Props to the Cops Vol. 7 – Mt. Pleasant Armed Robber Arrested

by Prince Of Petworth May 16, 2011 at 11:00 am 20 Comments

Last week we heard about a scary armed robbery in Mt. Pleasant. I’m happy to provide an update from the resident:

I’m the Mt Pleasant resident that was held up at gunpoint with my daughter and her friend on Tuesday night. I just updated the post: Friday night Detective Antoine Weston came to my house and told me they arrested the guys earlier Friday evening. The man with the gun confessed. They also had some of my property on them still. They think these are the same guys that committed the robbery on 11th.

Definite big – Props to the cops!

  • Keepin’ it real

    Great news!!

  • Andy(2)

    Wonderful news – the cynic in me would have thought this wouldn’t be a priority. Thanks MPD for proving me wrong!

    captcha code:
    4HPV – he he he

  • Uh Huh

    Can you give us a description of the robbers? A friend of mine was robbed recently and the perp was never caught. This could be the same person. How many armed robbers could there be in this city?

    • mmm

      “how many armed robbers could there be in this city?”


  • That’s fantastic news. Hope you’ll get your stuff back.

  • Anon

    I’d like to know more about them. Where do they live, for example? We treat these guys like they’re vampires who just show up, attack and vanish. Anyone have pictures of them? Home address? What’s they’re deal?

  • e

    I’m the girl who was robbed in a similar fashion on 11th and Monroe with my father and boyfriend on April 27. I’m very curious if these were the same fellas (I certainly hope they are!), how they were caught, and what’s happening to them. OP, I’m very sorry it happened to you but so grateful that your experience helped catch some bad guys. I’m also impressed, as you are, with the maturity and control you described from the young women you were with. Good job them!
    My boyfriend is emailing the detective working on our case to see if he can get any information about a relationship. Is there any other information you can give us about the guys who were caught?


  • Quincy

    Great news for this Monday morning!

  • The Real Jason

    They’ll be out in a month.

  • Cait B

    Awesome news! Congrats to MPD and the team who tracked these guys down.

  • Anonymous

    good news on the arrest. and good “customer service” for following up.

  • Joey

    What are the names of the robbers? At least a description of them…come on.

  • Maire

    Join the 3D listserve. Every day you will get the crime and arrest listing emailed to you along with more details about significant arrests. You can also find information on how to submit a community impact statement for when cases that are of interest to you go to trial.

    Get involved.

    • So, Just Sayin’

      Maire, if you want to encourage people to get involved, you have to do more than exhortation.

      The “3D listserve”? How about a link?

      “Submit a community impact statement”? How about a sample? Tips about impact statements that work, so that these guys don’t get let out?

      And what about cases when the listserve reveals that guys got caught but were “no papered” — just let off?

      There are tons of people who are interested but have little time to engage. Tools to help busy working parents speak out in just one click, for example, would help.

      But okay. Just tell someone, “Get involved.” That’s enough.

  • pixelww

    Can someone post the link to the 3D listserve? Thanks!

  • Maire

    Third District: groups.yahoo.com/group/MPD-3D/
    Third District Substation: groups.yahoo.com/group/3Dsubstation/

  • Morty

    Good job MPD.

    Sadly I bet the Superior (Compared to lawless anarchy) Court will give him a light sentence.

  • Maire

    Morty, that is where your community impact statements can make a difference. Write one!

  • Anonymous

    As the Detective who closed this case. I must say that all of you have brought up valid points. I think the maturity of the young ladies involved in this case and the calm of the author in the face of peril made this case a success story. As a detective I have counseled many of the businesses in the area on safety awareness. I will in my one and only post here leave you with a few thoughts or rules:

    1. The GOLDEN RULE. Never ignore your first sense. If you feel something isn’t right or someone on your near personal space isn’t right do not be afraid to walk across the street or into a populated or well lit area. In this day of political correctness we have to put that aside in the interest of PERSONAL SAFETY.

    2. Always be aware of your surroundings. As police officers we are trained to be “hyper vigilant”. You as citizens need to train yourselves to be also. Pay attention to where your walking or who’s behind you. Never walk home the same way twice in a row.

    3. Earphones/headphones are a NO NO! If it’s well after dusk and your walking home. No matter how populated the area that your walking in is. Stay off the cell phones and Ipods. It takes away from rule #2, being vigilant. Those who wear them are who most assailants target.

    4. If you see something that doesn’t seem right call 911! We, as law enforcement have a responsibility to you. We took an oath that all of us take seriously to protect you and your property. If someone looks suspicious, call 911.

    5. If you somehow find yourself a victim of a crime turn over your property and DO NOT fight your assailant. Your property can be replaced you or your loved ones can’t. If you can get a good GLANCE at the assailant’s, get it. Noticed I didn’t say look. You don’t want to be conspicuous about the glance but just enough so you can provide the primary officer who responds to your scene with a good lookout of the assailant(s). A good lookout consists of race, gender, height, weight, complexion, hairstyle (If you can see it), clothing, facial hair, what was said to you and if there was a weapon involved, a good description of it.

    6. If your going to go out be mindful of all the above rules and take either a cab or walk in a very populated area. I know during this time of economic stress we all cant afford valet parking or parking lot parking but it does come with its plus of security.

    7. LASTLY do not walk in areas with dim artificial lighting and heavy foliage where if something were to happen to you no one would be able to see you.

    Thank you and I hope this list helps!!

    If you have any questions, the author of the piece can direct you to me.

    • saf

      “4. If you see something that doesn’t seem right call 911!”

      I do. Every time.

      But the dispatchers….

      How can we convince them to take us seriously?


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