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Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

by Prince Of Petworth November 7, 2011 at 10:00 am 100 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Takka-San

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

Hope many of you can make the PoP 5 year anniversary party this Thurs. Nov. 10 at Meridian Pint (11th and Park Rd, NW).

  • what

    Rave: the beautiful photo above!
    Rave: Had a really nice 2nd date last night.
    Rave: No rants for me today!

  • Meg

    Rave: Move this week happened quickly and efficiently, thanks to good friends and family.

    Rant: Landlord left the house in subpar condition. Holes in the wall, paint neglected, light fixtures not working, items (empty cleaning supplies, toothpaste, razors, knicknacks) left by previous tenant or owners. Didn’t even get trashcans for trash day, so we have to figure that one out.

  • nearnortheast

    Rave: Great run this morning into the fog over Key Bridge.

    Question: Any one been to TruOrleans now that it’s been open a few weeks? We haven’t seen any improvement in the Yelp reviews, but those don’t always tell the whole story.

    • Anon

      TruOrleans opened in mid-June, so it has been operating for way longer than a few weekes. My experiences there have always been the same: mediocre food and spotty service. I hoped they would get their act together but sadly this does not seem to be the case.

      • nearnortheast

        Thanks for the info. Indeed; it’s been a while since they opened. I was trying to be generous. I guess we’ll keep Ethiopic as our go-to rare-night-out choice for now. (We love Ethiopic, but it’ll be nice to have more selection and draw to the West end of H.)

        • msmaryedith

          I’m not a fan–way overpriced and very mediocre. The food at Big Board is good, and I LOVE Atlas Room. Otherwise I agree that you pretty much have to make it to the 1300 block to find much of anything.

          • Anonymous

            As far as the east end of H Street goes, what would you recommend?

        • Anonymous

          If you haven’t already, check out the Atlas Room. It is a bit further east on H than Ethiopic/Tru Orleans.

        • Anonymous

          I’ll echo what others are saying re: Atlas Room. They are unquestionably serving up the best food on H St.

        • ShawShank

          Unrelated food category but Toki Underground rules in that area.

    • CajunQueen

      it’s awful, don’t bother

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Beautiful day on the Occoquan river for the last races of the season. Rowed twice and actually medalled once. After, beers with the crew until late, at Wonderland. And today, snuggling with the missus rather than rising at 4:15 and climbing into a boat on a cold, dark Anacostia River.

    Rave: A delightful and successful return to rowing — my first season in 25 years. Feeling less than 50 for the first time since I turned 45 (except the knees sometimes), experiencing vast gains in physical fitness and winning the respect of my teammates despite a form that will never earn me a place in one of those motivational videos.

    Rant: Kind of going to miss being on the water and the too-rare-in-Washington camraderie with smart people channeling their dumb jock side (when we’re not getting work e-mails at 10 PM on a Sunday night at Wonderland).

    • Schweeney

      Rave: Being married to a guy that cares enough to do this sort of thing.
      Rave: What this sort of thing does to his already buff body.
      Rant: Nothing.

    • Joe

      What type of rowboat are you using?

    • EW

      This makes me want to go back to rowing. It’s been a few years since high school crew, and I’ve spottily sculled on the occasion I return to Tampa. However, this is inspiring :)

      • Irving Streete

        Capital Rowing Club. Season’s over, of course, but they’ll be easy to get hold of in the spring. Morning or afternoon, and in recognition of careers and/or clubbing, you can row three days a week.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: mother in the hospital.

    Rave: Had a great Saturday during the Walk to End Alzheimer’s and then later watching the LSU game with my sister and her family.

    Rave: LSU beat Bama!!

    • Megan

      I hope she gets out of the hospital soon!

      • Emmaleigh504

        Thanks! Me too! Just talked to her and she’s bored.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Rave: Mom’s is leaving the hospital this afternoon!

        Rave: Eggnog at Safeway (the only Christmas Creep I approve of).

  • kristen

    Rave: Bagels are near Petworth now! Got bagels Sunday morning from Washington Deli on the corner of Georgia & Missouri. Owner was really friendly and the bagels were yummy. I’ll definitely be back!

    • Prince Of Petworth
    • JD

      I went in to Washington Deli Saturday afternoon and had a similarly pleasant experience. My deli sandwich (can’t go wrong with both Corned Beef and Pastrimi) and wife’s bagel, egg, and cheese were delicious and reasonably priced. Will definitely be back and might use them for a platter if we ever want to cater a gathering.

  • Eckingtonite

    Rave: had a great night driving around the other evening.
    Rant: a bunch of hippies jumped on my car.
    Rave: no ticket!

