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Lowe’s Coming to Shops at Dakota Crossing

by Prince Of Petworth January 2, 2013 at 11:30 am 41 Comments

Site plan courtesy CBRE

The CBRE website says:

Washington, DC’s long anticipated retail development, The Shops at Dakota Crossing, will offer destination retail shopping to the historically underserved District neighborhoods and the adjacent Maryland suburbs. Its strategic location on New York Avenue/Route 50 at South Dakota Avenue in the northeast area of Washington, DC, provides excellent visibility and easy access to an impressive 100,000 vehicles per day. The Shops at Dakota Crossing is known as “The Gateway to Washington.” Retailers will benefit from the enormous regional draw of industry leader Costco, as well as one of the area’s top grocers, Shoppers Food. A strategic mix of national, regional and local retailers and restaurants will be located in the walkable “main street” area of the center with easy access to the adjacent Fort Lincoln neighborhood – one of the most vibrant and successful residential communities in the area. The Shops at Dakota Crossing’s beautifully landscaped open spaces, public plazas and outdoor seating areas, as well as convenient surface parking, create the perfect blend of a highly desirable neighborhood environment with the strong regional draw of the country’s top retailers.

Dakota Crossing Site Plan (PDF)

We talked about Costco opening back in November.

WBJ’s Michael Neibauer breaks the news about Lowe’s:

Multiple sources familiar with the deal say Charlotte, N.C.-based Lowe’s Cos. Inc. (NYSE: LOW) will occupy a 130,000-square-foot building at 33rd Street and South Dakota Avenue NE. Target was, until late 2011, slated to occupy 136,000 square feet on the same parcel. But Target backed out, and it has taken some time to find a replacement anchor.

Anyone prefer Lowe’s to Home Depot?

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  • Joe M

    “Excellent visibility” is an understatement! That retaining wall by Cosco is the biggest eyesore of all time. It makes this gateway to the District UGLY.

    • Area Man

      I agree with you, but think of it in the other direction. They should put a gigantic sign on that retaining wall that says “Gateway to Suburbia”, tilted toward the eastbound lanes of traffic, of course.

    • John M

      Fort Costco

  • kstanon

    If we need any sort of help, we make the trip to the Lowes in Alexandria – the employees are very knowledgable. The Home Depot in D.C. has weak reviews for the staff – hopefully this new Lowes will do a better job. One can hope…

    We also do prefer the selection at Lowes to HD, so all in all this is great news.

  • Anonymous

    Well, the Lowes can’t possibly be any worse than the NY AVE Home Depot.

    • anon

      This is what I’m thinking.

      I don’t have a whole lot of experience with Lowe’s (as a result of not having lived near a Lowe’s location in a long time), but when I’ve ordered appliances from them, they seemed good.

      I’m looking forward to having an alternative to the Rhode Island Ave. Home Depot, and maybe having some local big-box competition will force that Home Depot to step up its game with regard to customer service, etc.

  • AMDCer

    I bought all my kitchen appliances from the Lowe’s in New Carrollton, and received EXCELLENT customer service, while I’ve never gotten great service at Home Depot. I don’t know if that level of service is company-wide or site specific, but I look forward to having an alternative to the RI Ave HD.

    • I’ve had great service at almost every other Home Depot. The Hood Depot is just horrific.

  • Anonymous

    I prefer Lowes. I live only 10 minutes from the Home depot in NorthEast but drive the extra 20 minutes to Lowes on Route 1. I think Lowes has a much better selection and the staff, by far — not even close, is superior to Home Depot.

  • Anonymous

    An option other than Home Depot on Rhode Island Ave is a benefit to us all.

  • Anonymous

    You know what woul be really cool? If they opened a High’s next door to a Lowe’s.

  • I’ve always gotten good customer service at the NY Avenue Home Depot, but having competition is a good thing.

    • Sorry, not NY Ave. I meant Rhode Island Ave.

  • Area Man

    Looks like a concrete monument to surface parking.

  • Anon

    At the Rhode Island HD, I asked an employee where I could find a particular product, he said “I don’t know mon, it’s a big store”, he followed that up with “I try to do as little as possible around here, mon”. As well, everything in that store looks like it was run over by the truck that brought it in.

    So I usually take the drive to Lowes on Rt. 1, since I prefer Lowes anyway, plus there is a HD one mile past the Lowes if you don’t find what you are looking for. Happy to see a Lowe’s come in to South Dakota Ave. as long as it has better management and employees than the HD on Rhode Island.

    • Where is the Lowe’s on Route 1 — is it outside the Beltway?

      • Jason M

        No, it’s about halfway between 95 and Ft. Belvoir.

      • CA

        Yes, outside the beltway. It’s past College Park before Laurel, MD.

      • Ahh, OK. Thanks for the info!

