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by Prince Of Petworth — April 29, 2009 at 11:45 pm 22 Comments

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I know there are lots of bike supporters out there so I thought this might be of interest. A buddy of mine who is an avid biker was trying to getting his bike fixed but there were huge lines at all of his usual stomping grounds. He had heard that there was a spot somewhere on 14th Street that fixes bikes. And indeed there is – Rollin Cycles located at 1320 14th Street (south of P Street). They have bike sales, repairs, and rentals. He says that there is a lot less attitude here than at other spots. And of course you can rent a movie while you’re there!

  • Anonymous

    this place is awesome!! Special mention to Omar – he is a cutie and is really with bikes. The people there are always nice in general!

  • Anonymous

    The legitimacy of this place kind of freaks me out. Are they reliable with bicycles? (If I take my bike to get fixed there, will it really get fixed properly?)

  • Does less ‘tude mean they’ll actually attempt to fix my crappy 3 speed? Not just turn their nose like some other nearby bike shop.

  • jm

    I love this place. I needed a new wheel asap and was at the Bike Rack a few blocks north, which generally doesn’t have fixed gear parts in stock and was going to have to order one for me. I walked out and a shady-looking man yelled out of his truck: “you need a track wheel? just go to Video 2000!” since he recognized what I needed I figured it would be prudent to follow his advice. I ended up getting a new wheel for cheaper than the same one goes used on CL.

  • I tend to frequent The Bike Rack– but moreso because I am a creature of habit than a lack of credibility on the Rollin’ Cycles guys part. I, in fact, have received banner service from the guys at Rollin’ Cycles. As the previous commenter said, Omar does a good job. I wasn’t gouged price-wise, either. I think they have a “tune-up” special for folks with new-to-you older bikes, too.

    A friend of mine special orders the Throat Gaggers series of videos from this place, which skeeves me out a little. But really, I just hate the door they have. Its a bitch getting my bike in and out 🙂

  • ontarioroader

    Yeah, this place is completely legit and Omar is an excellent mechanic. He used to work at several local shops and set up business for himself a few months ago. It’s not a big fancy shop, but that also means you won’t get the ‘attitude’ that for some reason pervades most of the other shops in town. Lower prices, quicker turn-around time on repairs, and less BS are the only differences between this place and the big guys. Wow, this ended up sounding like an advert, I’m just a happy customer though – really great to have another option for bike service and parts.

  • Anonymous

    Video 2000? Who rents videos any more? It might as well be called Video 1873! 😉

  • 14stbulletz

    So this place rents bikes? My mom is coming to town in a couple weekends, and I thought it would be nice for us to be rollin.

    Any idea on prices here?

  • I love this shop. They are able to get you in and out quickly and very friendly- Definitely don’t have to deal with the attitude of other shops. A refreshing place for this avid biker!!

  • This is one of the best bike shops in Washington, DC. The folks who run it all came out of Chain Reaction, a sadly defunct community bike shop that used to be in Shaw. The guys that run this place are nothing but friendly to people of all levels of bike knowledge, do extremely good work, and charge a fair price. I’m a volunteer at Phoenix Bikes (a community bike shop in Arlington), and we frequently refer people in DC to Rollin. I’ve never rented a video from them, but I bet their selection is quality too.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Rentals are $7 an hour or $25 for the day.

  • Anonymous

    Who rents videos anymore? People who ride bikes, obviously! Like duh.

  • crin

    Can I get a racey movie to go with my racey bike?

  • Anonymous

    do they rent porn? or maybe that is what POP was referring to with the $7 hour or $25 day info?

  • Anonymous

    Actually, the “movies” they rent are mostly adult films.

  • Anonymous

    I love the cyclist porn genre! Gives new meaning to the following cycling terms “alley cat”, “all-rounder”, “boxed in”, chain suck”, “let go”, “off the back”, “on your wheel”, and my personal favorite “wheelsucker”. nice.

  • jules

    I LOVE THIS BIKE SHOP!! Omar (who is in fact, ADORABLE) did a beautiful job installing the new handlebars on my bike. It was super cheap and a job very well done. Highly recommended to all.

  • lindsay

    that place is so dirty, the bike would definitely need to be sanitized after purchasing. i used to go there to rent movies if i was behind on returning my netflix and would feel like i needed a shower immediately after leaving.

  • Anonymous

    This is an amazing bike shop! I was worried they weren’t going to make it but it seems other people have been using them as well. Who cares that it’s in a video store as long as that keeps the price of service down?

    Lindsay–this is not your yuppie bike shop. If you want a fancy place, go to Adams Moran for double the price and half the service.

  • Anonymous

    Ignore anyone who speaks poorly about this shop- they have attitudes. I’ve been across dozens of bike shops around the nation and these guys are down to earth and helpful.

  • The store front looks good. I own a bike store at NYC.

  • Rob

    Yes, this was and is a video store, and like ALL video stores it makes a large part of it’s business from porn. However they have a decent selection of movies, even after downsizing their selection and still have the BEST selection of bike movies in the city.

    It is a less polished store but they have far more experienced mechanics than the bicycle rack does. Don’t let the presentation fool you!

    It’s also a great place for fixed gear stuff and repairs.


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