    • OWS > 1%

      Is your name Shawn Connolly Valentine by any chance? The one with the long wrap sheet in MD, who flooored his gas pedal and hit a pregnant lady and 13 yr old child without giving them any time to get out of the way?


      • Anonymous

        From this description, Shawn Valentine must be a trick-or-treater in a cheap ghost costume.

      • Anonymous

        it’s this kind of crap that makes my loathing of occupy [insert locale here] ratchet up a notch.

        • OWS > 1%

          and what kind of crap would that be? I mean this gentleman hit a total of 4 people, vehicle smelled of alcohol, he was in the wrong direction on the road, and he has a warrant…yet the dc protestors were in the wrong?

  • Kallie

    Rant: Slowly plummeting in an full elevator at work this morning, and hitting the ground.
    Rave: I got a raise! (not related to the scary elevator incident)

  • ak47

    Question: I know a lot of PoPville/DCers tend to move in and out of the country, for government-related work, etc. Is there any kind of secondary market for used European-ready electronic devices? Anything from toaster ovens to tvs, that run on 220volt/50hz, that could be purchased gently used…

    Craigslist didn’t turn up much, and the only other stuff I could find is sold brand-new (and in my opinion, overpriced).

    Where could I find used, international-ready electronics from other globetrotters living in DC?

    • me

      All I’ve still got is a hair straightener and blowdryer. :) But you’re welcome to them!

      • ak47

        yes please! thanks! :) I’m moving overseas for just a couple of years and want to minimize my expenses on this kind of stuff..

        PoP, what’s the best way to connect us?

    • I’ve got a european cell phone that accepts a sim card from my time living in Belgium. Its not a smart phone and its about 6 years old but it works, has an alarm clock and is tiny. (and you can play snake on it!)

      • ak47

        Oooh that’d be useful too. And snake! Fun! PoP, connect us too, please?

  • Anonymous

    Rave: I went to Pacer’s as other readers suggested and the guy was helpful in finding me some new shoes
    Rant: I wish my foot would get better so I could start running more
    Rave/Rant: Although I gained .2 pounds this week I still have lost close to 17 pounds in 6 weeks.

  • noodles

    Rant: Not feeling it today.
    Rave: Found Footage Film Festival tomorrow night!

    • Mt P Resident

      Indeed! This should be a great time. And the Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse, while a bit challenging to get to without a car, is a fun venue.

      • noodles

        Yup! It’ll be a hike for me, too but oh, so worth it!

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Didn’t have to bike to work in the dark this morning!!

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Sunset at 5 pm.

    • andy

      Rave: Morning run after dawn!

      • c

        I appreciate having a bit of sunlight (even if the sun hasn’t fully risen yet) on my way to work.

  • WDC

    To the photographer who took pictures of my daughter at Walter Pierce playground in Adams Morgan yesterday afternoon (brown hair, yellow coat, sitting on the swing looking pensive): Let me know if you got anything good. Seemed like there was some potential for a special shot, there.


    • Anonymous

      you let a stranger take pics of your daughter?

      • anonymous

        that was my thought too. I don’t care if it was a teenage female photography student, that’s just weird.

      • Anon

        Good for her/him. Maybe he takes a balanced approach to protecting his kid, and isn’t one of those neurotic helicopter yuppie parents convinced that the whole world is one giant threat to their precious darling.

        • Anonymous

          a stranger taking pics of your kid is creepy. especially if you didn’t bother to get the person’s name… i wouldn’t want a stranger “photographer” with pics of my kid no matter how innocent they are.

          • Anonymous

            What could they possibly do with the pics that’s creepy? Most parents think nothing of putting photos of their kid online, so it’s not like pervs don’t have access to them anyway.

          • anonymous

            anonymous @2pm: just recently a local teacher was charged with child pornography that included him taking photos of his students and pasting their heads onto bodies of child porn. want those images on the web? even if this person isn’t a creep, they might put their images on flickr or someplace where any person can grab them.

          • Anon

            Anonymous 1:55, you embody the neurotic helicopter parent mentality. Your assumption that any person – even somebody you state is taking innocent shots of your kid – is some diabolical threat to their welfare is paranoid.

          • Redno

            2:25 Anonymous – oh for the love of Christ, so what do we do now? Regulate any/all normal photography of children?

            Yes, the teacher’s actions were dreadful, but the real crime here is the ready availability of actual child porn. Those kids are the ones who need to be protected.

          • anonymous

            @redno, for the record, I’d think it’s super creepy for a stranger to be taking pictures of me and I wouldn’t allow it. if anything, this parent should’ve been charging a modeling fee. I think those of you jumping to the conclusion that people who don’t want strangers photographing their kids are somehow overreactive helicopter parents are just making a huge unwarranted assumption. people should be much more protective of the images and words relating to them that are online…. maybe not so much for their protection, but so that the world doesn’t think you’re a giant ugly idiot.

