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PoP Preview: Mari Vanna Russian Restaurant Now Open in Dupont

by Prince Of Petworth January 17, 2013 at 10:30 am 15 Comments

1141 Connecticut Avenue, NW

From a press release:

The three-level restaurant offers home-style Russian cuisine in a tea party-meets-grandma’s house ambiance. Unlike any other location, the venue features an open-air kitchen, bedecked in red and white tiles and old Russian tchotchkes. Additionally, what sets Mari Vanna DC apart from its four world-wide sister locations is its cozy, third level, private cocktail lounge.

Happy hour will start today at 4pm, with dinner service starting promptly at 5pm. Washingtonians can expect to enjoy a classic Russian menu, featuring items such as; Pirozhok (small Russian pies stuff with meat, cabbage or eggs), Homemade Blinis (Russian style crepes with red caviar and sour cream), the Vinegret salad (refreshing red beets, diced roasted potato, diced roasted carrots, sunflower oil and more), the Salo plate (a traditional assortment of salt cured pork fatback with rye toast, onion and homemade Russian mustard), and the Beef Stroganoff (fillet mignon strips in creamy sauce, served with buckwheat kasha and roasted onions), among others delectable dishes.

For those unfamiliar with the restaurant you can read more about the background of Mari Vanna here. This is the spot where “the interior will be reminiscent of an old-time babushka parlor”.

I was able to attend a preview last night and was blown away by the space – have a look:

For an idea of their menu you can see their NYC menu here. Their DC website is currently under construction.

See tons of photos of all three floors after the jump.

Second floor

Third floor

First floor

First floor open kitchen

  • DF

    Wow, what a beautiful restaurant! Not a huge fan of the menu, but will likely check it out eventually.

  • TG

    That looks incredible.

    • My thoughts exactly

      • Anonymous

        Mine too. I feel like I haven’t had a reason to go out to Dupont in YEARS, but I’d make the trip to hang out in this spot for a couple hours.

        • James

          Really? Years? You must live under a rock.

          • Anonymous

            Why, what is there to go to these days?

          • Anonymous

            How is that living under a rock? Can you honestly say you’ve been to every neighborhood in the DC area in the past year?

  • Josh

    ooh, can’t wait to try the $8.00 lemonade!

  • Yakoff

    In Soviet Union, restaurant eats YOU!

    • That Guy


  • dcgent

    Visited last week when only bar was going–missed Ovi by a few hours sadly!–and staff were very friendly (offering free shots of infused vodka). But seems more like a novelty place we’d only go to once or twice.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been there twice now for their happy hour previews and both times they’ve been serving one free infused vodka shot, with additional ones at a HH price of $5.

  • Ginza project owns a ton of restaurants in Moscow, some of them very good. I’d definitely check this place out.

  • Anonymous

    It would be helpful if they (or someone else) would explain precisely what “old-time babushka parlor” means.

    • WalbridgeGuy

      “Babushka” is Russian for grandma but also means any old lady, especially with the traditional Russian head scarf. I’d assume the style of a babushka parlor is simply a sitting room decorated in a somewhat old-fashioned Russian style that might be favored by the little Russian babushka. The Russian equivalent of what would probably be called Country Style here.


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