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Judging Restaurants – The Pig

by Prince Of Petworth January 2, 2013 at 12:00 pm 35 Comments

1320 14th St, NW

The Pig opened up back in May 2012 in the former original Rollin Cycles space. Their website says:

We serve handcrafted food & drink, pork centric and respect the whole animal. We are local and seasonal and feature vegetables from our farm in La Plata MD. Our plates are designed for sharing and are inspired by rustic dishes from around the world. We create unique cocktails and offer American craft beers and eco-friendly wines. We strive to challenge and comfort you.

You can see their menus here.

Any fans?

  • Anonymous

    We first went to The Pig after reading really good reviews on Bitches Who Brunch, and hearing that their veggie options were pretty impressive. My boyfriend loves meat and I love vegetables, and surprisingly, The Pig knocks it out of the park. Obviously their meat dishes are wonderful, especially the pulled pork but so is the beet salad (best I’ve had so far) and seasonal greens. Sometimes we even get 2 orders of each! They did a great job.

  • WalbridgeGuy

    I went about a month ago for the first time and loved it. Split 4 or 5 items with my brother and they were all great, especially the charred belly. I will say though the restaurant was incredibly loud… I’ve heard some restaurants do this deliberately to drive off fogeys, but I thought it was deafening and I’m pretty sure I’m target demo for a place like this.

  • Eb

    Went here with some girlfriends for dinner. We ordered nearly everything that wasn’t brains or offal. The charred belly and braised cheek were amazing (we got a second order of the braised cheek) as were the chickpeas and the potato salad. I found the pulled pork to be vinegary, but some people like their bbq that way. The cocktails were great, too. Service was just ok, nothing special.

  • Anonymous

    I went with three others and we all thought it was pretty good. I’ll be going back at some point.

  • Better than the other EatWell places…. though, part of our meal was MIA and finally arrived to the table 20 minutes later. The waiter acted offended that I didn’t want it anymore.

    My friends and I had a nice chuckle that the pen the server gave us to sign our charge slips was “stolen from the DC Eagle”…. real classy.

    • Pig Boy

      Maybe the server got it from a pig bottom at the Eagle?

      • Anonymous

        Squeeel like a pig, boy! Squeeeeeel!

  • bb

    A little precious, but the food was good. I’d prefer larger portions instead of small plates.

    • roccocco

      Does “precious” here mean small? I see precious and preciousness being used a lot more lately but don’t understand what its new definition means other than being Wes Anderson movie-like, which seems insufficient here.

  • jugs

    been there twice for brunch and dinner, great service and great food both times! my girlfriend and I did notice that 90% of the waitresses had HUGE chests! i dont know if this is a happy mistake or a tactic 🙂

    • Mister Sister

      And what a great thing to have in a largely gay neighborhood!

      • Anonymous

        Maybe in the 1990s-2000s. Most gay I know do not live in DuPont anymore.

        • anon

          I believe Mister Sister was referring not to Dupont but to the Logan Circle area, which is where the Pig is located (at 1320 14th St. NW).

          • Mister Sister

            That would be correct, anon.

          • Anonymous

            Also not nearly as “gay” as it was not too long ago.

          • roccocco

            I hope the men’s parties don’t still happen where that guy fell down the stairs a few years ago. That sounded like the scariest place imaginable.

    • Chris in Eckington

      Maybe they are the owner’s daughters.

    • Anonymous

      JERRY: Beside that. Look at the waitresses.

      ELAINE: Yeah? (we see that all the waitresses have big breasts)

      JERRY: What physical characteristic would you say is common to all of them?

      ELAINE: Ah…

      JERRY: I mean look at this. Every waitress working here has the same proportions. Wouldn’t you say?

      ELAINE: Yes, I would say.

      JERRY: What’s going on here. How is that possible?

      ELAINE: Do you think it’s a coincidence?

      JERRY: No. I haven’t seen four women like this together outside of a Russ Meyer film

  • Picky eater

    I’m in the minority so far. I liked the concept but the food was unbearably salty. The cocktails, however, were delicious and worth a stop at the bar just on their own.

    • You’d figure a place called “The Pig” would have more kosher/halal options.

    • Rich

      I second the “too salty”. Basically, overpriced and mediocre like the other Eatwells.

  • sherman

    So reading comments above, perhaps I mis-ordered. I went for brunch once and ordered the eggs benedict. My gf had an omelet. We both thought our food was positively awful, and thus have not been back since. Additionally, the house bloody mary tasted much too like an herb garden for my taste.

    But given the love folks have given it above, what would y’all suggest ordering? Any dishes that are great? I’d like to enjoy the restaurant, so perhaps a second trip is in order.

