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Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

by Prince Of Petworth January 17, 2013 at 10:00 am 59 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr member EBCinDC

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

  • TG

    This one’s for you beast. I can’t help but think that we just traded the heart and soul of the team.


    • l

      Agreed. I’m of the opinion that we had a good thing going last year; I don’t think they needed to make as many changes to the lineup as they did. We had a couple weak spots, but I was hoping the lineup would be mostly unchanged. Will miss Morse.

      • Anonymous

        Morse is a twice suspended for PEDS guy. He’s cant play the field and he has a year left on his deal. This is an excellent trade for the Nats.

  • Anon

    Rant: Looks like the heavy snow is going to stay south of us

    • Anonymous

      Boo hiss

  • Anonymous

    Rave: 2 other women & I (all of us strangers) had the best conversation on the red line this morning about men.

    • Florista

      Any revelations? I was just going to post a ‘man-rant,’ but will suspend action until I know more!

      • Anonymous

        Yes… It was a sociological based discussion of the a man’s roll vs a women’s roll, and the changes that have happened in the last couple hundred years. Part of it was a pity party for men & their weaknesses & an acknowledgment that men need men clubs to empower them like women have women clubs. Did I mention that the other 2 strangers and I all seemed to be strong, confident women? … But yes, part of the conversation was a man-rant where we all complained about some man in our life — the lazy husband (or ex-husband), the son that sleeps in, or the entitled relative.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Attention runners! I need some advice. I have been sick with a nasty cough and congestion since Christmas which has prevented me from running since Christmas Eve (8 miles). My first ever half-marathon is on February 24. Think I can prepare for it by then? Should I pull the plug? I’m hoping to get back on the road to running tonight.

    Any advice would be appreciated. I don’t care how brutal it is.

    • TG

      I would think that if you could run 8 miles on December 24 you can pull it together in time for the race. You have 5 weeks. I would ease back in week one and then increase mileage to be sure you have run at least 11 before the race. Then count on some race day adrenaline for the final two. I am running the rock n roll half in 9 weeks and have not been beyond 3 miles yet. The trick is to do one long run a week. You can’t skip the long runs and be prepared for that distance, in my view.

    • Anonymous

      No one can gauge your readiness, but you, and it depends on what base of training you had before hand. I’d say you’ll make it to the finish, but you might not run the whole way, and there may be a risk of shin splints. You need to get back out there. The key is to hydrate before and after, and the moment you’re done, switch to a dry shirt or shower, before you stretch or do anything else. Also, run into the wind to start, so you don’t get chilled once you’re sweaty.

    • If you were doing 8 miles comfortably on Xmas eve, you probably can do it. Just don’t push too hard out of the gate right now, as you don’t want to compromise your immune system and have your symptoms flare up and totally knock you out of the race.

    • I concur with what TG and Anonymous said. You can still do it, but be realistic about the shape you’re in. Ease up on your desired pace if you need to, you can even walk a bit. But make sure you’re not still sick first.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for all of the pointers everyone. Luckily I am not focusing on time so I don’t have that stress on me. It is part of my entire weight loss strategy to just finish a half marathon to say I did it. I will ease back into training this week and hope everything works out :)

  • RANT: Forgot my really nice Blunt umbrella on the subway yesterday in the melee of the Red Line clusterf#ck. I put the chances of it ending up in lost & found at 5%, but it’s worth a shot.

    • Nic

      Bummer, but remember: No one really owns an umbrella, yours is just on loan from the universe!

  • DF

    Rant: Hoping my best on getting out of Grand Jury service next week. Employer isn’t going to pay me for any lost time. Ugh.

  • zandunga

    Anyone ever used a doggy litter box? My 16 year old dog has been peeing all over my floors. I take her out every couple of hours but it doesn’t seem to be enough.

    • anon

      I am so sorry for this. I don’t know about doggies litter boxes. I’ve been having this problem with my nearly 18 year old dog too. First, when this first started with my dog, I took him to the vet and she gave him some meds that really helped for a while. Now it has stopped helping, so a trip to the vet might not hurt either.

