• anonimouse

    How is this place? Worth a visit?

    • josh

      Good food and inexpensive. Decor to match – not exactly a place to go for a date, but you can be quite full of good Ethiopian food for under 20, including a drink. Can be a little slow, but it’s still one of my favorite Ethiopian places in DC.

  • Anonymous

    is it really that much cheaper to get these custom-made plastic pieces o’ crap or can you find a decent local artisan to make you something nice out of wood/metal/plastic that actually looks good?

    • Anonymous

      You’re talking about utensils, right ?

      • Anonymous

        signage. you bein’ funny?

        • Anonymous

          i thought it was funny.

  • Shawn

    Damn I’m so hungry for ethiopian food……..

  • Anonymous

    food is good, but service it way to slow. plan on waiting for 1.5 hours for the food, 10min to eat, 20-30 to get the check. there is only a waitress and a cook. if they step their game up and hire a staff i ll go back, but not for a while.

    • Bear

      I had slow service too, but only when we were finishing up–food came out pretty quickly but we waited for our check for a while b/c the waitress was in the upstairs part talking to someone for like 15 minutes. However, the food was good, they have a liquor license (unlike a few other restaurants in that area), and it’s the closest Ethiopian to my house (aside from the takeout at the 14th Mini Mart, which I’m curious about but a little scared to try).

      • 14th St Mini Mart Fan!

        The Ethiopian food from the 14th St Mini Mart is DELISH!! They no longer have the menu posted in the back (a shame really because I keep ordering the same thing), but you can go in and order OR call them and place an order to pick up. It is wonderfully cheap and they give you a ton of food.

        I usually get the kitfo and it’s fantastic – definitely worth checking out!

  • Karen

    The food here is AMAZING. By far my new favorite Ethiopian in the city since all the good ones in Adams Morgan closed. DEFINITELY EAT HERE. The veggie sampler is huge and cheap and fresh and wonderful.

    Now I am hungry.

    And it’s not rude to get up from your table and ask the waitress for service if she doesn’t see you, but I have never had any issues there with service either.

  • Sunsquashed

    We’ve never had a problem with service in the half-a-dozen times we’ve gone there. A couple of times the food didn’t come out very fast, but we’ve never experienced anything unusually slow. If anything, I think the service is a plus. The owner/cook? is typically there when we go, and she always makes a point to say hello to us. The food is very, very good, reasonably priced, and they now have a liquor license. This is one of my girlfriends favorite places to eat in the city, and it’s so great to have a good Ethiopian option in the neighborhood.

  • Webster

    Tegeste is actually wonderful. After spending way too much money and time in Dukem and the like, it’s a great Ethiopian option. It’s crazy cheap, and really tasty. Tegeste herself often comes out to see how your meal is. They also have all of those delicious Ethiopian beers that I love (Meta). The service is slow and you have to make your own atmosphere, but it’s been worth it every time.

  • anon

    My favorite thing about ethipian food is the wet dishrag they serve as bread.

    • Anonymous


    • Polytasker

      If you don’t enjoy it, don’t go. Sheesh.

  • MTP

    This is a great restaurant. The food is a clear cut above other Ethiopian restaurants in town and, get this, when you’re done, you don’t have that dreaded bloated feeling which, until now, I thought was the price you always had to pay for Ethiopian food.

    Go now.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve really enjoyed both times I’ve gone here, and both times, I’ve found prompt and attentive. The decor is a little amusing but when combined with the delicious food and super sweet server, its endearing.

  • Analnymous

    Wow, will have to try this out. Btw, the occassional slowness could VERY WELL be linked to the fact that the food is good. Perhaps it takes a bit of time to prepare a decent meal after all – who knew.

  • JB

    The food is great & reasonable, but it is slow. As long as you are prepared for this – you will have a great meal & nice evening.

  • anonimouse

    I went on Saturday, because of these comments. I thought the food was very good and cheap, and our waitress was attentive.

    Over all a great experience and worth going back for again.

  • er

    I LOVE this place! Surprisingly much tastier than most of the Ethiopian places I’d always gone to on U Street. Also less expensive, and the service there is attentive and very nice. Delicious, cheap, and really convenient – I cannot recommend this place enough! If you’re looking to show someone what good Ethiopian food is, definitely take them here.

  • Cooper’s Mama

    The best Ethiopian food in the city. Much better than Dukem, Etete, Meskerem (anything is better than Meskerem), Lalibela’s etc.

    One time my husband and I were here with another couple. It was a quite Monday night. The owner/chef- Tegeste- told us that Tegeste means patience in Amharic, so we will need to be patient. I don’t know if she was joking- but all that to say, she does not really have any intention of speeding up any time soon.

  • Laura

    I have some bad news POP readers. I just walked by this place this morning and it is shut down. New sign gone, decorations gone, tablecloths gone. I’m pretty disappointed and it’s a shame that delicious food and rave reviews weren’t enough to keep it open. I wonder if it has anything to do with the tragic violence that took place directly across the street a couple weeks ago.

    If anyone hears that they’ve relocated let me know.


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