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PORC: Purveyors Of Rolling Cuisine Opening Brick and Mortar Restaurant in Columbia Heights

by Prince Of Petworth February 29, 2012 at 10:30 am 47 Comments

3412 11th St, NW

Thanks to a PoPville twitter follower for passing on a tweet from the folks at PORC:

“IT’S OFFICIAL: we’ve signed a purchase agreement for a restaurant in Columbia Heights. PORC is going brick and mortar! Details to follow…”

I hear that they will be moving into Acuario located at 3412 11th St, NW between Meridian Pint and Columbia Heights Coffee. Awesome news for Columbia Heights. For those not familiar with PORC, their Facebook page says:

“PORC: Purveyors Of Rolling Cuisine offers the finest in vehicular-based foods. Everything from BBQ to gourmet sausages, to local specialties will be on the menu. Our aim is to serve the best food, period.”

I’m not 100% sure that they’ll be moving into Acuario at 3412 11th St, NW but I’d say it’s very likely. As they tweeted: “Details to follow…”

UPDATE: Confirmed!!!

Purveyors of PORC to Open Brick and Mortar Restaurant in Columbia Heights

Set to open sometime between early spring and fall 2016 (you just never know with these things), the new neighborhood bar and restaurant will offer brick-and-mortar versions of popular PORC offerings and other unique selections.

The restaurant will be located at 3412 11th St. NW in Columbia Heights in the space formerly occupied by Acuario. Details on name and menu offerings will be available in the coming weeks.

The restaurant will be brought to you by the founders of popular food truck, PORC, Josh Saltzman and Trent Allen; and food service veterans, fellow U of Michigan alum Chris Powers and DC-native Peyton Sherwood.

Fans of PORC can breathe a sigh of relief, as the new non-wheeled restaurant will not be sending PORC into retirement. The truck will continue to operate daily around DC.

  • Great news. Their truck’s pastrami sandwich is deeeee-licious.

  • NoLongerNew2CH

    This is AMAZING news for several reasons. First, PORC is one of my favorite food trucks (second only to Basil Thyme), I really love their beans especially, yummm.

    Second, good riddance to Acuario. They are a horrible, horrible neighbor and were from the start. Whether it’s patrons having sex out back (at least that stopped or was obscured when they added the roof), zero interest / desire to interact with neighbors, blasting super loud music that reverberates throughout the block late at night and keeps neighbors awake, serving people until they are so wasted that they urinate on the street and/or drive drunk, responding to complaints by adding window tinting so neighbors can’t see inside, failing to clean graffiti / prevent folks from using their property as a graffiti-haven, this is the one establishment on 11th Street that does not contribute positively to the neighborhood. And the food isn’t even any good, to boot. Awesome news.

    • Agreed, this will be a win-win for 11th Street.

      • Anonymous

        I’d say it’s 94% a win for 11th, and 6% a loss, as the people watching from my friend’s balcony is sure going to take a hit, but hopefully the addition of the Diner will make up for it…

  • Notsofresh

    Nolongernew, so what you are saying is that you are not a fan of acuario? ;)

  • Awesome! These guys are great.

  • saf


    I used to love to go to the PORC truck when I worked downtown – they were one of my favorites, and Josh is REALLY nice. I’ll be glad to be able to have his food close to home!

  • Neighbor

    I know I’m asking for it with this question, but I’m just curious, do they have any vegetarian food? A bean dish, perhaps? If not, I hope they expand their menu a bit at the brick-and-mortar location.

    • L

      They do, and they take vegetarian suggestions.

    • Peyton

      We’ll definitely have plenty of options for our Vegetarian friends out there!

  • twtwdc

    I can second the comments by nolongernew2ch. This will certainly be good riddance to bad rubbish as they say. All the comments mentioned are true and accurate, the sooner they are gone, better….

  • JB

    Yeah nuts to Acuario. I’ve had far too many people stumble out of this joint to urinate on my front porch over the last couple years.

  • Jules

    For the vegetarians out there… I’ve talked to them about the menu and they are going to have several really amazing veggie options. And I don’t mean fish. ;)
    Congrats guys!!!

  • Tim


  • otberbur

    I asked the crew member operating the truck today if he could comment on this report. The response, “I can neither confirm nor deny it.” He did, however, confirm that once the location is open, PORC will continue to operate as a food truck. Which is good news for those of us who work far from Columbia Heights.

    PORC has been one of my favorite food trucks because of its combination of good food, efficiency, good value, and pleasant staff. I wish them well in their brick and mortar incarnation. I would also note that there are currently three food trucks with plans to open brick and mortar establishments in DC (PORC, El Floridano, and DC Empanada), which shows how food trucks can help entrepreneurship here in the city.

  • Parkview Pirate

    This sounds like a cool place and great fit for 11th Street! Hopefully the rumor is true

  • Anonymous

    Big news. Does anyone know what is the story with
    The abandoned laundromat over there? Also
    Any news on Maple?

    • NoLongerNew2CH

      The laundromat is not (I don’t think) abandoned. There was a fire which is why it is boarded up, but I believe it is still operational. It would be nice if they would fix up the facade, but maybe they are waiting on an insurance claim or something.