      • WDC

        Yes, I did let another parent at the park take pictures of my daughter. What can I say, I haven’t read The Gift of Fear. If I had, I would have undoubtedly caused a huge scene at a crowded playground, embarrassing the pants off another parent for no good reason at all. *eyeroll*

        Still hoping the photographer might offer up a copy of what could be a beautiful picture… dappled sunlight, sweet elusive expression, lovely day.

        • Denizen of Tenallytown

          WDC – Glad to see there are still level headed parents out there.

          Based on the post by Anon 2:25, any male walking by himself should stay outside of a 10 foot radius of any child and immediately put away any potential recording equipment (camera, cell phone, etc). To be sure, cross the street, stay eyes forward, and do not attempt to interact.

          • anonymous

            @denizen, who’s the overreactive freak now?

          • Denizen of Tenallytown

            The person who said anybody taking a picture of another person without express consent is super creepy. That makes PoP himself a creep, as well as a number of other posters on this blog.

            So I think you already answered your own question.

          • anonymous

            wow, you pop commenters don’t ever stop with twisting words and making grand assumptions. having a lively debate with you must be impossible and headache-inducing.

          • Denizen of Tenallytown

            “I’d think it’s super creepy for a stranger to be taking pictures of me and I wouldn’t allow it.” Definitive statement. Therefore, anybody taking a picture of another person without knowing said person is creepy. Therefore, PoP going on a walk and taking a picture of somebody who he does not know is creepy.

            Not twisting words.

          • anonymous

            uh, you quoted me as saying a “stranger” (aka, somebody I don’t know which assumes that this person did not introduce themselves to me) taking pics of “me”… those are not “anybody” and “another person”. if you weren’t trying to inflate my words to help your argument you would’ve argued that: “The person who said [a stranger] taking a picture of [them] without express consent is super creepy.” which, sorry, is reasonable.

          • Denizen of Tenallytown

            You missed the part where I said “without knowing said person”.

            In any case, people are being visually recorded all over the place without knowing who exactly is recording them – photographers, video surveillance systems, whatever. I don’t see how it is creepy to intentionally make somebody the subject of a picture without knowing that person.

            I guess we’re just not able to agree on this one. Ah well.

        • victoria

          A usual dumb and overwrought response. If someone is taking photos of your kid – USE YOUR WORDS. Talk to them. Ask if they will email you copies. This isn’t hard!

          I have sometimes taken photos of kids & families in playgrounds, parks, events – because most families don’t have photos of all of them together just hanging around that way. I always give them my email and send them photos.

          I’ve had others take photos of my kids and immediately offer their email. and have some really special photos!

          It’s not so hard to sort out the pervs people!

  • TG

    Rant: ADT installation charges are out of sight for a sophisticated system.

    Rave: I am sure PoP universe can hook me up with a recommendation for a more reasonable and reliable company.

    • Prince Of Petworth
      • TG

        This is great. 3 companies to call now and a line on a self install option. My Rave was totally justified.

        • Anon

          If the name did not come up in the above threads, check out Vivint. Their system operates over cell lines and allows you to arm/disarm and check the status of the system with a smartphone or through a website you log into. You can also view footage from installed video cameras on your smartphone or the web, and have electronic locks on doors that can be locked or unlocked remotely. You can add features that allow control of various other parts of your home as well – like lights, thermostats, etc. I just had their security system installed and am quite satisfied so far. ADT has a similar system but they are far too cagey with their pricing. You get no info over the phone, you have to have someone come onsite to do a consult. My system – door sensors, motion detectors, and C02 alarm was free with a 42-month commitment.

          • TG

            That sounds like a decent option. Do they do the monitoring as well?

  • Bear

    Rave: My bf is a sweetheart.

    Rant: He’s probably going to move back to Tunisia soon.

    • andy

      hey, things are looking up there. plus, it’s a dry heat.

      • Bear

        Yeah, that’s why he wants to go back. I understand his reasoning but I selfishly want him to stay.

        • anonymous

          go with him! chance of a lifetime!

  • djdc

    Rant: I had to murder a mouse this morning. He got stuck in one of the flat glue traps (I know, that’s what they were there for). The poor thing was so stuck and so terrified, and I couldn’t just let him suffer and starve or freeze or whatever. So I had to end his suffering with a brick. That little thing had been leaving poops all over the house and I cursed him, but I cried when I had to take him out.

    Rant: I would not have done well in pioneer times.

    • Meg

      Aww, how traumatizing for you.

