Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – Georgetown

by Prince Of Petworth July 15, 2011 at 3:30 pm 16 Comments

This rental is located at 29th and R St, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“ight, large basement apt in corner townhouse east of Wisconsin Ave. LR, BR, bath, eat-in kitchen. Ample closets. Use of garden. Util. included except phone and Comcast.No pets. Single occupancy. Mostly furnished, or not. Available immediately.”

$1350 sound right for this basement 1 bedroom?

  • SC

    That sounds like a good deal to me. Even though it’s a basement, it seems to get decent light. Plus, it’s right by Montrose Park and isn’t a terribly far walk to Dupont for the metro. I do wonder about laundry facilities, but even without them this place seems to be a great price.

  • Kev29

    Beautiful location – good price. I’d rent that if I was a young, single professional.

  • Whoa_now

    Why would anyone want to live in Georgetown, eh.

    • Kev29

      That’s not really “Georgetown” in my mind. Since it’s much closer to Dupont and Kalorama than it is to cruddy Wisconsin and M. The northeast portion of Georgetown is really serene – and nice for walking.

      • Anonymous

        georgetown is a neighborhood, not an intersection.

        • Kev29

          Oh seriously?

          • Anonymous

            your mind notwithstanding.

        • Anonymous

          Sadly it is also a state of mind.

          The location is isolated for those that need or like that.

          • Anonymous

            a state of mind? that’s pretty prejudicial. i know lots of people that live in georgetown. a few that grew up there. all kinds of people live there.

    • Anonymous

      you can fathom no reason? that’s pathetic.

    • Anonymous

      Let me see… low crime (gangs usually don’t hang out here), nice neighbors, zero trash on the streets, good bus options, though a minus on the fact that there’s no metro. Not sure why you wouldn’t want to live here.

      I live in CH, and frankly would love to live in Gtown. It’s got some pretty unique streets w/ nice townhouses. Everyone just loves to hate on the rich (while secretly wanting to be rich enough to live in Gtown).

      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        No, we hate it because it is a pain in the ass to get to a lot of neighborhoods (pretty much anywhere other than Dupont, Foggy Bottom, and areas higher up Wisconsin Ave). Its douchebag population is also pretty high compared to a lot of other areas.

        But yes, it looks very pretty and a good place to live if you work in certain areas (such as Downtown, Dupont, or Rossyln).

        • Anonymous

          by douchebags, do you mean people who think themselves better than others and would make blanketed bigoted statements about those from another area?

          got it.

      • indc

        Contrary to popular belief when it comes to renting the pricing options aren’t terribly different when comparing similarly appointed apartments in Georgetown with CH. A lot of people will pay a premium for the more “urban” experience of CH. I used to crave that “urbanity” and enjoyed living in the U street area. But now find myself wanting what some perceive as the “boring” neighborhoods such as Georgetown. The residential areas (excluding M, Wisconsin, and Georgetown Univ) are actually really appealing to me (also the lack of crime and trash doesn’t hurt).

        • A

          It’s true… this apartment probably wouldn’t be any cheaper in Columbia Heights… it’s the cost to buy where you see the difference. For me at least Columbia Heights is a better neighborhood because of the Metro and not having to be around college students and Republican lobbyists.


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