      What I’ve done is I bought a 4 X 4 ft pen, then put a tarp down underneath it and tied it up a bit around the sides of it as a pen to put my dog in when I can’t watch him (at night and when I am gone during the day). He also has a dog walker. His food and a bed are also in there. The bed has a water proof liner on it (bought from Drs. Foster and Smith – it was on sale a few weeks ago). This set up gives him enough space to move around in (I didn’t want to crate him), but makes clean up a lot easier for me. It is still really hard to watch.

      If it is a male dog, look for a male “wrap”- much easier to deal with than diapers. They’ll work for the smaller pees. They basically just wrap around his mid section.

      Again, sorry this is happening. I wish you luck.

  • fedup

    Rant: I have a friend who makes all our conversations all about them. I want to swap stories and share experiences, but I’d love for this person to occasionally ask, “what’s going on with you?” and engage in a conversation about me for a change. I’ve called this person out on it before, but I don’t want to have to do it every time we talk.

    • Good for you for calling them on it. I’m guilty of doing this but try to remain conscious of it and ask questions of the other person. For whatever reason I find it easy to talk about myself so just assume that the other person does as well…which is usually not the case.

    • JB

      I feel like most of us have been in this situation at some point. I know that for me, it’s much tougher to be a good talker AND a good listener. It’s really a skill I had to consciously work at. My first question would be, how did you bring it up with them? Did you say, “This has been an issue for me throughout our friendship?”, or did you just say something like “Ok, my turn now!” I think it matters if they see it as something that’s a real concern for you in the friendship, and not just in that one conversation. The other question to ask yourself would be, is this person selfish and self-absorbed in other areas, or is it just this? Because it’d be one thing if they are just unaware that this is a problem, and another if they are just kind of an asshole.

  • Rant: Cops who don’t do their jobs, pretend that they’re on a call, and just sit there getting fat in their squad car eating chips. You’re fat ass needs the exercise officer, get out of your vehicle and do your damn job.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve resolved not to complain anymore about the cops who do that near the Eastern Market metro, because one of them was actually helpful last night. After a car nearly mowed me down in the crosswalk a cop saw it happen and promptly pulled the driver over.

    • C3PO

      How do you know they’re not taking a break to which they’re entitled?

      • Anonymous

        They must get really long breaks, then.

  • Britt

    Rave: Awesome advice from Popville for London trip. I cannot wait!
    Rave: Great night at the barn last night – so glad to get out a ride even when the weather isn’t so great.
    Rant: Body sore – I think from working out harder and also a bit from the weather. I wish I could get my butt to a chiropractor to straighten things out but I just have not prioritized it…
    Rave: Crossing some other things off of my to-do list today. It’s good to be productive. Now if only each response to my tasks didn’t involve another task to respond…

    • anon

      If you don’t mind my asking, where do you ride? I rode a lot when I was younger and have been hoping to resume.

      • Honey Badger

        I’m not Britt (obviously), but I also ride in the area. I ride at Rock Creek Park Horse Center. I’ve been riding there for awhile and love it!

        • Anonymous

          Thanks for the info! I tried RCPHC (it’s close to my apt), but there was no availability for the winter term. I may try again in the spring.

      • Britt

        I ride up at Reddemeade Farm in Silver Spring (technically but it’s farther out than downtown Silver Spring) – I really enjoy it!

      • anongardener

        Hi there, another rider here. I ride at a small farm in Burtonsville, MD. You should check the ads in the Equiery (google it, they are online) or on craigslist. Lots of options out there! I found my place on craigslist – i’ve been riding there for about 3 years and love it.

        • Anonymous

          Thanks; I don’t have a car at the moment, so my options are probably pretty limited. I’m not sure I want to assume the cost of taxis on top of lessons.

          • Anonymous

            Zipcar might be a better option than a taxi….

