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PoPville Photo Archives Caption Contest

by Prince Of Petworth November 22, 2010 at 10:04 pm 49 Comments

Photo courtesy of Jessica

Since this is a short week I’m gonna post the contest early and announce the winner on Wed. Jessica writes:

“If anyone came near he gave them the evil eye. Seemed to work better than the tactics of the lady last week who was sat on!”

Your caption in the comments and winner (PoP t-shirt) picked Wed. afternoon.

  • ontarioroader

    “WMATA Police Seek to Identify Suspicious Metro Rider: According to an internal memo received by Federal employees Monday afternoon if you saw this child (pictured above), Metro Transit Police want to know about it. Witnesses reported the child on the Orange line train bound for Vienna, VA in possession of a sippy cup.”

  • Zackie O

    I don’t care if you’re handicapped, my sippy cup had a long day and needs to sit.

  • Twee

    My mom said she was taking me to Disney World. I hope she doesn’t forget to pick me up at the end of the ride again.

  • Anonymous

    i got your cake right here crazy fat lady.

  • BP

    WTF? Of course I can’t help you get back to base, I’m a BABY. And no, you can’t have any milk either.

    • Kalorini

      + 100000000. I just laughed out loud at work!

    • Anon


  • Golden Silence

    Sorry, baby, but a cute pout won’t let you get away with seat hogging.

  • Anonymous

    And the $50 fine for beverages on the metro reaches a new low

  • David Magee

    It looks like intern-season is starting a little early this year!

  • David Magee

    Looks like intern-season started a little early this year!

    • David Magee

      how embarrassing…please excuse the double post…

  • PG

    If you meet the Buddha on the Metro, give him a bottle – and hope he doesn’t get arrested for drinking it.

  • andy

    Frikkin’ seat hogs!

  • Jay’O

    “Hey, with all the Metro delays, I’m getting an early start to my communte!”


    “At least I’ll make it to work before retirment age – can you say the same thing?”

  • kidincredible

    Sadly he’ll have more luck picking up women on the Metro than me or any of my contemporaries.

  • PG

    My baby takes the morning train…

    • skeedattle

      Love it!

    • Heather


    • Anon


    • Anonymous

      I withdraw my entry, this one is clearly funniest

  • Kardinal

    Is this Blue Line? Or Yellow? What!? How did I get on Red??? I haven’t been this confused since “Yo Gabba Gabba” this morning.

  • w00t

    My girl’s getting on at the next stop.

  • gardyloo

    As a matter of fact, someone is sitting in this seat, and her name happens to be Missus Sippy.

  • TankEngine

    Flash forward: “Thomas! Metro didn’t mean anything to me, I swear! It was just a ride. A mistake. Please Thomas, don’t leave me!”

  • WDC

    “Next stop, Gallery Place China Town. Please remember to take all personal belongings.”

  • Rene

    Metro rudeness: a vicious cycle

  • herewegoagain

    He survived a grueling day at work, but could wait to get off metro before hitting the bottle.

  • Lost and Found FAQ
    What is the process for claiming babies and baby bottles?
    If you have lost babies and baby bottles, visit the Lost and Found office as these items are too numerous and non-descriptive to determine ownership without visual confirmation. During business hours, babies and baby bottle bins are available for customers to search through. Do not complete a Lost and Found form for these items.

  • SBDs will get me an extra seat every time….

  • PG

    Next station, Le Infant Plaza

  • sheepprofessor

    “You lookin’ at my juice? I know you’re not lookin’ at my juice.”

    • Anonymous

      sweet one!

  • Dennis

    Just ridin’ the train… checkin’ my Etrade.

  • TK

    I can’t believe Mom put me and my sippy in time out on the Metro. Note to self, don’t hit her in the head with my sippy cup ever again.

  • Andy(2)

    “I stand on the left too – what you going to do about it?”

  • JB

    Inaugural Rider on Metro’s New Amber (alert) Line

  • Ocoee

    I could let you sit here but I’m gonna need a refill and a diaper change.

  • DCster

    Metro is facing a growing problem on its trains: seat piglets

  • a neighbor

    knowing of Metro’s problems with reliability, Junior decided to catch an early train to get to his first day at the new job. 14 years early.

  • JT

    “Hey buddy, move it, you’re blocking his view!”

  • pop-up owner

    Mom takes the Ipad so I couldn’t get out of the market before North Korea erased all my gains in the South Korean Market, so now I’m stuck on the death trap metro instead of cruising the beltway in style… NOBODY KNOWS MY SORROW!

  • tapes

    Jimmy enjoys the freedom and serenity of riding the metro as opposed to his mom’s accursed mini-van with its unyielding booster seats and mind warping DVD system.

  • erin

    “After Mom moved the timeout chair to the Green line, Tommy will think twice before throwing his next temper tantrum.”

  • MJ

    Metro’s new Lightspeed Line has unintended effects on some riders.

  • Mom

    I could tell you why I am sitting here alone with my sippy cup but then I would have to kill you.

    • Jay’O

      That’s Stewie from Family guy – Love it!

  • 1314

    +1 lol

  • Ty

    “Whatever you do, just don’t ask about dad and his bottle.”


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