Baby Wale Coming to Shaw in June 2013

by Prince Of Petworth April 11, 2013 at 4:30 pm 17 Comments

1124 9th Street, NW

Back in Nov. 2012 we learned that a new restaurant called Baby Wale would be opening by the Convention Center at 1124 9th St, NW. There was a “Good Food Coming Soon Sign” posted for ages:

Nov. 2012

Thanks to a reader for letting me know that new signage had been posted announcing a June 2013 opening. Stay tuned!



  • Will the dress code be corduroy only?

  • ACinDC

    Is that Wale (wa-lay) as in the DC rapper, or Whale as in the giant sea creature?

    • Wales are what curdoroy is made up of, each ride is a wale. Baby wale is extremely fine. The rest of it is by wales/inch. Eight wale corduroy would be 8 ridges of corduroy in an inch.

      I don’t know of any other uses of the term, other than the rapper Wale.

      • ACinDC

        Huh. Learn something new every day. Thanks.

      • Anonymous

        I’m not obscurely smart enough for this place. I hope they recognize the name confusion locally and are okay with people who don’t know fabric calling it Baby Wah-lay

    • petworthian

      There’s a rapper named Wale? Never heard of him. I’m sure many many thousdands more people know that wale is a standard of measure on corduroy fabric. Oh, and if that’s how his name is pronounced then he needs some proper punctuation.

  • Anonymous

    Wale I’ll be damned!

  • Dno

    I know the name has gone through multiple iterations but the current one is awful. Unless, of course, it’s endorsed by Wale and not an obscure fabric reference.

  • ken b

    Whales think they are very important anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Just hope the owners realize how confusing this name will be to search on – because most people will probably go for Baby Whale, or maybe Baby Wails?
    Sure, it’s sort of precious (in a weird annoying way) but – oh hell with but – it’s annoyingly precious.

  • I think the name makes sense; the place is from the same owner as Corduroy, it’s right next door, and is supposed to be a less expensive option. I’m surprised how many people are unfamiliar with the wales of corduroy (as in wide-wale corduroy pants.. but maybe I’m dating myself :-). I’m looking forward to trying it out anyway (hope it really is a less expensive option in the area).

    • Anonymous

      I know lots of guys who liked to wax poetic about corduroy….they all ended up dating themselves (exclusively).

    • Seriously? I’ll date myself to the corduroy era and still know that wale – wide or narrow – is pretty specialized knowledge. Do you also know gaberdine, gingham, grosgrain, linsey woolsey, percale, jacquard, chenille?

      I don’t actually care if restaurants want to be twee – if you serve unique exceptional food at sensible prices with great service – better than the dozen great places within 3 blocks of my house (Columbia Heights) or the 100 places within one metro/circulator stop, well, then, I’ll certainly give you a try.

  • anon

    from the outward appearance of the building they won’t be opening in June…… unless they have most everything finished behind that piece of plywood… but glad they have goals! will look forward to eating here :)

    • Overlooker

      A friend whose condo overlooks the back says there has been a lot of work on the back and its getting close to being ready.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve noticed lately that corduroy pants have been making a comeback with the hipster crowd. I think it’s gross, but I guess that probably means I’m just old.

    But if this has nothing to do with corduroy fabric, then I guess congratulations are in order for the new daddy/rapper Wale :-)

  • HungryMan

    They were originally going to call it Velour. Tom Power seems to like fabric.


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