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  • Matt

    yes, when I make a pitcher of margarita, I pour in a bottle of corona along with everything else. Have always gotten compliments on it.

    NOw, the image above…well, that just looks ridiculous.

  • annony

    this is actually a thing. they serve something like this at chevys.

    • Chili’s has the same thing too. Never would have taken them as a trendsetter.

      • imonaboat

        They also serve this at Guapo’s in Shirlington. The people at the table next to us ordered these and we were all fascinated and asked them lots of questions. They are allegedly tasty.

  • Chris

    Had one in Houston and it looks just like the picture. Quite tasty, but a lot of alcohol, obviously.

  • I’m a big fan of beer-tails actually, if done right. Just the other day, I poured all my margarita ingredients into a glass of Ommegang Witte (this was partly because I was using a homemade and accidentally ridiculously spicy habanero infused mezcal), and it was really tasty!

  • Kate

    It’s actually really good – but stronger than they seem so watch out :)

  • So it’s “beer before liquor, never sicker; liquor before beer, never fear”… but what about liquor and beer simultaneously??

    • Ronald

      …mistakes will happen spontaneously

  • anon

    They serve these at my local Mexican restaurant…looks good to me!!!

  • Capri

    Yes, they are super popular in SoCal and are called MargaBeeros at many places

  • giacomo

    they’re all over the tourist traps in South Beach. I think it’s the, gotta try it once sort of deal but beyond that not so sure.

  • Ashley

    Yes, but I’ve seen it called a margarona, and it will get you wasted.

  • CoHiGuy

    Tasted on at Los Tios in Del Ray this past weekend. It was amazing. It’s like a carbonated margarita.

  • First time I had it was at a Mexican restaurant in Chicago. Looks/sounds disgusting, but is really good!

  • mth

    I’ve been doing this for years. Buy a frozen limeade can at the grocery store. Then its equal parts limeade, beer (usually use Corona, but others would probably work just as well) and tequila. Put over ice or blend with ice and serve. They are strong, but they go down nicely. :-)

  • doug

    dirty corona – fill up your corona bottleneck with bacardi limon. insert, lime, turn upside down.

  • Anonymous

    I feel hung over just thinking about it…

  • Anonymous

    i saw this a lot in Miami when i was there in March… people seemed to like them… i’d have to try it out because it doesn’t strike me as fabulous, but it must be semi decent

  • Anonymous

    Allow my rudimentary drinking skills to completely expose themselves right now but… wth is going on in that pic? i don’t understand how these things are served without liquid being dumped everywhere. unless that picture defies physics…

    • The pressure from the liquid in the glass keeps the liquid in the bottle from spilling out too quickly. If you attempt to pull the bottle out though, it does pump too much beer in at once, as I discovered after drinking one and half of these.

  • MtPer

    I’ve had this one, and it’s delicious. They’re wonderful to enjoy from Don Juan’s sidewalk cafe!

  • AT

    yeah, i’ve seen them in miami too. also with extra shots turned upside down into frozen drinks like that beer is.

  • Anonymous

    I would have bet big $$ that the vast majority comments would be extremely negative, but now I feel like I should try one – and I live in MtP so this will be easy

  • Anonymous

    They’ve been doing this in Texas for quite some time my friend. They are amazing. Drink the margarita and once that’s finished the Corona (Dos Equis, etc) drizzles down slowly from the bottle.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with that. I’m from Texas and drank these at the local bars during college a lot. So glad they’ve made it up the east coast! They’re normally in fishbowl glasses. nom.

  • Jennifer

    Yes at Chili’s and it was AMAZEBALLS!!!!!!

  • DCBrewer

    Flavor aside, bottles are stored in warehouses and shipped in boxes in the back of trucks… then there picked up by a bartender(or two) and put in the fridge, then put in your glass… that’s gross.

    Would you use a straw you picked up off the ground?

  • Also good – margarita on the rocks with an ice cold Corona chaser, not necessarily dribbled into the glass like this.

  • JP

    It’s called a Bulldog. Famous in South Beach.

  • Rayful Edmond

    Katy Trail Ice House in Dallas has the same thing. It’s legit.

  • I love these. Since most restaurant margaritas are way too sweet anyway, the beer takes some of the sweetness off and makes it more drinkable.

  • MtP Gal

    I had one of these at Don Juan’s in Mt. P (where this picture was taken) and, although I LOVE the Don, it was grody. Very, very salty. Keep in mind that this was a sampling of one and may have been an abberation, but proceed with caution.


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