I’d be curious to read more about the history of this).

  48. Since not all violent crimes are reported, you have no valid way of tracking which racial group commits more violent acts.

    If you want to talk about who gets *convicted*, that’s different. But you would actually have to, well, say that.

  49. Really? Are you aware of the actual statistics, statistician? Homicides have a pretty high reporting rate, given the dead body, and homicide offending and victimization rates have been almost an order of magnitude higher for black v. white for 30 years. And if you isolate black males, it is several orders or magnitude higher than for any other demographic group in the country.

  50. “There are exceptions, but the vast majority of violent crimes are done by men. You can’t argue that.”

    True, but you could argue that women don’t commit physical violence often because they have men to do it for them.

    Obviously, in many cases (like this one), there is not literally a woman directly involved. However, women contribute just a much as men to a social structure in which the ability to inflict violence is considered a male virtue and one that confers an evolutionary advantage.

  51. I work at this Chipotle and was working the front of the restaurant at the time this happened. I personally interacted with both parties just before they started fighting. Most of what people are saying about what happened is true, although from what I personally heard, the argument had to do with much more than a place in line. From what I observed, the two men knew each other before coming to our store; while in the line they went back and forth about a woman they both knew. At least one of them seemed to be intoxicated, if not both of them. After the stabbing, several of my coworkers attempted to help the victim, but he was too agitated to listen to what they were saying and because of that he nearly passed out.

    What is truly unfortunate about this situation is that more people than just the stabbing victim were hurt in the mix of all that happened. As their fight in the store began, many people had to jump out of the way, including parents who were trying to get their children out of the way. A family with a baby was seated less than ten feet from where the fight started and the parents had to shield their child from being hit by the men who clearly had no regard for the damage being done around them. After the man was taken away by ambulance, a family still inside the store tried to console a young girl, maybe 5 or 6, who had been pushed to the side to get out of the way and then saw the man get stabbed. I can’t imagine seeing these types of things at her age when seeing them at my own is hard enough.

    Needless to say, this event was extremely unfortunate and I hope that if nothing else it can serve as an example of how unnecessarily violence can get out of hand. The horrendous amount of blood on the ground is a testament to how quickly harsh words can turn into much more. While many comments on here are talking about being “entertained” throughout the warm summer months in Columbia Heights, I think we should instead be focusing on how to counteract this type of violence in the first place. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t want to see this happen again anytime soon.

  52. Such a shame. And people wonder why most, especially families, avoid areas like CH whenever possible. There’s just too high a concentration of garbage.

  53. I don’t think this problem is contained to CH. I witnessed a nasty fight break out at the 17th St McDonald’s a couple weeks ago, presumably over line-cutting. Two guys were telling an Indian fellow to “go back to Afghanistan” and tempers flared… I thought for sure that someone would pull a knife but there were a lot of bystanders that stepped in and kept the guys from killing each other.

  54. Based on my experience as a family man living three blocks away, this comment is incorrect and ignorant. Families don’t avoid CH; they flock to it. This crime is terrible, but it will take a lot more crime than this for me to give up the vibrancy of CH. You should have seen the crime when we moved here. It is getting better. It’s far from perfect, but I’m not looking for perfection — I’m looking for an engaging place to raise my kids. I think I’ve found that place.

  55. Agreed that CH is full of families.

    There are two parallel worlds there. Usually, they are on totally different time schedules. But even when they are not, they rarely implicate bystanders.

  56. seriously, where do you live that you think “families avoid areas like CH whenever possible?” Have you ever visited CH on a Saturday?

  57. Damn good point….. you don’t need a gun to harm innocent bystanders.

  58. We couldn’t even save Alexander Hamilton from a similar situation.

  59. I ALWAYS get my food to go from there (or any FF chain in CH for that matter). And if I have the time, order it online before hand so I don’t have to wait in that bloody line (no pun intended).

  60. lemme git uh burrito bow wit a side of VENgaNCe!

  61. That is sad my aunt told me bout this yesterday

  62. Chipotle’s food is to die for!

  63. Well actually, considering that the average burrito from Chipotle has three to four times the maximum daily recommended allowance of sodium, you are not too far off.

  64. sorry, sorry, sorry – I was using a calculator for people like me with borderline hypertension. For people without risk of high blood pressure, it still packs 1 1/2 to 2 times the daily rec allowance of sodium. Add chips and salsa, and it goes up, obviously.

  65. Cool. Fighting Season comes simultaneously to Afghanistan and D.C.

    What are the odds?


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