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Anyone Already Check Out Buffalo & Bergen in Union Market?

by Prince Of Petworth — December 20, 2012 at 12:00 pm 17 Comments

1309 5th St NE

Union Market’s website says:

After years spent dazzling the DC mixology scene, Gina Chersevani will be opening her own venture in Union Market. Enamored by the classic New York soda shops of yesteryear, Gina aims to bring her extreme and envied “mixtress” skills to the classics: egg creams, malts and phosphates. Her love of all things liquid promises to deliver an experience like nothing you’ve ever had before.

Anyone try them out yet? Besides the drinks – how are the knishes?

  • I had a potato and onion knish and I loved it! Although I will be the first to admit that I am not a knish expert. They have some really fun soda flavors as well.

  • anon

    We tried a couple of knishs there a few weeks ago. We thought they were not very good at all, especially for the price. We also thought the people working there could have been friendlier. We will not be going back.

  • ClevelandDave

    The knishes were ok but @ $5 each kinda expensive. The drinks we had are basically homemade seltzer with syrup. Again, ok but for the money I’ll buy a Sodastream and make ’em myself for a quarter. Not a totally fair comparison but that is what I thought. Great concept, not blown away by the execution or value.

    • Anonymous

      Isn’t everything expensive in Union Market?

      • anon

        No. Check out the meat counter and the produce stand in the back.

    • _

      That’s a completely fair comparison!

  • Anonymous

    I loved it. Fun, atmosphere. Casual but fancy if you know what I mean. My knish has a flakey crust and the potatoes, though substantial did not feel leaden or gluey. The onions kept the starches nuanced. I had a punch that pakced quite a punch and had a great date there.

  • Josh

    It’s great! Loved the knishes. The punch was excellent, of course, but it’s the egg creams that really shine.

  • CapitalAHartz

    YES! I was there a few weeks ago and had a DELICIOUS blueberry soda shake. Pricey? Yes. But a very good treat yo’self nonetheless.

  • dcgent

    I actually think the knishes are a decent value–my wife and I split a short rib one that was delicious (with chimichurri sauce on side). Gina and her waitress were uber-friendly so maybe anon caught them on a bad day. I wasn’t wowed by the chocolate egg creme–first time I had an egg cream and I think they’re an acquired taste. It’s not an everyday place but a fun part of grazing at union market.

  • NY Jew

    Expensive? $5 for a handmade knish is very fair, especially given the creativity and quality products put into these knishes. You will have to pay at least $3 for a knish from street cart in NYC that was machine produced, then frozen for a couple weeks, and defrosted earlier that morning. I will gladly pay $5, especially for the Reuben knish.

    Oh, yes ClevelandDave, that is exactly what a soda is, carbonated water and syrup, what were you expecting? Again, you are paying for the creativity and quality of the product.

    This place is awesome and I welcome any place that tackles a unique concept yet to be touched. Thank you B&B for having the vision to open up something beyond the generic and trendy (ie another cupcake shop or something to the likes of that).

    Now to try DGS Deli in Dupont….

    • DGS isn’t worth it by any stretch.

  • Anonymous

    I always thought egg cream, malt, and phosphate were the ingredients they listed on processed food before “xanthan gum.” Love me some xanthan gum!

  • Enjoyed the knishes. Gina was very friendly. (Though the dude serving us before she was behind the counter acted like he’d rather be waterboarded than take our order. Last week they weren’t set up for credit cards and it would have been great if he’d warned us about that before we ordered, too.) Love the Union Market atmosphere and I think this will do well.

  • Anonymous

    went there yesterday for lunch. Knishes are way too overpriced for $5 a pop. They were ok, nothing to rave about. As far as the sodas and drinks go, the prices are outrageous – daylight robbery if I may say so. $5 for flavored sodas. It’s just a soda!! I cannot justify in anyway paying $5 for soda water mixed with syrup, a 12oz drink.

  • Have been a few times, and they’ve been getting the kinks worked out, adding real glasses, getting their liquor license approved, will eventually sell some of their syrups. Service-wise, they’ve been pretty friendly, though occasionally flustered.

    Have only tried one knish (short rib), which was delicious. But their pineapple soda is to die for.

  • My brain keeps seeing this as Buffalo Mirken. . . sorry


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