          • Britt

            I don’t have a car either – I take the metro out to Glenmont and then take a zipcar 15 minutes to the barn. It stinks to have to pay while it sits but it works for me! Also, I’ve met great people at Reddemeade and they’ll let me hitch a ride or pick me up.
            Reddemeade has a free lesson every Saturday so check it out – I love the barn, the people, and the horses.

  • Anonymous

    Hey pop!
    Can you make the Recent Comments section in the margin include more comments?

  • Rave: yesterday it was announced that I was one of the winners of the annual photo contest of another blog :) for the third time in a row.
    Rave: very special gratitude to the person who helped me choose the photos to submit.
    Rave: http://www.flickr.com/photos/benavente/8348506895/

    • Caroline

      I had a good feeling about this year and I’m bummed that I didn’t win. But as with other years I have to admit that all the winning photos were better than mine. I’m determined to make it into the 2014 lineup though!

      • Anon

        Personally I am not going to waste my money on trying anymore. Congrats to everyone who made it in the show though!

  • Rave: Had an unexpected but lovely conversation with a man last night who’s lived in Takoma Park for as long as I’ve been alive–learned a lot of history about my new digs.

    Rant: People on the metro who don’t scootch over to their side of the seat-line when someone sits next to them.

    Double rant: People on the metro who strike up politically charged conversations with strangers. No, I don’t care about your views about guns and what it means for my generation. And yes, I noticed that you happened to bring up this conversation *right before* your stop, so if I *happened* to disagree with you which you must have assumed would be the case, you’d be able to dart away from the conversation you started.

    Rant: Where’s this snow you all have been talking about? You know, that snow that the feds got to take off as unscheduled leave for?

  • anonymous

    Rent Control Question:

    I’ve been living in an apartment on the Hill for a few years. Since that time, we have had annual increases each year. I discovered that my most recent increase places my rent above the market price that is being charged to new renters. Is this legal (even if the landlord legally increased the rent in accordance with the CPI formula they are supposed to use)? I know most economists believe rent control is an inherently lousy proposition, but it just seems wrong that I’m actually paying more to live in my apartment than someone who might start renting the same thing next door tomorrow (Meanwhile, we’ve got folks paying a LOT less than some of us because they have been living there for 30 years)…..

    • Anonymous

      C’mon popville, enough with the “is it legal” first question.

      Call your landlord. Exactly this happened to me a few months ago, and I called and pointed out that it seemed unfair for an existing tenant (who they know pays rent on time, isn’t going to damage the place, etc.) to pay more than a new tenant (moving into a clean unit with fresh paint, etc.), especially given the cost of having a unit vacant during turnover. My landlord said, “hmmmn, you’re right, ignore the rent increase notice.” No need to call in the legal team.

      But yes, it is legal.

      • anonymous

        Thanks for the reply. I did indeed send my landlord an email about this issue two days ago. He normally responds very quickly, but he seems to be sitting on this email (which prompted my question about the legality of charging tenants more than the market rate)… Will probably send a follow-up question, though, because I want to know the official word on this!

  • Rant: Woke up with laryngitis. Naturally NPR had a story about flu than mentioned laryngitis as a symptom of one type. Since I’m a hypochondriac my brain goes straight to death.

    Rave: Working from home!

    Rave: Have a routine Dr.’s appointment today, I’ll get a professional to tell my hypochondriac 1/2 that I’m not dying & probably don’t have the flu since I feel fine.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone have a recommendation for an acupuncturist?

  • Rant: Miss working in a small non-profit where it was perfectly acceptable to wear my Converse all day. And casual Fridays! Miss those, too.

    Rave: DO NOT miss working for a dysfunctional organization and a boss who hates me. My department is AWESOME!

    Rant: Where is the SNOW?!?

    Rave: Going to the Caps practice at the Verizon Center tonight!

    Rant: Good communication with the roommates last night about who is/isn’t moving out and when. Sadly, I’m still undecided.

