Washington, DC

Last Friday I had the opportunity to chat with American Ice Company’s general manager and partner Joe Reza (The Hilton Brothers most recently of Marvin and Gibson fame are also partners). Well, I’ve been known to get excited about some planned bars and/or restaurants. I’ll admit it, this place has made me giddy – it looks freaking awesome! Period. And it’s not even done yet. But before you get lost in all the photos I’m about to post, let me share a few details – firstly and most importantly – they plan opening up Dec. 15th.

Second, there will be all sorts of bbq options but as Joe explained, this is a bar that serves bbq not a restaurant that also serves drinks (there will be no host/hostess etc). There will be six beers on tap and 10 to 12 offered in cans (as well as a proper bar). Some of the beers to be offered include Stella, Bud, Czechvar, Belhaven, 21st amendment, Guinness, PBR, Dale’s, Old Speckled Hen and more.

Honestly, all you have to do is look at the pictures to see how sweet this place is gonna be. Obviously there was some construction still going on but you’ll be able to get a good idea of what it’ll look like. Mark this as a huge win for the U Street neighborhood.

American Ice Company is located at 917 V St, NW.

Tons of photos of the inside after the jump.


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