Larry’s Pet Supplies Coming to 3303 11th St, NW in Columbia Heights

by Prince Of Petworth November 1, 2010 at 11:00 am 47 Comments

“Dear PoP,

Wanted to see if you knew any info on the “Larry’s Pet Supplies” store that appears to be coming to 3303 11th St NW or roundabout. My wife and I noticed a bright sign in the window yesterday while going to the dog park, and didn’t know if you had any more info.”

Thanks to all who sent photos and emails about this great development. I happened to run into Larry (pictured above) on Sat. afternoon. He is a super nice guy (and Vietnam Vet.) who is really excited to provide this needed service to the community. I think it’s a great location given that just a block away is a de facto dog park at 11th and Park Rd, NW.

The store is scheduled to open Feb. 1st and the hours will be 10am – 7pm Tues. – Sun. (closed Mon.)

  • ShermanAveGuy

    My little neighborhood makes me happier and happier every week that goes by!

  • Nemo

    Any chance he will carry tropical fish?

    • Mr.Larry’s Pet Supply Store

      Not at first but maybe by summer, thanks!

  • DCDirewolf

    I like. Something that can serve everyone in the community.

  • This is great news, and definitely a great asset for the neighborhood; certainly fills a need. Anything that brings daytime traffic to 11th is good news as well.

    I hope Larry works with the dog park regulars on some joint events (maybe get the cat / dog adoption people who occasionally are in the area to get involved to). Welcome to the neighborhood, Larry!

    • Mr.Larry’s Pet Supply Store

      Thank You, and looking forward to working with all the pet lovers!

  • x

    I wish it was already open… I need to pick up some cat food.

    • I hope they have something for my rabbits… Maybe I should wait for it to open before I buy a new rabbit hutch because they might have a better design to offer. I am so excited for it. I just hope February will not so long. Thank you for the news. I hope to see all the neighborhood on the opening.

  • notesonmybathroommirror

    Yay! This makes me so excited! I hate feeding my girls the commercial food from the Giant or Target, but without a car, it is just too hard to get the good stuff from someplace else.

    Looking forward to it, Larry!

    • MJ

      Green Pets and Whole Foods are a bus ride away. Big Bad Woof is a metro ride away. Any of them are a Zip Car away.

      • tballer

        Carrying a huge bag of dog food on the metrorail/bus sounds sick!

        • MJ

          Well, dry food is not good for dogs anyway. They’re carnivores and need high protein, fat and moisture content. So just fill a back pack or a bag with wet food. Kibble is much cheaper because it’s crap.

          • Anonymous

            Really? I’ve heard the opposite. My dogs hate kibble but I mix a little into their wet food because I thought it was better for them.

          • tballer


          • MJ

            @Anonymous – You can start here with some reading: http://www.barfworld.com/

            @tballer – Phhthhht!

          • Anonymous

            @MJ: Could you please provide info from a less biased source?

          • MJ

            Just search the Internet. There are plenty of sites that discuss the biological effects of wet v. dry diets for dogs and cats. You can also ask your vet, which would be an unbiased source, I imagine.

          • Anonymous

            I tried searching the internet before you responded, but didn’t not come up with enough evidence to support your opinion. The prevailing view seems to be that it’s fine to give your dog kibble, though it’s a good idea to mix wet food in every now and then for more varied nutrition. Some claim the dry food’s good for the dog’s teeth (though I imagine chewing on a bone would get the job done just as well).

            When I got my dog and took her to my (highly experienced and educated) vet for the first time, he gave me samples of kibble. When I asked what type of food I should be feeding her he said it doesn’t matter all that much. That’s why I was curious. It would be nice to stop giving them dry food since they pick it out and get it all over the floor anyway.

    • Mr.Larry’s Pet Supply Store

      Thanks and we will deliver in a 10 block area, starting this summer!

  • Jason

    Excellent to hear of a small business coming to the area. I look forward to stopping by on Feb. 1.

    • Jason

      correction: Excellent to hear of another small business coming to the area.

