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New French Restaurant/Bistro Coming to Old Shirt Laundry Building in Logan Circle

by Prince Of Petworth November 7, 2011 at 4:14 am 56 Comments

“Dear PoPville,

I live in Logan Circle and I noticed the the “For Rent” sign is no longer in the window at the Old Shirt Laundry at the corner of 14th and Q. Also, the “curtains” blocking the windows seem to have been pulled down. I was wondering if it possibly has been rented or whether something else is going on there. If you recall there was a rumor that Stephen Starr (Philadelphia Restaurantuer) was looking into the space. It would make a great place for a restaurant.

Any insights into what might be going on?”

There has been tons of speculation about this sweet spot at the corner of 14th and Q St, NW. We’ve heard the possibility of an Italian restaurant as well as the interest of the Starr group from Philadelphia.

I’m psyched to be able to share some concrete news based on a recent liquor license application. Though we don’t know the name of the new spot we have learned that a group called Parc Deux Restaurant Partners, LLC has applied for a liquor license for a:

“This is a French restaurant, bistro, and café serving classic French cuisine for breakfast, lunch dinner and brunch. Recorded back ground music will be provided. No nude performances. Number of seating 246 and Total Occupancy Load of 275. Number of Sidewalk Café seats is 44.”

Sound good?

As to who Parc Deux Restaurant Partners really are – well a quick search shows that they are based out Philadelphia…

More info when it becomes available.

  • Anonymous

    Great news but no where will I park for Studio Theatre?

    • Anonymous

      shady grove station?

  • jsl

    Given that Starr runs a (excellent) French cafe in philly called Parc, seems like this may be the rumored DC Parc.

  • Anony

    +100 for Logan Circle.

    Parc is absolutely awesome in Philly. That is, if you can get a seat . . . It’s constantly packed.

    • brian

      Great. It’ll be just like every other place on 14th street, then.

  • ShawShank

    Quite frankly, I am a bit disappointed about the “no nude shows” comment in the liquor license. They must be using the same application specialist as Shaw Tavern. Too soon?

  • Looking forwad to seeing the EPA evaluation on that building. You can’t get much more toxic than dry cleaning fluid and that place was in business for a LONG time.

    • anonymous

      +1. I thought it was already determined that this was a “brown” site, whatever that means.

      • Anonymous

        Ben’s chili bowl bathroom?

        • andy

          No no no, Ben’s is a future Superfund site. This is just a brownfield.

    • steve

      Dry cleaning solvents may plague the soil and groundwater there, but I doubt that there is enough off-gassing going on there to cause concern, and they are HARDLY the most toxic chemicals. You’re worse off pumping your own gas.

      • Anonymous

        It really depends on the types of solvents… but yeah- anything gasoline/petroleum related is generally much worse.

  • Anonymous

    I was in Philly this weekend and had yet another amazing meal at Parc! This is going ot be a great addition to teh neighborhood!!

  • Anon

    Hopefully my favorite place, Bistro La Bonne, will still have a good following.

    • Anony

      I found bistro la bonne average at best. What should I order there next time?

      • Xi

        I had their mussels (moules et frites I think) and it was sooo finger licking good. Everything else there I’ve had though has been average/subpar

        • Anon

          They make a mean french onion soup too.

          • SteveZissou

            Yeah, but there they just call it, “onion soup.”

      • CAHBF

        Thier steak frites is really really good, esp for the price. I always forget about BLB and ama always impresed when I go.

      • Anonymous

        Their braised short ribs are amazing. I try hard not to order them every time I go, and always end up eating and loving them.

    • EyelessinGaza

      Bistro LaBonne is awesome. Their hangar steak and coq au vin are the best in town for the price. I like the service there too. Nice that it’s actually run by French people, unlike some other “french” joints around town.

  • Logan Res

    Great news but I’m sure one of the NIMBYs within an 8 block radius will launch a campaign to keep this from happening with the same old hype….oh my gosh…275 seats means 275 cars will be trying to park in our street parking and oh my gosh…they will be serving LIQUOR which means 275 rowdy drunks will be smashing their bottles in our streets at 4 in the morning and oh my gosh…they will be playing loud french music blasting it out into their outside seating area till 4 in the morning….OH MY!!!!

    • angrychicken

      I think they have more to fear from the drunk mimes that will surely be running rampant through the streets once this place opens.

      • midcityguy

        **drunk mimes**


    • inwdc

      If the site is anywhere near the 1400 block of Q Street you better believe it will be a NIMBYfest. Some crazyass residents live on that block.

    • textdoc

      275 = a quarter of 1,100!