      I peeked in Maple the other day, they look REALLY close to being done, all painted and the big maple bar is in. I imagine they are weeks away from opening at this point … I’d love to see a website / menu / definitive food concept, perhaps that is the hold-up ….

      • 11th

        +1 pretty dang sure it’s still running.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks nolonger. I meant the other empty storefront there. There are old washing machines inside.

    • NoLongerNew2CH

      Ahhh, that one. Yeah, I also wonder about that, I heard a rumor about it being mired in some sort of probate situation, but that was a few years back. Such a waste of a prime commercial space.

      • 11th

        ope, i’ve failed.

  • What about their name? Purveyors of “ROLLING” cuisine doesn’t really make much sense in a static brick and mortar.

  • Anon

    So a food truck is becoming a restaurant. Comments seem to think it will be good, so.. any place that does good deli meats is a nice addition to me.

    Will they become PoC now? Sorry,not a fan of the “brick and mortar” addition to the restaurant definition. A restaurant is a restaurant… a food truck is a food truck and a vendor at a stadium is a concession stand. Ben’s CB is a restaurant… the dog cart on the corner is a foodcart. Easypeasy. It’s a rainy day. I go now.

  • Peyton

    Talk about being in-tune with the neighborhood. Not too shabby detective work, PoP. ;-)

  • Josh

    Perhaps we should change it to POSC: Purveyors Of Stationary Cuisine.

    • Peyton

      I donno, man.. I think we should stick with PORC. Purveyors Of Rigid Cuisine. That was we don’t have to have anything reprinted.

      • Peyton

        Was = Way

      • Josh

        What about Purveyors Of Roadhouse Cuisine? Gotta love Swayze references. “Pain don’t hurt” after all.

        • Peyton

          I like it, but if we call it Roadhouse we’ll have to leave the bars on the windows. Constantly replacing the glass after people get tossed through it could get expensive. Folks will just need to wear coats in the winter.

          • Josh

            You know me, Peyton. Being a Chicago guy, January here is shorts weather. Though, considering the weather forecast for tomorrow, it’s shorts weather wherever you’re from. Purveyors Of Ridiculous Cuisine.

    • Andy D.

      PORSCHE ~ Purveyors of Rolling or Stationary Cuisine Hearty and Exquisite

      • Peyton

        That’s cool, but we’re not that fancy. I’d suggest YUGO. Yummy Urban Grub Offerings. (heh)

    • saf

      This made me laugh.

  • Wait, 2016? Is that a typo?

    • Josh

      Just a joke, my dear.

  • matt

    Wait, when did Acuario close? Not that I’m complaining. Horrible place. It’s just that I dodn’t remember hearing that they had finally closed.

    • they are still open (walked by last night and they were blarring that terrible music) which makes me question the “spring” opening of PORC.

  • [email protected]

    2016? why not 2020? seriously 4 years to open a restaurant. please update me on the progress in 4 years. at least their’re being honestly unlike z burger – open in summer 2011!

    • Josh

      Hey buddy,
      We were just kidding on the date. We hope for a spring 2012 launch, but with restaurants it’s always a crap shoot when things will come together. Hopefully we’ll see you soon!

    • Peyton

      Josh, you should be honest with them. We’re worried that the with the end of the Mayan calendar death and destruction might be around the corner. If so we figure that it may take up to three or four years to rebuild society and open our doors. No biggie.

  • kim

    Im super excited to have this AWESOME food so close to my house…and am happy to have another great bar addition to Columbia Heights. We had their food at our christmas party, and it was a HUGE hit. Cant wait for it to open!

    • Peyton

      Their truck offerings are fantastic, but you should see the awesome and creative stuff they’re bringing to the table for our menu. I can’t wait!


  • triste

    I liked Acuario, and I will miss them. I liked the bandera dominicana, I liked their cold litros de Regia, and the staff was always great to me. I got toasted here many times and watched many big games on the big screen. I also liked the stupid rumers that flew around about it, b/c it kept most of the stupid yuppies away. Te extrañare Acuario.

    • Hmmm, I have a feeling “triste” is a new avatar for a previously prolific poster here. In all events, “rumors” implies that they were unsubstantiated, which is untrue. Many of the problematic behaviors at Acuario were witnessed first-hand by neighbors. In all events, dropped by the PORC food truck the other day, and it sounds like they are really enthusiastic and will be a great asset to the neighborhood. And Rinconsito Deportivo (which is a good neighbor) and, hopefully, the new place from Jackie will ensure ample latin food options on 11th Street.

      • triste

        you´re mistaken New2CH – Im proud to say I never was and never will be a prolific poster anywhere.
        I just liked Acuario´s food, atmosphere, and rough edges that kept away people who lump distinct ethic foods into a yuppie category like ¨Latin Foods¨
        I liked that the staff greeted me and treated me well, and would put on a game I requested. Even though the Juke box was way too loud, I wish they were sticking around – I liked that spontaneous dancing broke out sometimes. I find rinconcito to be boring and not very tasty (and politically disagreeable to me), but who knows about chucho, could be a great hangout- I hope so. Maybe Ill start some outlandish rumors about it a la acuario…

  • Rich Curley

    Congrats gentlemen, NICE!


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