      • Johnathan

        Your not comming?

  • rooty tooty

    Awesome! Will make me feel much better to go here instead of Petco. Can I make a request now to carry the Castor & Pollux Organix line of dog food? (queue mockery…)

    • Anonymous

      Another request for the same. It is the only reason I go to Petco. Would love to just walk up and get in in the ‘hood.

    • TaylorStreetMan

      No mockery here. On the contrary, I’d love it if he carried our particular line of Rx cat food… name escapes me.

      Otherwise, it’s shlepping out to Petco or ordering online and incurring the hefty shipping charges.

    • Anonymous

      If you’d like, I’ll mock you for writing ‘queue’ instead of ‘cue.’ (teasing!)

      • Anonymous

        But people do queue up to mock here all the time!

      • rooty tooty

        zing. mockery accepted.

        cue the queue of mockery.

  • kdc

    Excellent news. It’s cool to see local stores coming in. I hope CH can support it and make it thrive. Now, can we a bakery?

  • Elyse

    Any chance it will carry bird supplies? Target really has nothing, and otherwise you have to go all the way across the park to Petco.

    Please remember the small animals, Larry!

  • MJ

    I wish Larry’s luck. I might stop in for some quick needs, but since I’ve been patronizing the Big Bad Woof for the past several years, I doubt I will be switching.

  • 14th n’ Otis

    Larry, please carry California Naturals dog food. I will be a regular if you do!

    • WarderSt

      I second this!

  • angrychicken

    This is awesome. I’d much rather go to a local story for Mackeral T. Cat’s needs than the Target. I always end up buying stuff I don’t need there anyway.

  • jae

    My animals (and I) will be very happy when this opens, but don’t forget the Big Bad Woof, which is a fantastic shop on the DC side of Takoma Park, right by the Takoma metro. High quality food and the owners are very knowledgeable.

  • 619

    Welcome Larry! My wishlist: Merrick canned and Innova dry.

    Here’s a good (IMO) dog food review website for anyone interested: http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/dog_food_reviews/

    • Caroline

      Thank you; this is a fantastic resource! I’ve never known how to properly analyze the ingredients listings on dog food.

  • Marcus Aurelius

    I hope the love for Larry’s store continues after it opens and people realize that small and local = less buying power = higher prices than big chains like Target, Petco, Petsmart, etc.
    People love to clamor for local options but when it comes time to spend money usually look for the cheapest option. That’s totally understandable, but it’s at odds with “supporting” local businesses.

  • Jeff

    I sure hope Larry’s will be carrying Korndorff and Kuntzplatter organic, cruelty-free cat food. But if not, I’ll still stop in occasionally.

  • 11th

    yay for 11th street! my total lack of understanding regarding people and their pets continues, however. no hate, just puzzlement.

  • Mr.Larry’s Pet Supply Store

    Thanks for the support! I won’t forget the small pets and I will be carrying about 80% All-Natural,Organic,USA products plus my local favorites….if 5 customers ask for it I will try to carry it! Thanks again for the support!

  • Sarah

    Larry – any chance you’ll be offering grooming services or will you be strictly retail? I’m looking for a local service to cut my cat’s nails. I could walk to you if you do! Look forward to visiting your store in February. Best of luck!

  • briefly

    Goooo Mr. Larry!

  • DogOwner

    I also don’t have a car but I get food delivered. The Dog Shop in Georgetown delivers to any DC location free of charge. They deliver a 30 pound bag of dog food right to my house. Purina and the stuff at Giant and Target is junk food for dogs, just call these guys and order…

    1625 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest
    Washington D.C., DC 20007-2721
    (202) 337-3647

    Btw, Planet Pet delivers also, for a $8 charge — on Thursdays.
    1711 Flordia Ave, NW
    Washington D.C., DC 20009-4309
    (202) 986-6301

  • Newbie

    Hey guys

    I’m considering moving to the neighborhood and was wondering whether there is a doggie daycare in Columbia Heights itself?



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