• classic_six

    I have no idea why I’m zeroing on this but the “Klingle Park” sandwich – is that supposed to be a Reuben but w/o the pastrami?

    • Reubens should be made with corned beef, not pastrami. Not trying to be snarky, just wanted to clarify that because it’s my favorite sandwich. Mmm.

      • classic_six

        Oh you’re right – and thank you. I was mixing up 2 sandwiches from my childhood…

  • Anonymous

    I love their little gin-focused bar on the ground floor, it’s kind of a neighborhood secret, but the restaurant upstairs has been consistently underwhelming for the prices they charge. Those sandwiches sound tasty, though.

  • michael

    Sound promising. I hope they offer them on weekends, too.

  • Steve

    I ate there either the first or second week they opened for lunch and it was pretty good. I remember having what looks like the beach drive. It may have changed because they were still figuring out the setup.

    But good for them! Great place…

  • Not Scott

    Wasn’t this a sushi place before?

  • Anon

    You could probably stop in and snag a sandwich while waiting for your brunch table at Open City.


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