Props to the Cops – Arrests Made in the 2011 Homicide in the 4500 Block of New Hampshire Avenue, NW

by Prince Of Petworth April 17, 2012 at 1:30 pm 11 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user KJinDC

From MPD:

Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Departments Homicide Branch have announced that arrests have been made in the 2011 fatal shooting of Bryant Morillo that occurred in the 4500 block of New Hampshire, Avenue, NW.

On Sunday, January 2, 2011, at approximately 1:30 pm, units from the Fourth District responded to the 4500 block of New Hampshire Avenue, NW for the report of a shooting. Upon their arrival on the scene, they located two victims suffering from gunshot wounds. Both subjects were transported to a local hospital where one of the victims succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead.

The decedent is identified as 16 year-old Bryant Morillo of Hyattsville, MD.

On Monday, April 16, 2012, two juveniles were arrested by the Capital Area Regional Fugitive Task Force and charged with First Degree Murder while Armed.

  • Anonymous

    Good stuff for the follow up over a year earlier. Look, it’s juveniles again… come on parents take a f’ing interest!

  • Anonymous

    Thank God! I live right around the corner and go by that bus stop nearly every day. I think about how the children who killed Bryant for his jacket (or whatever it was) were never caught and probably still running the blocks up in Petworth. Amazing how many children we have in this city carrying guns and bullets and killing people for no good reason at all. Almost a sport or right of passage in our community. Wonder if these kids will plead to a lesser charge and be walking free by 30?! Also wonder if the perps were wards of our failed DYRS?!

    • Anonymous

      FYI their juveniles, they will be out when they turn 18 I think. Right?

      • Anonymous

        True, but hopefully it’ll get these two pre-cons off the street for at least a little while.

  • Anonymous

    I am actually pretty impressed with the arrests made in this city. What furstrates and infuriates me is knowing that since these are juveniles, that at best they will get a couple of years and at worst and MOST LIKELY, they are back at home already. Maybe they will get sent to a group home where they will have no supervision at all , escape and kill again. Until council is serious about the danger juveniles pose in DC it won’t get better. So yeah, props to the cops but FU to Mendelson and Graham. Wasn’t there a stat in the paper just a week or so ago that 1 out of every 5 murders in DC is either of a juvenile in custody or committed by one in custody? that should be enough for folks to demand a change but if the recent elections are any indication, the good people in DC are just fine with the status quo.

    • anonymous

      The 15% eligible voters who actually voted in the primaries appear to be happy with the status quo.

      • 60% of the 15% of eligible voters who voted in the most recent election are happy with the status quo. Will be interesting to see over the next 4-10 years, as the city keeps growing, and specifically the types of residents that are moving in, the election dynamics will change.

        Even this most recent Orange debacle, if that election had happened 4 years from now, I think VO is sitting on the outside looking in.

        • anonymous

          Given that only 9% of eligible voters are responsible for this continued incumbency, that would mean only 10% could effect a change. That seems to be an attainable goal.

    • Identified

      Based on the last line in your paragraph “if the recent elections are any indication, the good people in DC are just fine with the status quo.” has led me to the following conclusions:

      1) You do not know the difference between electorate voters and people
      2) you do not understand that voters can only choose from who is running (unless a huge write in campaign emerges ala T. Williams)
      3) You either do not live in DC or you are not a good person or both
      4) You are attempting to make a jab at longterm residents without having to say it and stand by it

      • Anonymous

        I have lived in the city for 15 years and all kinds of neighborhoods, been a homeowner in two of them so I am in this for the long haul. The poor turnout is shameful, even for primaries because that matters the most in DC elections. I voted. And we do, on occassion, have better choices than the same incumbents. Biddle would have been an improvement. Or even Mara from the last election cycle. ANYONE against Graham would be an improvement. You are partially right about one thing, I don’t respect the folks who keep reelecting Marion Barry. I do a lot of work in Anacostia and its amazing that people keep electing him even though he hasn’t done anything meaningful in 20 years. So yes thats a jab. And plenty of long time residents think he is fool and a joke too.
        I figure Gray is a one termer. Then again, that just paves the way for Kwame Brown. PP is right, it will be interesting to see how things change as the population changes. Once those newcomers starts registering to vote things are really going to get interesting.

  • A neighbor/witness

    I choose to focus on the amazing news that there has been an arrest at all. I live on this block and was home when the shots were fired. I witnessed Bryant Morillo’s suffering and that experience will stay with me forever. Words are so inadequate for the relief I feel that there has been some closure in this case. I really didn’t expect this at all. I’m feeling so much gratitude to the police along with the sadness for the juveniles involved.


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