  • Rant: Christmas Trees. Everywhere. When, if ever, will DC pick them up?

    Rant: litter in general, and I partly blame the trash pick up. I watched them pick up the trash the other day on my walk to the metro and a good amount of the trash fell out of the can while they emptied it in to the truck and they just left it there. Our corner (11th and P) has a bus stop, the sidewalk is filled with trash, much of it from the gross Chinese take out on the corner. I’ve thought about sweeping it to right in front of their door one Saturday AM. I mean, it’s usually their containers.

    I really don’t know what to do about it other than hope that corner gets torn down soon.

    • Yeah, there are a bunch of trees on my street that haven’t been picked up.

      As I was saying in the Christmas tree disposal thread from 12/28/12 (https://www.popville.com/2012/12/christmas-tree-curbside-pick-up-info/ ), it seemed like DPW was issuing conflicting guidance about where people were supposed to put their trees.

      Now it looks like they’ve standardized it to “curb” — the link that said on 12/28 for people to “place the greenery where you place your trash and recycling for collection” now says “place the greenery at the curb for collection”: http://dpw.dc.gov/DC/DPW/Services+on+Your+Block/Leaf+Collection/Leaf+Collection+-+Holiday+Tree+Collection

      I think several of the trees on my street were placed on the curb after the January 6 cutoff date, but at least one tree was on the curb before then. So it seems like at least that one should’ve been picked up, even if none of the others were.

      • Many of them in our hood have been there for over 2 weeks at this point…sigh…

      • Toss that Tree

        However, a lot of people forget or don’t realize that the City will not pick up any tree just because it’s on the curb (or in the tree box) – they will only pick up trees from addresses where they also pick up garbage and recycling. If the tree owner gets trash and recycling pick-up from a private company (this is true for multi-unti buildings of more than four units) then the tree owner has to find out what tree pick up the private company provides.

  • jem

    Rant: Washington Gas. They are the absolute worst. In mid-October I was arranging my move and went online to indicate that I was moving. They had all my contact info and even sent someone out on Nov 1 (my move date) to make sure my gas was turned on. Then, I never received a bill. I called them in December and was told they had no idea someone new had moved in to the unit (obviously untrue) so they had no idea to bill someone new. I went through the whole process of getting an account set up and was told I would soon receive a bill. And, I never did. I called them again two weeks ago and was again told I didn’t have an account but that one would be established for me, the reading would be taken on Jan 10, and I would receive the bill by this Monday. It’s now Thursday and I never received the bill. I called them AGAIN and found out I still don’t have an account. I have spoken to multiple layers of supervisors. This has wasted literally hours of my life. I’m now being told they will get an account established for me (I’ll believe it when I see it) but that they can’t generate a bill until the next reading is taken in Feb. That means I will get one bill for 3+ months of service. It’s not like I’m rolling in cash and can just easily come up with a big chunk of money at once because they refuse to bill me in a timely fashion. I’ve also been told there’s a $37+ fee for them to establish the account which will be billed to me in addition to all the service. It seems completely unreasonable for them to charge me a fee to establish an account so they can bill me. It’s like I have to pay to become their customer. At what point have I done my due diligence and can stop hounding them for a bill??? At some point, doesn’t it become their responsibility to track me down if they want to get paid?

    • Oftentimes it’s difficult to establish the point at which you’ve satisfied your due diligence obligations and where it becomes some third party’s (here, Wash. Gas) responsibility to track you down if it wants to get paid. Luckily for you, you’ve clearly crossed that point here. Good luck with the free gas.

  • therpist

    question: anyone have any recommendations for a good physical therapist who is willing to make at home visits? Need help learning how to walk again after having surgery. Have had in patient care at NRH for a month but since being discharged, progress has slowed. Wanting to pay out of pocket (since insurance is being slow) but not a crazy amount, definitely willing to work on costs though.

    Any recommendations welcome! Thanks PoPers!


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