      That was the method of extermination for my dad with our small pets and animals when it was their time to go. Next to euthanizing them at the vet, that’s probably the most humane thing to do. I’d cry too.

      • Anonymous

        Wait..instead of euthanizing your family pet he would hit it with a brick?!

        • andy

          no, no, he used the sticky pad.

          • djdc

            That made me laugh.

        • Meg

          Well if it was a gerbil or rat or something…hammer made more sense. It ain’t pretty, but it’s instant death and it puts the animal out of its misery.

          Dad was a farm boy…

    • Soozles

      I’m sorry your day/week started like that. I would have cried too.

    • Anonymous

      The glue traps are awful – the mouse gets stuck and you have to kill it or throw it in the trash where it will die slowly.

      Snap traps kill instantly.

      • djdc

        I’m still a bit traumatized. I’ve become so melancholy in my dotage.

        The snap traps, alas, were no match for these wily critters. Repeatedly and for weeks they have been taking the bait (cheese, peanut butter) off the traps, pooping on them, and then leaving them unsnapped. We had to step up our game. But, oh, the consequences…

        • Hey anonny nonny

          Oops – didn’t see this before I commented below.

          What about one of those zapping devices that kills it instantly?

          • Denizen of Tenallytown

            Don’t taze me, bro.

        • victoria

          Rat zapper!! I should be getting commission by now – but it is the absolute best.

    • Anonymous

      i’m so sorry! that sounds traumatizing

    • Hey anonny nonny

      That’s why I have those snap traps; the glue traps are kind of inhumane. It was brave of you to do the hard thing for you, but the humane thing for it.

    • Kyle W

      I hear ya on this on. We had one of the snap traps only get the guy on his leg. He was stuck and couldn’t move but was trying to escape.

      Only humane thing to do is to end it. I used a hammer, and it was very very quick. You did the right thing! You absolutely, 100% did the right thing.

  • Soozles

    Rave: My body thinks 7 a.m. is 8 a.m., so this morning I got up early and did a little walk/trot around the ‘hood on my way to lose 12-15 pounds. Gorgeous morning.

    Rant: continued delays on the yellow line to Virginia after rush hour.

    Rant: idiot station manager at CH told me the yellow line was running between Ft. Totten and Virginia, but it wasn’t. How busy is he that he doesn’t know information as basic as that?

  • maria

    Rave: great weather over the weekend.

    Rave: can’t ask for a better looking commute than going north on 16th st – all the fall colors looked gorgeous today!

    Rave: DC cops showed up in 30 seconds at 4:30 am on saturday to break up a huge screaming/pushing mess of people in back alley.

    No rants for today.

  • MYA

    RANT, saw someone getting mug at P & New Jersey ave on Sat around 8:30 pm, traumatizing, called 911
    RANT, one of the mugger started running away in my direction, was terrified.
    RAVE: I am ok

  • Cait B

    Rave: We were not outsmarted by our electrical system and no one got electrocuted!

    And we learned valuable lessons about electrical work, including:

    1) Never, ever, ever assume that a wire that you think is dead is actually not live. It doesn’t matter that it’s been hanging out doing nothing much for a number of years. Which leads to lesson…

    2) Get a handy dandy digital multimeter to check wires before you clip them.

    Rave: The house is put back together again. With ceilings! And working electricity!

    Rant-to-Be: The roofer subcontracted by the contractor that we love is being flaky. I’m ready to be done with home improvement for the season and would like them to get their plans in order already!

    • Soozles

      When you’re finished with your home improvement, could you come start on mine? ; )

  • Anon

    RANT: just walked by a bad accident on Conn Ave and there are literally a hundred bystanders who have nothing better to do with their time than to gawk and record the rescue workers help a victim out of his overturned car.

    • andy

      If the choices are, gawk, ignore, or help:
      1. I don’t think I can help if rescue workers are doing their thing;
      2. People say I am coldhearted if I just walk by;
      3. People who stop to look are called heartless gawkers.

      Can anyone win here?

      • anonymous

        I think the point was that those who aren’t using it as an iPhone photo op are the winners.

  • BeerDude

    RANT: I despise this day, as I will turn to look out the window at 5 and find it’s already dark. Doh.

    RAVE: Bought an awesome antique engagement ring in NYC! Now just have to figure out the whole proposal thing…

    • noodles

      Congratulations! Fingers crossed for an emphatic ‘YES!’ to your proposal!

    • andy

      first, get access to the Capitol Dome…

    • Anonymous

      First, remove your testicles….

      Before everyone goes crazy….I was just kidding…

  • victoria

    Rant – Home Depot! Rave Rave Rave – Luis my handyman!!!!!

  • Great, GREAT pic!!!

    Who’s catering the party on the 10th???


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