Liquor Store at 11th and Rhode Island Ave, NW Becoming a Liquor Store

by Prince Of Petworth May 16, 2011 at 11:30 am 9 Comments

“Dear PoP,

Any updates on what going on at the SE and SW corners at 11th Rhode Island? Laundromat and car wash is gone and the liquor store across the street locked up and cleaned out…I think you may have posted about this at one time but wondering if you’ve heard anything more? Also whoever owns the place next to the store who doesn’t take care of the loud Orange graffiti deserves a horses ass award…”

On the SE corner, I spoke with the owner on Sunday and he said the liquor store will be completely redesigned but is keeping the same name and should open in about 2 weeks. On the SW corner a commenter said that the old laundromat/car wash would become condos. No movement on that front yet but I’ll be sure to update when more info becomes available.

  • Anonymous

    Of course they should become condos. Once this intersection gets a little cleaned up I think it will be a game changer for the immediate area. It has everything going for it, but I feel like this intersection always puts people off a bit.

  • I hope the liquor store’s redesign includes a major facade upgrade… no more metal mesh over the windows, new paint, new signage, etc….

  • BDale Res

    Excellent news, that corner is a bit dead and will help continue to make RI Ave a grand street once again. Too bad new development isn’t going in that could have a nicer look laundromat. I do feel for those without facilities.

  • Bob C

    As the initial inquiror, I appreciate the follow-up PoP. I agree with Shaw Rez…hoping for a major exterior upgrade! And an owner that will follow up on the continuous graffiti above the store…I’ve called it into 311 but so far no removal…

  • eastof9

    11th Street between RI & M has great potential. It’s near U St, the Convention Center, and downtown. I would love to see it start to turn.

  • ryan2499

    There’s GOT to be something better to put in that awesome laundromat space than another condo building.

  • eastof9 – in my opinion, 11th Street between RI & M is definitely beyond “starting” to turn. With Logan Row 1 &2, the new condo planned for 1435(ish? a few doors north of Logan Row 2), the handful of new condo buildings in the 1500 block, the streetscape south of O, Veranda, etc. etc. etc., I think the momentum’s already in effect.

    That said, there are a few key corner properties that look pretty sad right now that detract. The laundy/liquor/cab intersection of Rhode Island and 11th, the chinese carryout and dollar store at 11th and P, and the former Annex Market building at 11th and O.

    • eastof9

      Yes, you’re probably right compared to a few years back. But there are still way too many empty/blighted storefronts for such a prime location. It sounds like that might change soon.

  • Bob C


    You probably would have posted this if you had more details, but just wondering if the owner of the liquor store gave you any specifics on what he means by complete redesign? Did he seem open to your inquiries when you talked to him? Is it a new owner or the same owner? Appreciate any info!


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