    • Brett327

      Why in the world would you go to a place that specializes in esoteric pork offerings, then get garden variety brunch food? First rule of eating out: If he specialty of the house is pork, get the fucking pork.

  • Anonymous

    Been twice. One of the better new restaurants around right now. The beet salad was fantastic. The rabbit and fried green tomatoes was tasty, but far too oily. Wild boar spoonbread was another good one. Can’t remember off the top of my head what else I had, but the fact that I went twice in under two months says a lot!

  • anonymous

    I went twice when it first opened (once for brunch and once for dinner) and loved it! However I recently went back for brunch and was disappointed. I had to wait a really long time for my food. It was after the brunch rush and the restaurant wasn’t too busy but it still took like 45 minutes. And then my food was burnt. It was so burnt I couldn’t eat most of it. I hardly ever complain at restaurants or send food back, but I couldn’t eat it. I am hoping that this was a fluke and they just had an inexperience line cook. I plan to give it another shot.

  • The Pig is pretty good. Went a few weeks ago right when dinner service started. I didn’t try any of the cocktails, but did have the rabbit which was tasty. I have to say, though, that the Fried Green Tomatoes were tasteless. Scratch that, they had a taste, but the taste was just deep fried breading. I’m giving them a pass on it because tomatoes aren’t really in season anymore, so maybe that was the reason. But, then again, I’ve had fried green tomatoes at other places in the city and they’ve all been pretty bland.

    Overall, though, I liked the food and the service was pretty good (though, I can’t say I’ve had particularly bad service at many of the neighborhood’s restaurants).

  • Matt

    Went for brunch and thought that the portion sizes were odd. My meal was probably three times the size of the one my girlfriend ordered, and they were about the same price. I liked the food, but it was odd.

    The other issue they have is their inability to accept walk-ins early in the night when they are “booked” but have a virtually empty restaurant. If the restaurant is empty, and you tell me I have to wait 40 minutes, then you are not plannig properly.

  • We’ve been a couple of times, and we generally eat at the bar, where service is really good. Definitely the best of the EatWell restaurants, too. I don’t think we’ve ordered anything we didn’t like, and a few things (like the mac and cheese) are just outstanding.

  • So good. So good. So good. I’ve been there twice – once for dinner, once for brunch. For dinner, we sat at the bar, had awesome, friendly service from an Irish bartender and enjoyed several cocktails and small plates. The standout dishes were the pig eared salad with charred arugula and the mushrooms with beurre blanc sauce. I remember the cassoulet being damn good too. For brunch, we found the place way less crowded but still delicious. I had the braised cheek with grits, which was porky comfort on a plate, and my in-laws had various sandwiches, which all had rave reviews. We all agreed the food was better than it needed to be, and service seemed just as excited about the food as we were.

  • I’ve been to The Pig several times, all for dinner. I have greatly enjoyed most of their offerings, with the exception of the pulled pork (too spicy & vinagary for me) and the mac and cheese (not flavorful enough.) I absolutely adore the wild boar ragu, the boar spoonbread, the cheeks, cauliflower (when on special) and the crispy pig ear salad. The drinks I have found are actually a little more underwhelming. Anytime I’ve gotten a drink on the rocks, I find it tasting almost too watery, not strong at all. Like there is barely any liquor in it. Their few drinks which are served up are much, much better, though one of them, their house manhattan, is $17! But overall, I really like The Pig.

  • Have been there 4 times (once at the bar). Good prices, creative menu and the service was good. I give it a gold star.

  • Anonymous

    EatwellDC is so over-rated. For whatever reason, there is a great buzz about those restaurants, yet none of them do anything memorable. Very Applebee’s-esque. Very average stuff. One of those DC phenomenons where the herd mentality is activated. One says its good and the second follows and so forth. Then again, most Yelpers have no clue what they are talking about. Just average. Don’t waste your time or money.

    • “Applebee’s-esque”?

      Have you actually been to The Pig, or are you commenting on EatWell restaurants in general? Because this one is very different than the others, conceptually and menu-wise. I’d suggest you give it a try.

    • Rococo

      Please continue to avoid Commissary, the best all around restaurant in the neighborhood.

  • I live on the block and am thrilled to have The Pig so close by! There’s a good variety of flavors/textures on the menu, and some non-pork options. Their charcuterie plate is amazing, and I also really enjoy the cheek and BBQ/mac & cheese. The fried green tomatoes were better when tomatoes were in season, but overall I’ve never been truly disappointed with anything I’ve ordered there.

    I typically sit at the bar to eat, and service has ranged from terrible to great depending on the bartender. Specialty drinks are tasty, and the quick bread refills are another plus of sitting at the bar.


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