      Captcha: RUFF

      • KennyG

        haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. when is that place on 11th going to open?

    • Anonymous

      The NIMBYs also complain of the “Adams Morganization” of the 14th an U Street corridors everytime a new restaurant opens. I guess they may prefer vacant buildings.

      • Anonymous

        the NIMBYS also complain about parking garages.
        the NIMBYS also complain about the suburbanizaion of dc
        The NIMBY’s complain about cars speeding on their street.
        the NIMBY’s complain about curb cuts.
        the NIMBYs also complain about drug dealers
        the NIMBYs complain about every single thing because we are all NIMBY’s and all of us don;t like things at one time or another.

        give your blanket labeling of people a rest.

        • Anonymous

          You’re so wise. At least you seem to think so.

          • Anonymous

            in some things. not in others. are you any different?

        • The Heights

          It might make sense to wait for actual complaints about the restaurant before bitching about an as yet non-existent issue.

        • Doug

          I’m a little confused by your response. Are you equating parking garages with open air drug markets?

          • Yersinia pestis


          • Anonymous

            no. i was saying that all of us have things that we do not want in our backyards so when people say “the NIMBYs” they are talking about everyone of us.

      • Anonymous

        I am not a nimby but I do understand the fear of “Adams Morganization” of the area…. It is something we need to be careful of. However, as a former Philidelphian, I can comfortably assure that Parc is nothing to be afraid of. Starr is great for neighborhoods….if only we got one of his better places… Parc’s french theme goes a bit overboard and is pretty tacky in an “epcot center french pavilion” kind of way…

    • Anonny

      Loud and crazy-ass acordian music played by a man who wears a BERET!!!!!


      • Anonymous

        No Beret’s in ward 1!!

    • Patrick

      Logan Res, too much coffee this morning?

  • Sir Douchy

    When I first glanced at the title of this post I thought it said that the French Laundry restaurant was coming to DC. Darn!

    • hahah…same here! We wouldn’t be that fortunate!

    • Anon

      The French Laundry come to this second-rate restaurant town? Mais non!

    • Early Times

      Yep…thought the same, but that would obviously have been ridic. Will take any Thomas Keller though.

  • Joe

    Well bonjour, kiddies!

  • lell

    Parc Deux Restaurant Partners at 134 Market St. in Philly. Same location as the Continental and the Starr Restaurant Group. This is very exciting news if it comes to fruition.

  • Joe E.

    Sounds like a good place and it’s a great location (as long as my food doesn’t come out Martinized). Of course, where are the homeless going to camp out (you can see them in the photo above) after the place opens?

  • Anon2

    Does anyone else think this building looks like it is about to fall down? Every time I walk past I wonder how it has managed to stay standing – it seems to be made of plywood.

    I’d think any restaurant is a long ways away simply because there needs to be a lot of work done to bring this building up to snuff.

  • russell.j.coller.jr

    …but what about the upcoming episode of “HOARDERS: the DC sidewalk collection” ? Someone will not be happy.
    … I also, oppose the possible consumption of defenseless frog’s legs and the all-too-well-known potential for a barely opposed Wermacht invasion.
    And mimes creep me out. And it is NOT good beret weather.

    …Plus ‘ca change…

  • WDC

    Oh, yay! Love me some French food, love Starr’s Philadelphia offerings. Assuming it’s halfway affordable and knows what to do with a rabbit, I’ll be a regular!

  • o2bncdg

    This is the same restaurant group that opened “Parc” on Rittenhouse Squre in Philly, as most have stated above. We had a great meal there last month. It was like being in Paris – but of course too much English was being spoken. We’re ready though and look forward to strolling down 14th Street to this new restaurant. Maybe they can be open by the Spring???

  • Petworthy

    Great for those who are able to afford it; and those who don’t mind waiting 45 minutes to eat. I’ve given up trying to dine on 14th St… too pricy and congested.

  • anonymous

    Maybe that dude that lives on the street on that block will finally have to find someplace else to make everyone uncomfortable.

    • russell.j.coller.jr

      that sweet, sweet smell of hoarded, broken appliances.

  • Anonymous

    Shame. This would have been a perfect location for a new Walgreens.

  • dcd

    Quite a ballsy move, a french restaurant opening in a former laundry.

  • D

    How long before someone tries get this building listed as “historic?”

    “The Clash came through town once and went to this cleaners to get the vomit cleaned out of their leather pants. The building’s architecture is a well-preserved example of late 1960’s mid-grade industrial space, of which there are only a few million rare examples of found today. Additionally, due to all of the chemicals, there are some well-preserved specimens of former workers still housed in the basement.”

    Hahaha. I crack myself up sometimes.


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