PoP Preview – American Ice Company (Bar and BBQ) Coming to 917 V St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth November 22, 2010 at 10:27 pm 53 Comments

Last Friday I had the opportunity to chat with American Ice Company’s general manager and partner Joe Reza (The Hilton Brothers most recently of Marvin and Gibson fame are also partners). Well, I’ve been known to get excited about some planned bars and/or restaurants. I’ll admit it, this place has made me giddy – it looks freaking awesome! Period. And it’s not even done yet. But before you get lost in all the photos I’m about to post, let me share a few details – firstly and most importantly – they plan opening up Dec. 15th.

Second, there will be all sorts of bbq options but as Joe explained, this is a bar that serves bbq not a restaurant that also serves drinks (there will be no host/hostess etc). There will be six beers on tap and 10 to 12 offered in cans (as well as a proper bar). Some of the beers to be offered include Stella, Bud, Czechvar, Belhaven, 21st amendment, Guinness, PBR, Dale’s, Old Speckled Hen and more.

Honestly, all you have to do is look at the pictures to see how sweet this place is gonna be. Obviously there was some construction still going on but you’ll be able to get a good idea of what it’ll look like. Mark this as a huge win for the U Street neighborhood.

American Ice Company is located at 917 V St, NW.

Tons of photos of the inside after the jump.

  • fl

    This place is going to be fantastic. I have been watching its progression for the past few months and all I can say is I’m happy I live less than a 5 minute walk from this place. If the bbq is even remotely decent I will be there at least once a week and if the beer is reasonably priced, probably even more often.

  • Anonymous


  • Tres


  • This place looks amazing. If the BBQ is good — and PLEASE don’t skimp on food quality, there is a tremendous dearth of passable BBQ in D.C. and none that I know of anywhere in this area — this will be my new regular pre-9:30 spot. These people seem to get it — consistent, basic, not-overbroad concept that fills a need, wedded to a fun and interesting interior decor that is distinguishable from other area restaurants and bars. I’m uber psyched to try it out. If they make 3-5 bbq items, with just a few sides, but make those REALLY well, this place will be permanently packed.

    • Native American JD

      Amen. If the BBQ isn’t worth it, I’ll stick with Solly’s.

      • RoNniE

        +1 Solly’s BBQ totally ROCKS!!!

  • SF

    Best looking bar in DC.

  • Richard

    Good to see they’re going to have hot dogs. But I got a little lead poisoning just looking at those walls.

  • PG

    Did they have a smoker or some kind of wood burning barbecue pit? If not, I don’t have any hopes of real bbq being served there.

  • Nice Marmot

    December 15th! Happy birthday to me! This place looks great. And please, please, please wood fire bbq.

  • Jeff

    You can say what you want about their questionable talents as musicians, but the Hilton brothers usually succeed at their restaurant/bar ventures. They certainly do a much more respectable job of spending that Hilton money than their cousin Paris.

  • Anonymous

    Best news in weeks. I knew they’d be open soon but not this soon

  • pwor

    Gorgeous. Love it.

  • M

    While I’m excited to have another new place a few blocks from my place, I sympathize with the patio-facing Rhapsody residents who will get their last night of sleep on December 14th. Beware of any empty buildings near your condo; they will soon either be a highrise that obstructs your view or a bar that keeps you up till 3am on Mondays.

    • TJ

      As one of those rhapsody residents facing the patio, i couldn’t be more excited.

    • 10th st

      I live right next door and I’m not worried about losing sleep. It’s the city people. Learn to adapt.

      • M

        The key is sound proof windows. Since you own the condo, at least you can put them in on your own without landlord approval if the existing ones aren’t quite as good as expected once the noise level increases.

        • Anonymous

          right, because windows are so cheap

          • M

            Cheaper than buying a new condo.

  • bright

    looks kinda bright, wonder how they will make mood lighting with those HUGE windows, etc

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Poor rhapsody neighbors, having to deal with gentrification and the resulting rise in property values.

    • braker

      yeah, whatever sarcastic person. i have sympathy for them. no adult wants to live right next to a bar with a patio. not to say this bar won’t be great, but sometimes development sucks for some people.

      • Kev29

        It’s not like they’ve lived there forever – should no what you’re doing before you move in next to a giant live music club, next to a vibrant nightlife strip, oh and adjacent to a university. Lots of peaceful living on offer in Upper NW…

        • TJ

          Again, as one of those residents, i can tell you that the vast majority of rhapsody residents are ecstatic about this. others are cautiously optimistic. There are maybe two people I’ve met who are really against it, but they’ve been very vocal.