        I think the two of you are talking about two different outside-the-Beltway Lowe’s (Lowe’ses?) on Route 1 — one that must be around Beltsville, MD and one that sounds like it’s in southern Alexandria.

        I think I’ve actually been to the southern Alexandria one, but it was kind of a hike from NW DC.

  • If the local hardware store doesn’t have what I need, which — except for building supplies — is unusual, I’d rather go to a Lowe’s than a Home Depot, especially the NY Ave HD.

  • Ace & Tru Value >>>>>>>>>>> Home Depot >>> Lowe’s.

    Honestly, other than big appliance purchases and maybe ceiling fans, there are few reasons to visit either chain over one of the local guys.

    • Tom

      The making of parking damn near impossible to find is usually at the top of my list.

    • C3PO

      This isn’t correct regarding the gardening section, which at the smaller/local stores is more expensive and not as well stocked in general. They may have a few more exotic plants that will lead me there and prompt me to spend $6 on a pot of annuals, but I won’t do that for the basic stuff (and no, the plants purchased for more money do not necessarily equal better stock).

  • Anonymous

    I have been ripped off multiple times by Rhode Island Ave Home Depot & the customer service is horrible. Hyattsville is not much better. First time I went there I saw a rat in the store…. this will be a welcome addition.

    • Anonymous

      A rat? In a warehouse? Horrors.

      I agree that the customer service is weak, but c’mon… complaining about a rat in a giant store with huge doors that are open all the time and a million tiny hiding places makes you sound precious and lame.

      • I think I’ve seen mice in Home Depot before — apparently they like to eat the grass seed in the outdoor section — but like the earlier Anonymous, I’d be surprised and a little grossed out to see a rat.

        • Rich

          HD, generally, has had horrible to non-existent customer service across the chain since about the time their earnings took a small tumble about 10 years ago. They slashed staffing and lost their better people. Even in their backyard in ATL (where I used to live), they were awful and Lowe’s was welcomed. Lowe’s is not what it once was, though. I had a terrible experience trying to buy blinds at the one in Alexandria a couple years ago. Took forever to get any help and it was someone who didn’t know the merchandise. Prior experiences had been much better. Difficult to find help at the one in Gaithersburg.

  • Alon

    Lowe’s has a superior staff compared to HD, but their prices are on average 20% higher. Superior staff costs more money therefore the 20% price difference. You get what you pay for:-)

    • Anonymous

      Where do you get the 20% number? Do you have examples to back up your assessment? Ive always found prices to be almost exact on everthing I have priced.

      • Alon


        I’ve been a professional builder for 15+ years in the DMV area, it widely known among those that build for a living that Lowe’s is pricier (20% + or – 5%) than Home Depot. Keep in mind, my trips to HD are for building supplies, fixtures, and professional grade tools. I know nothing about Lowe’s pricing of Christmas lawn ornaments and celebrity chef interior paints. Cheers!

    • Anonymous

      Wrong! Prices are the same!

  • Anon

    I generally prefer Home Depot, but I will certainly take the Lowes if they are any better than the “Ghetto Depot” on RI Ave. That place is simply awful. It got so bad, that I started driving to the Home Depot in Alexandria to get my things rather than go to the RI Ave one.

  • Tom

    Definitely prefer Lowe’s to Home Depot. The only real thing Home Depot had going for it for years was the unbelievably spot-on name. I have had all kinds of customer service problems with them, but unlike many here…the one on Rhode Island is one of the cleaner stores I’ve seen, with some of the nicer employees.

    I also once talked to one of the employees at Lowe’s on Route 1 in Alexandria expressing my problem with customer service at Home Depot. He said at Lowe’s they are encouraged to stop stocking occasionally and go out specifically to help customers.

  • Michael

    Frager’s is and always will be the best hardware store in DC, but for certain things like landscaping supplies and appliances this is good news. To beat a dead horse, the Home Depot in NE is atrocious.

    • C3PO

      I understand that it has a very loyal customer base, and that it does have an assortment of neat things that Lowe’s won’t ever have, but if you’re pregnant, shopping with kids, elderly, disabled, carrying alot of stuff, or just don’t like to deal with ridiculously narrow and crowded aisles, Fragers is not the best store in the District.

  • AR

    Definitely excited to read this. Lowe’s > Home Despot any day.

  • MJB
  • SingLikeSassy

    Why did Target back out? Also, I always go to the PG Plaza Home Depot and have had no problems at all.

    • Webster

      Agreed, the Hyattsville Home Depot is pretty great compared to the RI Ave one-the employees are willing to acknowledge your presence. Plus, it’s really only 10-12 minutes away from the RI ave one. Almost equidistant if your coming from Petworth. You don’t have to risk life and limb in the parking lot either.

  • mjb
  • I just hope they put in signage soon in that area. I went to the Costco last week for the first time and got hopelessly lost coming out of the parking lot trying to get onto 50 West.


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