Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

“Dear PoP,

Just wanted to give a heads up that there was an attempted laptop theft at Tynan Cafe Sunday night. I was sitting with my friend with my laptop on the table next to me when a kid – probably around 16/17, black, pretty short – came up, grabbed it and bolted for the door. Fortunately Sunday’s dreary weather paid off and he slipped the moment he got outside which gave us time to catch up to him and wrestle it back. He had a friend with him who was waiting outside – a bit older and with dreads. The people at Tynan, which is a place I love and will always continue to go to, said that they had had a few incidents as of late. So, as a public please remember to keep your computer close and always keep an eye on it – especially if you are sitting near the door.

Also, lots of thanks to everyone who rushed out to give a hand. Cafe wifi users gotta stick together!”

Unfortunately this happened once before over the summer at the 14th and Irving St, NW location. Thanks to the writer for sending the word. Stay vigilant!


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