  • Kev29

    Any news on The Brixton??

    • fl

      Yeah – they are actually making some progress. They’ve gutted the entire inside of the building. If you walk by it you can see they’ve put up a fence perimeter on the sidewalks, which is kind of annoying, but I am willing to put up with since I think this place is going to be awesome. I am guessing it won’t open for another year though. When you go behind it to the alley you can see that the building is pretty much a roofless shell at this point.

  • Victrola

    Looks good. But, man I hope they can keep it from becoming just like Marvin, Local 16, or worse like Gibson. A true bar, great. A pretentious club/bar combo, no thanks.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      From my conversation with Joe, this is most def. not going to be a club/bar combo. This is gonna be a proper bar.

      • Anon

        whew. I dont think we’re ready for another pretentious bar/club combo.

    • Anonymous

      Oh yeah, I mean because successful thriving locally owned restaurants and bars like Marvin, Local 16 and the Gibson are just the WORST!!!!!

      Speak for yourself. When I found out that the Hilton bros were partners in this I near peed my pants for joy.

  • JayCee

    Thank goodness it won’t be “clubby”

    • Kev29

      I know – those hip DJs and their complicated shoes!

  • El Gringo

    Does that actually say: “ELECTROCUTED Hot Dogs are delicious”?

    Can you even actually electrocute (dead) meat?

    • dynaryder

      Yes,you’ve never seen electric hotdog makers?

      There was some cheesy cop movie from when I was a kid where the detective had a pair of forks wired up to a desk lamp. He stuck a hotdog in the forks and flipped a switch to cook it. I asked my dad if that would really work and he said,”yes,and you’re not making one”.

  • ShawGuy

    Sweet sassy molassy

  • mmm

    Really tastefully done — looks gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I don’t even eat meat or drink beer and I still think this looks awesome.

  • Rhapsody Res

    We are Rhapsody residents and very happy about this. Those who preferred walking by the abandoned building surrounded by barbed wire everyday please raise your hand.

  • super_b

    From the pics: “Electrocuted hot dogs are delicious!” Please tell me this is how they plan to cook the bbq.

  • speaking of hot dogs, has anyone been to that new hot dog joint on 14th between T and U? Curious how it is.

    • Joe

      i wasn’t a fan of the italian beef, but the hot dogs are good.

  • Anon

    Yum paint flakes! My favorite! This place looks like one of those pictures of rotten industrial buildings in Detroit. How chic. And yes I’ll go there as soon as it opens, baa. But first I have to go get the proper outfit. A wig and black tights to start….

  • Cary R

    OMG! This looks awesome! Congrats to the most creative man I know.

  • Treysuncle

    If the food tastes as good as the place looks we’re in for a treat. Betta be some pulled pork. Either way I’m excited.

  • Cat

    Rhapsody resident here – pumped!

  • John Doe

    Rhapsody resident (owner) here who is NOT thrilled about this!! Did not sign up to have a party in my bedroom!! Looking forward to seeing how “excited” these other Rhapsody residents are when they hear the party all night. I really hope the bar owner will be conscientious of those who will be directly affected.

  • Rhap Sody

    Rhapsody owner who is excited. Live on the other side of the building and the Mocha Lounge (another popular place with a patio) is never a distraction or noise problem. Gentrify!

  • Neighbor

    I agree with John that I think it’s going to be more of a problem than people expect, but I don’t think the full noise will kick in until the summer. Who is going to want to stand out on a patio in the winter?

  • DC Mann

    “there is a tremendous dearth of passable BBQ in D.C.”

    There are 3-4 terrific bbq places within a 10-12min drive from U Street, however they are local spots that don’t turn up on Yelp or Urban Daddy. DC was a sleepy southern town once upon a time ago, the bbq is out there- you just have to find it.

    • leslie

      Goodness…well….. care to share? Help us out here if you think that statement is so untrue.

      I want to know the places.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s the deal, The Smoked BBQ is real and will rock your taste buds! The Partners have gone many extra miles to prevent noise from disturbing any neighbors as this is going to be a “True and Proper Bar” NOT a “Club”.
    So, that being out there….. Rhapsody Owners and Renters go over and see for yourself and enjoy.

  • Jack

    Went there last night and it was great! They ran out of pulled pork which was disappointing because it looked awesome, but had the smoked turkey and it was delicious! The Razer 5 beer, an IPA, was really good too. Can’t wait to go back!


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